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rackham12 in Central, Minnesota

Updated 31 months ago

Starting Salary - 1 Reply

What is an average starting hourly of an RSC in south Florida?

Nycgirl1023 in Ny, New York

Updated 32 months ago

Wondering about something with these openings for Retail Sales Consultant positions - 5 Replies

The positions I see available for my city (NYC) are all full time. Would it be possible to negotiate and get part time hours? I'm taking classes at...

Thunder7 in Missouri

AT&T customer Service

Hi and thank you for reading my comment I have applied for a customer service job at the norcross location and after 4 weeks received an email from...

James in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 32 months ago

Just took the AT&T TMTF II test and qualified what's next? - 2 Replies

Well I took the test and qualified, now I guess I wait? Should I email my HR rep? Also if anyone in NC has any insight on the wire tech position I'm...

ATT_Guyer in Campbell, California

Updated 32 months ago

Transferring Locations - 2 Replies

Hey there, I was wondering where I could find information on what the requirements are for moving locations. I started working at a flagship...

HopefulTechie in Warwick, Rhode Island

Updated 32 months ago

Quick question about hiring status - 1 Reply

Did the phone interview. Then I went to a store (not the one I applied at) for the in-person interview w/their manager who was doing all the...

JimmyBroner in Reseda, California

Updated 32 months ago

Transferring to another state? - 7 Replies

How hard is it to transfer as an RSC to another location in a different market? Do you get to transfer with your current pay?

Jocelyn1221 in Houston, Texas

AT&T Training 09/25

Hello, I was recently offered a job as a sales consultant depending on whether I passed my drug test and my background check. I was told that I begin...

Britatcollege in Houston, Texas

AT&T interview

So I had a interview today and I felt like it went great but then I start reading on here how people get second interviews really quick and I didn't...

MIgee in Romulus, Michigan

Updated 33 months ago

Interview with AT&T - 10 Replies

I applied online for AT&T Retail Position on July 30, 2014 I then got a phone call from the Staffing Manager on August 11, 2014. No questions were...

Marie Maeder in Germantown, Maryland

Updated 33 months ago

AT&T Training Locations - 1 Reply

First of all, is there a training location in San Antonio, TX? the training location just a regular AT&T store or a separate...

RSC in Oxford, Mississippi

Updated 33 months ago

AT&T pay periods - 2 Replies

Hello I start training on August 26th I'm just trying to figure out when I get my first paycheck


Updated 33 months ago

Qualifications/experience to get hired as at&t rsc - 4 Replies

I've been working at best buy for a year. I started in best buy mobile then got promoted to mobile and Computers Sales Team Leader. I'm almost done...

LJ1989 in Gainesville, Florida

AT&T SSR Training

Hi everyone, I have a few questions about the SSR training I have two weeks. One is soon and the other is next year For my training its...

AcesHigh in Jacksonville, Florida

Anyone in the 8/26 training class in Orlando

Everything is set except for travel info. Who else will be joining me in Mickey Mouse backyard lol?

Jose Canseco in Orlando, Florida

Updated 34 months ago

Pay dates - 2 Replies

Hello I start training aug 26 2014 as a fulltime retail rep when are the pay dates?

Edx13 in El Centro, California

Updated 34 months ago

Domestic violence misdemeanor probation - 5 Replies

Hi, Just got an invitation to take the basic electricity test for an outside tech position...was wondering if AT&T still hires anyone that is...

rackham12 in Central, Minnesota

Updated 34 months ago

Retail Sales Consultant Hours - 2 Replies

I have been doing some research on the RSC position. I have heard some good and bad things, and the biggest negative seems to be the hours. I have...

rackham12 in Central, Minnesota

Updated 34 months ago

PT-RSC Training questions. - 3 Replies

I am to begin training in St. Louis next week for the Part-Time RSC position. It is about 300 miles from where I live. How long is the training...

rackham12 in Central, Minnesota

Updated 34 months ago

Starting Training Next Week!!!! - 1 Reply

So I just completed my background check. I start on the 1st. Im coming from an authorized retailer so I nnow the job pretty well. What im trying to...

Leroy in Leesville, Louisiana

Updated 35 months ago

Interview Retail Sales Consultant Alexandria LA - 4 Replies

Was curious if anyone has been successful in getting hired by att for a sales position with little retail experience. I'm excited but nervous at the...

troy.woods21@*****.*** in Saint Peters, Missouri

Jobs in my area

Do anyone know of any non CSR, or non-retail jobs in the St.Louis,St.Louis County,or St.Charles and St.Charles County, MO area. I was with the...

jerome_cole2002@*****.*** in Pascagoula, Mississippi

Updated 35 months ago

ATT hiring process for Wire Technician - 4 Replies

I wanted to put my hiring experience on here to help anyone out or just calm some nerves. I originally applied on March 3, 2014 and then was asked to...

somewhere far away in Los Angeles, California

Updated 35 months ago

Part Time versus Full Timer training? - 4 Replies

I was hired at a full time Rsc and my training was to start training on the 28th. Not having heard anything about where I'm supposed to go or stay I...

