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Updated 1 day ago

AT&T Hire Right Background Check - 104 Replies

[QUOTE who="Sallyjo in Alpharetta, Georgia"]I work for a background check company, and the thing to remember is that the employer makes the final...


Updated 1 day ago

AT&T job without diploma BUT... - 25 Replies

[QUOTE who="Eddy99 in Brooklyn, New York"]Thank you very much for the information!![/QUOTE] did you ever get the job?

Valerie Klimpton

Updated 2 days ago

My experience with AT&T - 115 Replies

Hello, I have recently been hired as a RSC. My training begins in a little over a week. However, my store manager informed me that since I'm...


Updated 2 days ago

HireRight work history check? - 244 Replies

[QUOTE who="Miya Ray in Atlanta, Georgia"]Hireright will only verify what jobs you listed but it must match your application. Any discrepancies will...


Updated 2 days ago

How to get a job at AT&T. - 791 Replies

Look in the light blue left hand coiumn here on the Forum website. You will see her name , city, and state she resides in along side her comments. ...


Updated 2 days ago

AT&T Interview Questions. - 220 Replies

[QUOTE who="JAC in San Antonio, Texas"]FYI: Because of the Privacy Act, the only thing that can be verified with former employers is (1) If you...


Updated 3 days ago

Things you should know about a sales position with AT&T wireless - 85 Replies

[QUOTE who="StygianHaven in Marietta, Georgia"]I hear what you're saying, and am currently only in my 3rd day of training so I'm a bit deflated to...


Updated 4 days ago

Did not get the job, should i try again? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="bigdog4x in Massapequa, New York"]I had my interview on Wed 9/16 met with store manager & area director Think it went well,...


security question

I can't remember the answer to my security question.


Updated 7 days ago

Hiring Process At AT&T - 3954 Replies

Hey I applied 9/17 retail sales position Got a phone call 9/29 moved on to scheduling an interview but there is no appts available do 3-5 days wait...


Updated 8 days ago

Here to answer any Hiring process and/or training questions! - 21 Replies

I sent in my app last Monday along with a resume, cover letter and a page and a half of professional references. I took and passed the first two...


Updated 14 days ago

AT&T Training Process - 1062 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dd010112 in Texas"]I'm just waiting on my BG check to clear! Conditional offer says I will start training week of October 12th!! How...


Updated 15 days ago

Hiring Process in San Jose Prem Tech job - 58 Replies

I applied online about two weeks ago and was immediately emailed that I qualified and could take two assessments. Took the assessment tests and the...

at&t hopeful

Updated 16 days ago

Understanding the AT&T Submission Status updates - 51 Replies

I put my app in for customer support specialist and have completed all the testing. My status just says test qualified. I also put in my app for an...


Updated 21 days ago

AT&T Background/Drug Test - 3 Replies

No they will pay for it

John doe

Updated 26 days ago

Job process - 5 Replies

Still nothing yet from the interview. They will let me know either way right?


Updated 27 days ago

Email saying i did not pass the testing requirements...... - 3 Replies

i kinda figured that & i get it, but man i am racking my brains to see where i may have messed up Really was/am excited to work there, to wait 6...

lost and lost

sales consultant in Tustin

anyone applying for this position I passed all the tests and the interview got an email about internals first Need to be processed then us externals...


Updated 1 month ago

The Hiring Process for AT&T Customer Assistant - Natl Internet Svcs Position - 20 Replies

Wondered if you got the job. As of today, I got my start date ect and my info still says awaiting review. They lag behind 1 step.


Updated 1 month ago

wire tech job process - 141 Replies

Thanks Gunny for the info. It was really helpful.


Updated 1 month ago

AT & T uniforms - 2 Replies

5x would be great, i am losing weight, but hate to be at work( should i be accepted) & not have comfy uniform I would be applying for Full Time...


Updated 1 month ago

Hiring Process - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lisa in Concord, North Carolina"]I think it depends on your recruiter and how many callbacks they have on their list. It took about a...


Updated 1 month ago

AT&T HIRING PROCESS - MARCH 2013 - 21 Replies

Will ATT hire me if I have speeding tickets?


Updated 2 months ago

ATT Call Center Hiring Process! - 49 Replies

[QUOTE who="rossboi333 in Madison, Mississippi"]I have to test Saturday in Jackson at 3pm...[/QUOTE] Are you still there?? Can you help me get...


Updated 2 months ago

AT&T HIring process - 1 Reply

Nvm didn't get it. I think the fact that i told them im in college and wanted to do full time was the reason cause i could see the hiring managers...


Updated 2 months ago

How hard is meeting commission requirements - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nycgirl1023 in Ny, New York"]It's not hard to make 4k a month if you're hitting 100% on your goals. GA's, SP's, MPP, TRR, and APO is what...



