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Updated 5 months ago

Training in Irving, Texas 12/08/2013 - Anyone else attending training? - 2 Replies

I am currently at the training in Irving. You will fly to the Dallas Fort Worth airport and from there they have prepaid a shuttle to pick you...


Updated 5 months ago

ATT Training - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="NewRSC"]Actually just "graduated" from training yesterday. I was a full time rep in a part time class, so I can't really speak to how the...


Updated 5 months ago

What's next? - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="smek in Hawthorne, California"]no.. someone from HR should call you to tell you they want you to go on to the next step and they're going...


Updated 5 months ago

Irving, Texas November 11- Dec 6 - 4 Replies

I got to the apartment around 2pm. Not a bad set up. Anyone wants to get schooled in some basketball let me know...haha


Updated 5 months ago

Interview tomorrow!! - 8 Replies

Well.....I bombed that interview hard.....i was so siked up for it and then when I walk in its like I can't even complete sentences lol.....needles...


Updated 5 months ago

Human Resources Contact Info - 33 Replies

Thank you for your help. I am honestly just trying to email someone. I know that usually or use to be if you are a current employee and you are on...


Updated 5 months ago

Got called for an interview then status changed to not considering you - 12 Replies

Quick question, how did you sell your phone? I got a little pitch made up but I want to hear others


att test

I didn't pass att rest cor rsa eBay can I do now


Updated 5 months ago

Nov. 11th Training AT&T Campus in Irving TX. Anyone going or have trained there? - 13 Replies

So we are flying into Dallas and not Irving?


Updated 5 months ago

Trying to get hired at AT&T. - 5 Replies

So when att first reached out to me to offer me a position, I let the Staffing Contractor know that as Ive been waiting and anticipating a background...


Updated 5 months ago

Will At&t hire someone with a dismissed shoplifting charge? PLEASE RESPOND!! - 17 Replies

^ Try not stealing.. On a serious note there isn't anything you can do until they take you off that list.


Updated 5 months ago

Anyone training in Lafayette starting Dec. 4th? - 4 Replies

Honestly I won't know until December 2nd.. But my store is in Laplace, just going to Lafayette for my RSC training..


Updated 5 months ago

Question for those who have trained in Irving Texas - 1 Reply

I'm not sure about the apartments. May I ask what position you are training for?


Updated 5 months ago

RSC - Will I go through an assessment? - 1 Reply

Sorry, a little termporary acronym dyslexia hahah - CSR* Customer Service Representative

Jim Morrison

Updated 5 months ago

Premises Technician Assessment - 14 Replies

[QUOTE who="Anonymous in Round Rock, Texas"]The application process for this position was extra long. WAY longer than many other job applications I...


Question regarding South Florida hiring regional managers

I'm wondering how many regional hiring managers South Florida has? I've interviewed for a position but the hiring manager for the area I tried...


Updated 5 months ago

Part Time versus Full Timer training? - 1 Reply

I'm not 100% but I believe the training is still the same it's just the days of the week are different.


Updated 5 months ago

So what's next for me in the hiring process? - 5 Replies

^ In my situation I was hired the next day but my store wanted to hire the position quickly so I'm not 100% sure if it'll be that quick for everyone.


Updated 5 months ago

Very unusual/strange and unconventional AT&T interview! HELP! - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Supermade in Los Angeles, California"]Ironically, after over thinking this matter the whole day, the whole pass/fail scenario did not run...



The application process for this position was extra long. WAY WAY longer than many other job applications I have recently filled out. I make it in...


Updated 6 months ago

Not qualified on testing - 3 Replies

I believe you are right. That sucks, but there is always a new plan we can take. Thanks


Applied for a job at ATT and heard back immediately but...

Hi, about a week ago I applied to a store in my area for a sales position. I did it on a whim because I saw on snagajob that they were hiring and I...


Updated 6 months ago

AT&T Training Feb 22nd Raleigh,NC - 1 Reply

Where did they out you In Raleigh? Was the training facility by the hotel?


Updated 6 months ago

training in raleigh, nc july 20th?!?! - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who=".moe."]I was ordering if anyone had any information on pay and the training for AT&T. I recently accepted a job there and want to know...


Updated 6 months ago

re: Resume Acknowledged. - 2 Replies

Just keep applying. Talking to the manager will not help because these positions are selected by Hiring Manager and pre-screened by a regional...


