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monicawentz in South Bend, Indiana

112 months ago

I have been with Aflac for 8years and I am a Regional Sales Coordinator. I had an interview with a person today that told me about this Forum, so I figured I better check it out. I can not believe some of the things that I have read. Wow! 1St of all this is an oppertunity not a job. 2nd you have to want to get up and go to work EVERY day 8 to 5. Yes, there have been Aflac agents that have been into the same accounts that you are going to go into. The question you have to ask yourself is. Are you willing to raise your skill set to make yourself better that the last person? 3rd how bad do you want to have a better life for yourself and your family? Aflac has afforded me and my family to live a life that most people only think about. I started right after the Duck came out and I had little training. Aflac gives you the tools if you choose to learn. Aflac University is one of the biggest assets that you can have a new agent. If you do like your manager find someone on your team that you do like. Make sure that before you work with anyone that you have a split agreement signed. I noticed that a lot of people talked about money. That may be some of the problem. You have to go into this business to help people. If you help enough people get what they need you will get what you need. You MUST use a business survey when you go to talk with a business owner. You have to want to help them with their Health Insurance issues not puck Aflac all over them. Business owners go into business to produce what ever idea that they have not to have a HR department. Now all of a sudden they have to make decisions about things they have not idea about. Then some broker walks in and tells them this is the best idea for their company. Most of the time it is the best idea for the brokers pocket. Business owners want simple concepts with simple answers. Lucky for us that is what Aflac does.

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