Hey guy I start training in southfield, MI on the 7th of August. I wanted to know what can I expect from training. Also if im starting on the 7th...


Updated 2 months ago

Haven't Been Contacted After Passing Background Check - 1 Reply

Don't worry, I'm in the same boat as you. AT&T is going through a really weird time right now with the automated system they are now using to sort...

Willie Smithj

Updated 2 months ago

Wire Tech Training? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="Eric in Charlotte, North Carolina"]I start training Aug 7th and me and my wife have an appointment for the department of homeland...


Updated 3 months ago

Sales Consultant here to answer your questions - 1 Reply

Hi yes! Hopefully you get this as I do have questions! It's more about the hiring process and what he store(s) in your location is looking for....

pennyproud in tinley park, Illinois

Updated 5 months ago

Part-Time - 1 Reply

Hello, as a part-time employee, do you get the same benefits as far as healthcare, dental care, PTO & etc, what is the pay rate for part-time

nevertheless in Dallas, Texas

Sales Support Representative

Just wondering if anyone know's the hourly pay for the Sales Support Representative position?? And is it worth the pay? It seems like an easier role...

clint in Macon, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

Wire Techs About to Start Training (READ) - 5 Replies

Any wire techs that would like to see the the Wire week test and the CPE week test (2 of the 3 pass/fail) reply to this post. Also ask any questions...

Lina in Humble, Texas

Updated 5 months ago

From Hiring, Getting Hired, Training and Insiders Diary.. - 44 Replies

Howdy everyone - for the sake of private protection I will be calling myself Bunny. I applied for a Customer Service position in the Call center in...

cjayramone in san diego, California

Are call center Sales consultants paid commission only?

I have an interview for a sales consultant position in an att call center. They said that it's 60% base pay and then 40% commission. I'm really good...

exa3478 in Homestead, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

AT&T Wire Tech iPhone question - 9 Replies

Hello everyone. I recently got a conditional offer with AT&T as a wire tech. I'm currently waiting on a start date which my recruiter told me he...

exa3478 in Homestead, Florida


Does AT&T pays time in a half for Wire Tech after 40 hours because I'm hearing a rumor that they don't?

EmpressE in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 6 months ago

AT&T jobs - 2 Replies

I'm so tired of being turned down for jobs because of my background check. Managers ALWAYS like me and give me a conditional hire offer but the...

exa3478 in Homestead, Florida

ATT Wire Tech

Any one starting Orientation in Plantation Florida on April 20,2015 at 6am?

Linda in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 6 months ago

Fired from ATT and looking for a new job. Am I rehireable ? - 1 Reply

I was fired from AT&T in 2014 for " Misconduct or code of business " as they say. Two weeks after getting fired I was able to get another job and 6...

Retired Michael in Dallas, Texas

Updated 6 months ago

My interview experience at AT&T - 4 Replies

I filled out the online application through AT&T's website. After filling out the app, I was directed to take a series of assessments. These are...


Updated 6 months ago

sales support representative at&t - 11 Replies

I applied for this job Feb. 18th. I had a phone interview then I had an interview with hr. A day later hr called and said that I needed to meet the...

tamisha in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 7 months ago

how to find application status? - 19 Replies

I've seen people talk about accessing something called "Mystatus" on the site, how do i do this? i can't find any link leading towards jobs...

grabemandgo in Warner Robins, Georgia

Updated 7 months ago

AT&T Call Center Audition on 12/7 - 19 Replies

I have a Call Center Audition coming up this weekend. I was wondering if anyone has taken it and might could clue me in on what to expect. Any help...

Jimmy Hendrix in Jonesboro, Georgia

ATT Prem Tech hiring and application process

Hello to those that are reading and contributing to feedback on my discussion. I recently applied for the Prem Tech position with ATT, went on the...


Updated 7 months ago

Premises Technician Assessment - 19 Replies

Any Premises Technicians on this forum? I applied to Connecticut and I wanted to see if they remember what the Premises Technician Assessment was...

Theman in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago


Here's a little bit of information for those of you wondering. I just completed my first week of training and here's what I can tell you. Expect...

Comfortablynumb in Mount Morris, Michigan

Updated 7 months ago

Issues with BG check via Hireright?? - 55 Replies

I have been in the hiring process with AT&T for quite some time now. I've already done all of the testing and all of that stuff, and after over a...

srw1982 in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 7 months ago

Very Confused - 1 Reply

So went through and passed the background check and drug test to be told I was to be a backup for a training class starting for the AT&T call center...

Mahesh in Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

AT&T Contractor Hiring Practices - 47 Replies

Does AT&T really require applicants to give their social security number to third party recruiters in order to be considered for a contract...

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