Updated 6 months ago

AT&T hiring process for premises tech - 3 Replies

I know some people who waited 5 months.. maybe they're waiting for a position to open up at a garage.. call your HR rep once every 8-12 days to keep...

ANonymous JC

Updated 6 months ago

Silver Springs Training - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="torpedo21 in Chevy Chase, Maryland"]I am!![/QUOTE] Nice looking forward to meeting you tomorrow! Are you gonna be staying in a hotel...


Training in Mississippi

If anyone is training in the Ridgeland, MS Store let me know I would happy to share success stories and helpful tips to stay focused and ways to...


Updated 6 months ago

My story. Hiring process and interview questions! - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="rackham12 in Central, Mississippi"]Remember the comment where I wasn't being very helpful? I believe you owe me an apology.! You have a...


Updated 6 months ago

Please tell me it gets better - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Andrew09 in South Dakota"]Depending how far you live you stay there for the two weeks they send you back the second friday for a week...


Updated 6 months ago

Initial Assessment Test for DSL Customer Assistant - 2 Replies

nervous to take it


AT&T RSC training in Brentwood October 21

I just got hired on as a full time retail sales consultant and have training in Brentwood, TN starting October 21. Anyone else joining me?


Just a reminder about posting in these forums

You are most likely breaching your employment agreement by discussing hiring process matters and training information with others publicly. Keeping...

New Hire JAX Beach

Ridgeland Mississippi AT&T RSC Training Oct 7 - 16, 2013

Hi Everyone. I'm hoping to meet some of the new hires that will be attending the AT&T RSC training starting this week in Ridgeland (Jackson)...


Updated 6 months ago

First Two Paychecks during Training - 2 Replies

sorry if some of that did not make sense. Use your imagination. I'm using the voice recognition on my phone to send this message because typing on a...

jesus from P.R.

Updated 6 months ago

AT&T HireRight Background Check Issue - 20 Replies

Hello I call yesterday to hireright and they tell me that my background check its complete and they send to att Wednesday afternoon but today its...


Updated 6 months ago

YAY! I completed the background check process!! Training in Silver Spring, MD - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="LLL1424 in Gaithersburg, Maryland"]I'm not far from Silver Spring so I'll be Metroing it. Do you start the 14th as well?[/QUOTE] Oh ok...


Updated 6 months ago

What if I cant prove my own company? - 8 Replies

Nah I'm good on that.


AT&T Employee Discounts?

Anyone know what the employee discounts are at AT&T? I applied to the Premises Technician position and was wondering what exactly are the % of...


AT&T hiring

Hi I wanted to know more about AT&T hiring process I've applied to three places so far I've passed the test & it now says that " I've met the...


What happens after the RJP and assessment (Interview)

I have already received the email saying I qualified and I am now placed in a pool of other people who qualified. What are the next steps? How long...

Tess in Nash

Updated 7 months ago

Wire Tech Training Information (Nashville, TN) - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Clear"]I'm training in Nashville TN right now. Somethings arent made clear during orientation, they DO give you a $30 a day food...


Updated 7 months ago

HireRight Questions - RSC position - 1 Reply

(continued) When I do a criminal search for myself on, I don't see any crimes listed such as Reckless Driving or Careless Driving, but I do...


Updated 7 months ago


[QUOTE who="Forme2know in Greensboro, North Carolina"]what to expect? if it is anything like it was when i got hired in 2008, a lot of learning edge...


Updated 7 months ago

Why not just say when you reject AT&T applicants? - 4 Replies

You are probably more experienced and skilled than the person you'd be working for.


Updated 7 months ago

Starting training in Bloomington MN August 10th...anyone else around here with same schedule? - 14 Replies

I get in around 2:30, I think...yeah just call the hotel. They'll come get you if you say your in the AT&T training class.


Updated 7 months ago

Training in Irving, Texas September 16th - 2 Replies

I start training for full time sales in Irving September 16th also.

srichard south east UFO

Updated 7 months ago

Driving to Training - 13 Replies

[QUOTE who="littlemissanthrax in Bakersfield, California"]When do they reimburse you for the gas? Like does the company fill up your tank before you...


Driving to Training - Reimbursement

When exactly does AT&T pay you back for mileage? And what type of documents are we supposed to bring with us? What do we pack?


At&t Training Columbus Ohio 9/23/13

Is anyone going to the RSC training in Columbus Ohio on 9/23? Just looking to make some connections before hand.

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