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marleaux in Lincoln Park, