Aflac recruitment and "interviews"

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misinformed in Baltimore, Maryland

62 months ago

I was called out of a blue to see if I was interested in having an interview to discuss several positions that were open. I agreed. When I showed up for the "interview" , I was joined by 27 other "interviewees". It turned out to be a pitch on what Aflac does and how people need it. I decided to stay and see what they may have to offer after that. Positive thinking. I was asked to attend a second "one-on-one interview" , which I agreed to. I was also asked to attend training even though this had not been done yet. I agreed, thinking the interview would be done right after it. The class was designed for people that have never worked in a sales or goals field. After sitting through this, I was then told an interview won't happen today, but attend the training tomorrow and it will happen after that. Third day, the training was a reiteration of all the material of the past couple days, with about an hour of new material. When people asked questions about salary, benefits, taxes, a quick response was given but they were told don't worry about that until you get some appointments set and plans sold. ??? Don't worry about those things, only how fast you are gonna set appointments to win a prize. Then the topic of being basically a self-employed straight commission based sales person came into picture and I realized that there are NO positions with the group that are not based off commission only. If you want a position that is not selling, you have to team up with a salesperson and split commissions. The quick-talk continued and when my "one-on-one meeting" ( it's now gone to a meeting) I was fuming!!! I wasted three days of my time to hear what was covered up throughout and what should have been disclosed in the beginning!! It told me that they thought my time was NOT important at all, that if they hustle me through a program they don't have to really get into the specifics AND that they did not have the confidence in how their system works to give it to me straight

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Michael Axel in Redmond, Oregon

62 months ago

That's too bad you had a bad experience. Maybe Maryland is not the operation for you. My state operation is top notch. The person who interviewed me originally is elsewhere, and I also didn't feel I was given the straight scoop on how things would pan out. After a year doing Aflac, I am having a blast, only beginning to make a "living", and realizing the sky is the limit, compromised only by my ambition.

I was made to believe I could be successful practically overnight. I switched my career completely, from technology management to sales, and it's taken me about a year to see I can be successful. I believe you will fail if:

- You don't believe in yourself.
- You have no cash reserves (that's the biggest reason people quit: they simply run out of money).
- You can't motivate yourself.
- You are not goal oriented.
- You are not a classy person.
- You are a poor communicator.

The bad news: It's commission only. The good news: It's commission only. You also get to work for one of the best companies in the world, with one of the best products in the world.

I always liken to this: You can own a name-brand business of your own, like McDonalds or some other franchise, but you have to cough up a couple million dollars or more. Aflac gives you the best product on the market, a great organization to work with, all the training and marketing materials you want, for free, and no games. I could not recommend it enough, but I have heard about some districts that are a little hard core.

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