Wavy Lays in Redding, California

what are the chances when status says awaiting hr review

What are the chances of being hired if the application status says "awaiting HR review"? I've already done the testing, went to the RJP/PTA, and was...

nosorio619 in Chula Vista, California

At&t Premises Technician questions

Alright I hope someone can help me out here, I applied in February and got an email to take the test in March. Passed the test and said I would be...

Selia in Stockton, California

Updated 35 months ago

AT&T Retail Sales Consultant Training Day by Day - 15 Replies

So today was day 1 of the 4 week training for the full time retail sales consultant position. Went by rather smooth other than a couple computer...

Soso in Pasadena, California

Updated 35 months ago

Cerritos Training May 5th 2014 - 33 Replies

Anyone training on May 5th?

Nycgirl1023 in Ny, New York

Updated 36 months ago

Sales Tips and Tricks - 4 Replies

Hey guys I start training soon but I just wanted ask people who have worked in store already are there any tricks and tips you could share with us...

pearljam79 in Savannah, Georgia

tried to get a job at at&t, didn't work out, what's the chances of a 2nd interview?

So the other day i handed in my resume (in person) to an AT&T store manager, got an email 10 mins later telling me to do an interview... I do the...

staygold in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta RSC...

Where do you go for training? I presume somewhere close?

Bunny in Davenport, Iowa

Updated 36 months ago

Negotiating Salary - 2 Replies

Hey guys I just interviewed at a NYC location and I am curious, did any of you guys negotiate your salary? If yes what was the original Offer and how...

sonichurricane in Bronx, New York

A question for recent trainees..

I'm just curious, what phone did you guys recieve? This question is to people who recently got their phones. I'll be starting training June 9th and...

ThisGuy in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 36 months ago

New Hire Training - 6 Replies

Hello I am starting New Hire Training in Denver and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what its like. I am eager but wondering what we could...

Jax in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 36 months ago

Background came back with misdemeanor - 9 Replies

I just got a call from my HR rep regarding my background and unfortunately I have a misdemeanor that I was unaware of. She say it's from five years...

falcons9 in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 37 months ago

Email about SSN - 7 Replies

Ok, so I just got a new email from ATT titled "We wouldn’t ask if we really didn’t need it…Retail Sales Consultant" asking for my social and to take...

Patricia in Jupiter, Florida

Updated 37 months ago

South Florida training locations - 1 Reply

I'm just wondering where the RSC training locations are in/near west palm beach, fl? I have my interview tomorrow

Kassie0915 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 37 months ago

AT&T Retail Consultant - 22 Replies

Hi everybody! I just had my 2nd interview Fri. w/ Store Manager & his Assistant - it went really well. He mentioned to me that I was definitely...

crippaman in Mcloud, Oklahoma

Updated 37 months ago

Rehire - 5 Replies

How do you find out if you are eligible for rehire if you were fired. I was dismissed for not making 100% on the sales scorecard? There was no...

Rehire in Saint Peters, Missouri

Updated 37 months ago

Former employee going back to work - 1 Reply

If you were a former employee of AT&T as a RSC and left under good voluntary terms, reapplied within a few months to go back and got the job... Would...

Rehire in Saint Peters, Missouri

Non Csr jobs

Are there any non Csr jobs available in the St. Louis, St. Louis County, St. Charles and St. Charles county, Missori area? I don't want to ever deal...

ThisGuy in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville Training - May 30th

Like everyone else, I won't know much more than the date until early in the week of training, but I just wanted to reach out to anyone who may be...

matt5o5 in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 37 months ago

Applying to ATT Premises Technician position, I just have a couple of questions regarding the application of the job. - 2 Replies

So I'm applying to an AT&T premises technician position in Columbus Ohio, a couple of the things you "must have" are ------ Valid state drivers...

crippaman in Mcloud, Oklahoma

Updated 37 months ago

OKC Training May anyone? - 1 Reply

I just wanted to see if anyone got training in OKC.

bburke13 in Kankakee, Illinois

"You've Been Scheduled for AT&T Pre-Employment Testing!"

Back around October I did get an interview, but after I followed up (without receiving a response) or anything, it seemed to be given to someone...

Retired Michael in Dallas, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

Will AT&T Corprate forgive my background - 1 Reply

I recently applied for AT&T as a retail sales consultant, i got a call in about to days for an interview. Needless to say i felt like i won the power...

Retired Michael in Dallas, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

What a mess! Forced to re-start training. - 19 Replies

ok AT&T is definitely f***ing with me. I just got done with the whole training course and on the very last day of it, after sending everybody to...

Soso in Los Angeles, California

Updated 37 months ago

In class room training Cerritos, CA 03/17/2014 - 1 Reply

Is anyone starting RSC training in Cerritos starting on Monday, March 17th?

patientlywaiting1 in Florida

HireRight drug testing issue, please help!

So I received a contingent offer on thursday evening, completed the necessary paperwork that night, and received my drug testing info midday the next...

Customer assistant in Orange Park, Florida

Applicants for customer assistant position in orange park fl

What's your current status ?? I applied April 13, 2014 My current status is testing updated....

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