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Updated 29 minutes ago

Hiring Process At AT&T - 3930 Replies

[QUOTE who="Khalil Jackson in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"]I recently applied for a RSC position and I've done an pre-screen, and a phone interview...


Updated 2 days ago

AT&T Training Process - 1036 Replies

I was recently offered a job as a sore tech. My orientation is May 8th. Is it safe to assume truanting begins the following Monday? Also, orientation...


Updated 2 days ago

Part-Time - 1 Reply

The job is AT&T

John C.

Updated 8 days ago

Wire Tech Training? - 13 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jerry in Patterson, Louisiana"]Me and the other guy in my class from another city were terminated. So disgusted. I should have double...


Sales Support Representative

Just wondering if anyone know's the hourly pay for the Sales Support Representative position?? And is it worth the pay? It seems like an easier role...


Updated 13 days ago

Wire Techs About to Start Training (READ) - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jdub300 in Jacksonville, California"]Any wire techs that would like to see the the Wire week test and the CPE week test (2 of the 3...


Updated 14 days ago

From Hiring, Getting Hired, Training and Insiders Diary.. - 44 Replies

Is it imperative to list literally all past employers..Some I honestly don't think I can remember unless I pull up my taxes for the job I claimed...


Are call center Sales consultants paid commission only?

I have an interview for a sales consultant position in an att call center. They said that it's 60% base pay and then 40% commission. I'm really good...


Updated 25 days ago

Here to answer any Hiring process and/or training questions! - 17 Replies

[QUOTE who="noname."]I just got hired. I start training on 4/20. But I have class. The semester is over April 29. Would they change my training date...


Updated 26 days ago

AT&T Wire Tech iPhone question - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jwr3af in Saint Augustine, Florida"]Hello everyone. I recently got a conditional offer with AT&T as a wire tech. I'm currently waiting on...



Does AT&T pays time in a half for Wire Tech after 40 hours because I'm hearing a rumor that they don't?


Updated 27 days ago

AT&T jobs - 2 Replies

I would look into finding a way to get that closed until then you can try being A GM at a pizza shop, my GM sold meth and crack and was a convicted...


ATT Wire Tech

Any one starting Orientation in Plantation Florida on April 20,2015 at 6am?


Updated 1 month ago

Fired from ATT and looking for a new job. Am I rehireable ? - 1 Reply

If you have two other good references, I wouldn't worry about what happened at AT&T, unless you were there for a good number of years and it's really...

Retired Michael

Updated 1 month ago

My interview experience at AT&T - 4 Replies

These interviews I'm reading about are just insane. When I hired on 36 years ago, they didn't care about your personality, your dreams, or what you...


Updated 1 month ago

sales support representative at&t - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Deamer FA in Orlando, Florida"]Was it the store manger or your requiter ?[/QUOTE I dealt with the recruiter. Give them at least a...


Updated 1 month ago

AT&T Hire Right Background Check - 95 Replies

[QUOTE who="beginagainla in Los Angeles, California"]Joseph, what happened on this? People should take advantage of the expungement process and know...


Updated 1 month ago

how to find application status? - 19 Replies

Mine say open to wat do that mean and I say I passed the text for the position


Updated 1 month ago

How hard is meeting commission requirements - 6 Replies

I love how all these people are acting like it's easy to hit all of your goals. It was easy for me, but I saw a lot of people struggle to hit...

Jimmy Hendrix

Updated 1 month ago

Hiring Process in San Jose Prem Tech job - 51 Replies

Hello everyone, I just got this email: "Thanks for attending the Realistic Job Preview for the Wire Technician - Atlanta East position and...


Updated 1 month ago

AT&T Call Center Audition on 12/7 - 19 Replies

Did you ever get the job at AT&T? I have a scheduled cc audition and ei next week and am wondering what to expect.

Jimmy Hendrix

ATT Prem Tech hiring and application process

Hello to those that are reading and contributing to feedback on my discussion. I recently applied for the Prem Tech position with ATT, went on the...


Updated 2 months ago

Premises Technician Assessment - 19 Replies

how often do women get this job? I have my interview tomorrow .. are candidates given tests proving strength stamina?


Updated 2 months ago


[QUOTE who="living near the in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"]Are ATT employees allowed to have their spouse stay at the hotel during their...


Updated 2 months ago

Issues with BG check via Hireright?? - 55 Replies

Update. It took a couple days but they got back to me and I am hired! Whole process from initial application to hire was 3 weeks.


Updated 2 months ago

Very Confused - 1 Reply

I am in the same boat! Took drug test, completed background check and now I am waiting for someone to back out of the training class. Trying to stay...


