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psyk0l0gik in Pittsburg, California

Updated 21 months ago

Field Service Rep - 4 Replies

Got hired as a FSR and start 11/9, anyone work as this title before? any advice?


Updated 21 months ago

My U-Verse Premises Technician job application process - 16 Replies

I applied for the PT on 9/29/15 in Columbus, OH.. On 9/30, I received a call from the senior recruiter to setup a phone interview for 10/1. On 10/1,...

Felix Garcia in Los Angeles, California

Great Company to Work With

I worked at AT&T for about 2 years before I graduated. They are a great company and their staff are very friendly. I would definitively recommend...

Needhelp in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 22 months ago

AT&T RSC and advancement requirements? - 21 Replies

So I'm 17 and thinking about a job at an AT&T Store as a Retail Sales Consultant. I just had a few questions about the position itself and...

Orry in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 22 months ago

How to get a job at AT&T. - 791 Replies

Do you work at AT&T? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get in?

cyndi in De Pere, Wisconsin

Updated 22 months ago

AT&T Interview Questions. - 219 Replies

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

jgjhjj in Redmond, Washington

Updated 22 months ago

Did not get the job, should i try again? - 1 Reply

I had my interview on Wed 9/16 met with store manager & area director Think it went well, expressed my desire in the job/career & that i was very...

adrianavela in Lynwood, California

security question

I can't remember the answer to my security question.

John doe in Walnut Cove, North Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

Job process - 5 Replies

I applied about two months ago. Finally got the email for the RJP. Now waiting to hear back ... My status still says interview scheduled but I have...

bigdog4x in Massapequa, New York

Updated 23 months ago

Email saying i did not pass the testing requirements...... - 3 Replies

I applied this morning to AT&T, sent resume & all online got email saying to take the test, next step to get me on my way 30 or so questions, ask...

lost and lost in Baldwin Park, California

sales consultant in Tustin

anyone applying for this position I passed all the tests and the interview got an email about internals first Need to be processed then us externals...

bigdog4x in Massapequa, New York

Updated 24 months ago

AT & T uniforms - 2 Replies

Hi there folks silly question, but one i need to ask regardless I am a big guy, & am wondering , do the shirts/uniforms AT&T offers/sells etc...

waitingforatt in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

Hiring Process - 2 Replies

My background check was completed by Hireright on Tuesday, How long after that does it take to hear from my At&T recruiter?

kailua in Kailua, Hawaii

Updated 24 months ago

AT&T HIRING PROCESS - MARCH 2013 - 21 Replies

First, I have to say that AT&T is a very big company, employing more than 330,000 people worldwide. If you understand this then you can probably...

onyx in Houston, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

AT&T HIring process - 1 Reply

Hi guys I recently got the initial call from HR,i assume, asking if i was still interested and the first interview was scheduled. I've gone to the...

Slim in Maumee, Ohio

Updated 25 months ago

How hard is meeting commission requirements - 7 Replies

When I was interviewing with my manager, he had an employee there with him. He pointed out that the employee makes a lot of money in the month,...

Slim in Maumee, Ohio


Hey guy I start training in southfield, MI on the 7th of August. I wanted to know what can I expect from training. Also if im starting on the 7th...

NiaVictoria in Biloxi, Mississippi

Updated 25 months ago

Haven't Been Contacted After Passing Background Check - 1 Reply

So, I went to a hiring event for at&t and got the job as a technician. They told me that I would need to take the drug test and do the background...

Dede in Orlando, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Sales Consultant here to answer your questions - 1 Reply

I know a lot of people just want to get hired for the job, but if anyone has some general questions about what it's like to work for AT&T, I want to...

mariepayne in Steinsel, Luxembourg

Natural Gas in Vehicles May Cause Problems

Diesel Technology Forum, a nonprofit organization aiming to raise the awareness the importance of diesel engines, fuel and technology, stated that...

Jayyyr in New York, New York

AT&T Interview process - Retail sales consultant

Hey so I applied for a retail sales consultant position in new york on May 24th and got called on May 27th I spoke to someone over the phone but they...


Updated 26 months ago

AT&T jobs - 3 Replies

I'm so tired of being turned down for jobs because of my background check. Managers ALWAYS like me and give me a conditional hire offer but the...

pennyproud in tinley park, Illinois

Updated 27 months ago

Part-Time - 1 Reply

Hello, as a part-time employee, do you get the same benefits as far as healthcare, dental care, PTO & etc, what is the pay rate for part-time

nevertheless in Dallas, Texas

Sales Support Representative

Just wondering if anyone know's the hourly pay for the Sales Support Representative position?? And is it worth the pay? It seems like an easier role...

cjayramone in san diego, California

Are call center Sales consultants paid commission only?

I have an interview for a sales consultant position in an att call center. They said that it's 60% base pay and then 40% commission. I'm really good...

exa3478 in Homestead, Florida

Updated 28 months ago

AT&T Wire Tech iPhone question - 9 Replies

Hello everyone. I recently got a conditional offer with AT&T as a wire tech. I'm currently waiting on a start date which my recruiter told me he...

exa3478 in Homestead, Florida


Does AT&T pays time in a half for Wire Tech after 40 hours because I'm hearing a rumor that they don't?

