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Att wifey in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 21 months ago

Prem-Tech - 1 Reply

Hello, it seems that most of this forum is about CSR and Sales so I wanted to reach out to anyone out there who has applied, is in the process of...

eelam in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 21 months ago

Hanover, MD. Training on 11/26/12 - 1 Reply

Anyone else attending this class? I was supposed to start today, but I got a call last week saying they moved me. Which is great because the class is...

BP in Huntington, West Virginia

Updated 21 months ago

AT&T Sales Support Representative - 4 Replies

Hello all. I applied for this position on the 21st and the same day I got a call for a phone interview later today. I've done my research and got...

marcmoral16 in New York, New York

Updated 22 months ago

AT&T Poor Ethics - 5 Replies

AT&T "ethics" will not make an acception around their training practices. Even in the case of a funeral when a parent dies. If you miss a day of...

Junior in Naugatuck, Connecticut

Updated 22 months ago

Anyone going to King of Prussia, PA on November 11/12th? - 1 Reply

Just got confirmation that's the day I'll start training. Looking for some other people to possibly hang out with after training. I figure it would...

Loveion in Orange Park, Florida

Does anybody know the documents that we have to bring for the first day of training ??

So, I was offered a position as an Customer Assistant at a call center in Orange Park. I received an email telling me to finish the " New hire and On...

MilamShane in Houston, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

SSR Training in San Antonio November 9th - 1 Reply

I recently went through the entire hiring process and a few days ago I got the call that I have been officially hired with AT&T. I had to confirm I...


Updated 22 months ago

Training in Cerritos, Ca - 36 Replies

I start training this coming Monday and I have a few questions. My partner is dropping me off at the hotel for training. Will I have to carpool to...

marcmoral16 in New York, New York

Updated 22 months ago

What should I bring to my first day of customer service training besides proper ID? - 1 Reply

I heard the first 6 weeks of training are in a classroom so should I bring a notebook to take notes with? I thought of bringing a binder but it's...

marcmoral16 in New York, New York

Updated 22 months ago

Guys, What are you allowed to wear as RSC for AT&T after training? - 4 Replies

My HR manager told me that for men the following is dress code ( I'm assuming for training and not the actual store, correct me if I'm wrong): Men...

Don'tbelieveit in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 22 months ago



rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Updated 22 months ago

part time training question?? - 1 Reply

First do part time trainees go back every weekend for four weekends?? Also, do we get same new hire commision checks forgot what its called.

Alena in Fresno, California

Updated 22 months ago

I have a Felony DUI from nearly 3 years ago how will this affect my seek for employment? - 7 Replies

Just today i received a call from the senior staffing manager asking me questions about the Felony that was on my background report. I disclosed this...

themattrovelli in Plano, Texas

Part Time SSR Training San Antonio

Is anyone else going to be at the training in San Antonio starting on October 12? Does anyone know how we are supposed to get to the training...

Justin JP

Updated 23 months ago

training friday vs monday start? ? - 1 Reply

I'm scheduled to start on Oct 12th. That is a Friday. Supposed to be in Minnesota. Is my scheduled start date my flight date or do I go in for a...

teg808 in Palm Bay, Florida

Prem tecg question

I have recently taken the realistic job preview and passed. Got the email saying congratulations you passed the realistic job preview, and will be...

Debbie Rivera in Atlanta, Georgia


Hello Everyone! I just got hired on as a sales representative and am due to start training in Atlanta on 10/8. I havent heard from the onboarding...

rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Updated 23 months ago

AT&T Personal Phone Accounts - 1 Reply

Anyone with AT&T know how AT&T employee personal accounts work? I've already got my firm offer and I start training October 15 in Raliegh, NC. Do I...

lazi in Bayonne, New Jersey

Updated 23 months ago

Training Framingham,MA Sept 24 - 2 Replies

My hiring manager just told me im going to start there on the 24th. Anyone else? Has anyone trained there before? How is it? What hotel will they...

Michael in Rolla, Missouri

Training in Addison / Dallas, TX 9/21

Hey guys, I got word today I'm training in Addison, TX starting this Friday, the 21st. Anyone else? I'll be flying back and forth between there...

teg808 in East Meadow, New York

Will one speeding ticket be a dismisall for an AT&T premisis technician?

I have a realistic job preview scheduled for next week. I have had a completely clean driving record for over 7 years, and just today I got a...

patelr2010 in Somerset, Kentucky

Updated 23 months ago

I start training on September 21st in Louisville Ky. - 17 Replies

I was just wondering if any one looking at this website is too?!

patelr2010 in Somerset, Kentucky

Updated 23 months ago

September 2012 Training Location - 27 Replies

Hey guys! I recently did my background check and drug test, I'm pretty sure I passed, my question is that I don't know where training is and I'm...

banimcg in Conway, Arkansas

September 17th Little Rock

Just wondering if anyone on here will be training in Little Rock on Septemeber 17.

rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Familiar with Training?

Louisville, KY Sept 17? Any idea if it will be walking distance or transportation to the building?