Updated 2 months ago

AT&T Contractor Hiring Practices - 47 Replies

could someone please send me the AT&T primary vendor's contact details. I am trying to get job in AT&T.


Updated 2 months ago

The Hiring Process for AT&T Customer Assistant - Natl Internet Svcs Position - 48 Replies

I just took the at&t assessment test for the wire tech position and got an immediate email letting me know so. How do u fail an opinionated test and...


Updated 2 months ago

HireRight work history check? - 239 Replies

I know what you mean!! I have been waiting almost 2 weeks. They called me about a ticket for an expired tag I got months ago and then asked me if I...


Updated 2 months ago

AT&T .. Hiring Process and Salary for AT&T Collections Representative - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="tosha brown in Memphis, Tennessee"]I am schedule for testing was it a technical testing or more call simulation calls I would like to...

mikhail odesskiy

Updated 3 months ago

Things you should know about a sales position with AT&T wireless - 87 Replies

hi i work for an authorized retailer in columbia md and it is the best job iv had out of 2 tmobile dealers aswell as a verizon dealer i find i have...

Now a Wire Tech

Updated 3 months ago

wire tech job process - 141 Replies

So I read thru is forum and lots of the info was very helpful.... so here is what i will add.... Hireright aint that bad... tell the truth and you...


Updated 3 months ago

ATT Call Center Hiring Process! - 48 Replies

I have to test Saturday in Jackson at 3pm...


Updated 3 months ago

Who's starting soon !! - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="AT&T new in Texas"]I know what u mean about the instore training ... I haven't had a manager show me anything just a bunch of kids that...

mr walters

Updated 3 months ago

I have a Felony DUI from nearly 3 years ago how will this affect my seek for employment? - 8 Replies

Not to many jobs will hire you with a dui I would look for something else like security, porter or an office job until 3 years pass on your record


Sales Consultant here to answer your questions

I know a lot of people just want to get hired for the job, but if anyone has some general questions about what it's like to work for AT&T, I want to...

Retired Michael

Updated 4 months ago

How to get a job at AT&T. - 784 Replies

[QUOTE who="deoxide2012 in La Puente, California"]I have heard/read that At&t pays anywhere from $12-$16 per hour base salary. The average...


Any Wire Techs starting soon in Orlando, FL????

Waiting for my BG results, does anybody knows when is the next training class starting in Orlando?


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Training Class Alternate? - 6 Replies

So an update. I was contacted by my recruiter today saying my background check cleared and offered me my starting salary. But Im still an alternate...


Updated 4 months ago

RSC Questions ???? - 3 Replies

I'm excited I start tomorrow what should I expect off the get go? I know training is Wednesday and Thursday when do I get the rest of my schedule?


Anyone trained or waiting training in NYC?

My 1st day of training is Jan 5th, not sure where the location is yet. I'm from NYC and wasn't able to start Dec. 1st training due to them...

Robert Sustaita

Updated 4 months ago

Understanding the AT&T Submission Status updates - 77 Replies

[QUOTE who="Only if in Naperville, Illinois"]There is so much to the att hiring process that doesn't make any sense but I guess that why it's so...


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Wire Tech - Submission Status - 6 Replies

Hi, HireRight completed my background check on 11/24 for a Wire Technician, but I still haven't heard any thing from AT&T yet. Is this a normal...


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T HireRight Background Check Issue - 20 Replies

Hi, HireRight completed my background check on 11/24 for a Wire Technician, but I still haven't heard any thing from AT&T yet. Is this a normal...


Updated 4 months ago

So Cal Hiring Process Status - 1 Reply

What was the required registration or testing steps U had to do ? .. I had a very short phone interview and then 2 face to face interviews .. First...


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T Waiting List?????? - 6 Replies

That also makes me wonder were we the first alternates if they allowed us to go ahead and submit to background and drug screen.

Brian Boyce Tech 407

Updated 5 months ago

rehire eligibility - 27 Replies

3 grievances the last one with the head of op HQ northern Ca and NV changed my status to rehireable 2002 but HR never changed my status for years...


Updated 5 months ago

ATT Training - 24 Replies

Anyone going to Springdale Arkansas Jan 4th for training?


Updated 5 months ago

Wire Tech Training Information (Nashville, TN) - 5 Replies

Interesting info, I start Dec 5, anymore information?


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T Vacation and sick time off? - 1 Reply

Manager told me get zero days while in training if u miss even one day then U would be fired .. But U actually get 2 days in first 6 months for...

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