Retired Michael in Dallas, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

My interview experience at AT&T - 4 Replies

I filled out the online application through AT&T's website. After filling out the app, I was directed to take a series of assessments. These are...


Updated 29 months ago

sales support representative at&t - 11 Replies

I applied for this job Feb. 18th. I had a phone interview then I had an interview with hr. A day later hr called and said that I needed to meet the...

tamisha in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 29 months ago

how to find application status? - 19 Replies

I've seen people talk about accessing something called "Mystatus" on the site, how do i do this? i can't find any link leading towards jobs...

Jimmy Hendrix in Jonesboro, Georgia

ATT Prem Tech hiring and application process

Hello to those that are reading and contributing to feedback on my discussion. I recently applied for the Prem Tech position with ATT, went on the...

srw1982 in Birmingham, Alabama

Updated 30 months ago

Very Confused - 1 Reply

So went through and passed the background check and drug test to be told I was to be a backup for a training class starting for the AT&T call center...

Titansbestfan09 in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 30 months ago

AT&T .. Hiring Process and Salary for AT&T Collections Representative - 14 Replies

I worked at AT&T back in 2007. I left due to it being a sales position and it being very stressful. I am currently working, but applied for a...

Nycgirl1023 in Ny, New York

Updated 31 months ago

Who's starting soon !! - 6 Replies

So who's starting soon and where ? Any advice for us soon to be newbees? ;)

mr walters in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 31 months ago

I have a Felony DUI from nearly 3 years ago how will this affect my seek for employment? - 8 Replies

Just today i received a call from the senior staffing manager asking me questions about the Felony that was on my background report. I disclosed this...

FutureWireTech in Kissimmee, Florida

Any Wire Techs starting soon in Orlando, FL????

Waiting for my BG results, does anybody knows when is the next training class starting in Orlando?

mikeys in Macon, Georgia

Updated 32 months ago

AT&T Training Class Alternate? - 6 Replies

I applied for a call center sales consultant position and passed all assesments and interviews. I get a call from my recruiter saying I have been...

rpl711 in Mountain View, California

Updated 32 months ago

RSC Questions ???? - 3 Replies

Hello I am currently in training at at&t as an rsc, i learned a lot from this forum and am willing to answer any and all questions you guys may have...

Splurge in New York

Anyone trained or waiting training in NYC?

My 1st day of training is Jan 5th, not sure where the location is yet. I'm from NYC and wasn't able to start Dec. 1st training due to them...

Zach in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 32 months ago

AT&T Wire Tech - Submission Status - 6 Replies

Hello everyone, I have a quick question for any knowledgeable persons about the AT&T hiring process. I have been conditionally offered a position...

Zach in Mobile, Alabama

Updated 32 months ago

AT&T HireRight Background Check Issue - 19 Replies

Recently, I got a call back about a Wire Technician job from AT&T I applied for. I've already taken the aptitude test, gone to their "Real Job...

need-this-job in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 32 months ago

So Cal Hiring Process Status - 1 Reply

I applied online got a call did a phone interview then Interview in person (nov 20) didn't hear anything from them and called them after the...


Updated 32 months ago

AT&T Waiting List?????? - 6 Replies

Have anyone every heard of being placed on an waiting list with AT&T???? I received a call saying all the positions were filled but i will be placed...

need-this-job in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 33 months ago

ATT Training - 24 Replies

So i am starting my ATT training next week. Ive worked in the Wireless field before. Im coming from Verizon Wireless so i have a good idea of what...

sfollenius in Arden, North Carolina

Updated 33 months ago

Wire Tech Training Information (Nashville, TN) - 5 Replies

I'm training in Nashville TN right now. Somethings arent made clear during orientation, they DO give you a $30 a day food budget. All charges are...

need-this-job in Naperville, Illinois

Updated 33 months ago

AT&T Vacation and sick time off? - 1 Reply

How many days does AT&T give for vacation, personal and sick time for the first year of service? Are you granted any time before 6months of...

need-this-job in Ballwin, Missouri

Updated 33 months ago

AT&T Hiring Process and personal hiring story - 1 Reply

Hello and thank you to all who post on this forum, I am currently int he hiring process with AT&T and this forum has kept me from stressing out too...

sasha fierce in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 33 months ago

Benefits - 1 Reply

Im going to start with Att Uverse tomorrow and i have 2 questions, anyone knows hows the training process? AND what about the benefits? Discounts in...

sasha fierce in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 33 months ago

Missed AT&T calls TWICE - 3 Replies

Ok so I hope someone can help me out. I'm freaking out because my iPhone broke and I had to buy a cheap flip phone but for some reason I NEVER hear...

need-this-job in Washington, Missouri

Anyone in Springfield / joplin missouri area training question. Retail sales associate

ive been trying to find where training for retail sales associate would normally be for this area and haven't found anything .. Just curious if I...

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