Aktkk in Beaumont, California

Training in Anaheim, Ca on Sept. 10, 2012

Is anyone else going? I'm coming from about 60miles away on the 91fwy :S it's a miserable drive about 2 hours in the morning and same or longer in...

socomdark in Fort Collins, Colorado

Updated 24 months ago

Variable Pay - 1 Reply

Can anyone explain this? Employees will receive 100% of the Target Incentive amount during initial training and the first 4 weeks following initial...

EMDEE in Saint Charles, Missouri

Same Old Training Q's

Hey everyone. I'll start off by saying I'm sure these Q's could be answered by Onboarding when I receive the call or by my recruiter, however I'm too...

Jesus in Missouri City, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

Training - 64 Replies

Anyone In New Jersey starting training on April 4th?

ZachC in Bangor, Maine

Updated 24 months ago

Training - 2 Replies

I got offered my job and I'm now waiting on the background check to clear which I know it will. My only worry is that they're going to schedule my...

ZachC in Bangor, Maine

Updated 24 months ago

AT&T retail consultant question - 1 Reply

Does anybody know what does status "completed" mean? I already had an interview... Does completed mean like not selected or what I'm confused thanks !

banimcg in Conway, Arkansas

Updated 24 months ago

job status says complete! but what does that mean? - 3 Replies

this morning when i logged in to my account my status says COMPLETE! When would i know if i didn't get the job? Would it say not...

Jay in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Scheduled for Pre-Employment Testing?

I recently applied for a retail sales consultant position at my local AT&T store. Under my completed submissions this is what I'm seeing: Job...

banimcg in Conway, Arkansas

Updated 24 months ago

How to check status with HireRight? - 2 Replies

I have read on these boards that people know what part of the process that HireRIght is in, but for me it just says "in process" am I missing...

CaseyD in Wichita, Kansas

Training in Kansas City

Is anyone else gonna be in Training in Kansas City,MO this Thursday, August 23rd?

Jesus in Missouri City, Texas

Updated 24 months ago

When does the on boarding team call you? - 10 Replies

So what I know is I start training September 9th, I know I passes my drug test and background check because I asked for a copy. I asked my hiring...

gotthejob;) in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 24 months ago

Training in Phoenix AZ? - 2 Replies

Is anyone else going to be training in Phoenix August 20th?

Deff Va in Houston, Texas

Updated 25 months ago

SSR Sales Support Representative questions - 4 Replies

I am applying for the Sales Support Representative position at AT&T. The HR manager asked if I would like to visit the store that I might be working...

emxo in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 25 months ago

Accepted verbal offer, taken drug test, now waiting on Hire Right background check to clear; help!! - 21 Replies

I have an accident, a speeding ticket, and when my insurance lapsed I got a ticket for driving without financial responsibility. Also, two years ago...

shoe-in in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 25 months ago

Staffing management? - 4 Replies

I have had 2 interviews and was advised that a staffing manager will be reaching out to me shortly. Does this mean I have a pretty good chance of...

raeserr in New Jersey

Updated 25 months ago

Training in Morristown, NJ. - 3 Replies

Is anyone else training with me here, starting August 3rd? I'm so excited but I live in Massachusetts. I've only even been to Six Flags in NJ--no...

raeserr in New Jersey

Training Help!

I took my drug test today. I assume that I would have to wait a few days for it to clear. I wanted to know if there was any way to know when I would...

emxo in Evansville, Indiana

Training Lexington, Ky

Is anyone attending CSR training in Lexington this August? Has anyone attended training in Lexington? I would like to know more about what to expect...

John in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 25 months ago

Question about meal allotment - 1 Reply

Today is my travel day in my last week of training (I am training M-F this week). I will be arriving at my hotel today around 3pm and was wondering...

shoe-in in Chicago, Illinois

Had several interviews, now wondering about application that I didn't submit

I have interviewed with ATT and they really liked me, so they sent me on several interviews throughout my area. I was checking on my account...

mdd in Denham Springs, Louisiana

Updated 25 months ago

Training session starts on 7/9, any advice or others training then? - 13 Replies

Hey everyone, I start training on 7/9 in either Dallas or Salt Lake, any pointers anyone can give me about training or is anyone else starting...

Strictly-Professional in Smithfield, North Carolina

Status of job posting says completed!!! I was offered the job for sales representative.

I just checked my job listing info and it says completed. I was offered the job through text from a regional hiring manager before I could even get...

Strictly-Professional in Smithfield, North Carolina

Updated 26 months ago

Hiring - 4 Replies

Does anyone know what it says on the status when they hire you? Mine went from "Awaiting final decission" to "Fowarded to HR manager" to "Complete"?...

marcmoral16 in New York, New York

Updated 26 months ago

Training dress code / commission structure questions - 2 Replies

I'm going to my training session mid-July and was wondering what the dress code was like there? Also, what are some good things to bring? My other...

pat4shorter in McDonough, Georgia

Sr. Specialist @ AT&T

I will be starting a new position with AT&T as a Sr. Specialist - Customer Svc. on July 9th. Is there anyone else starting their training on July...

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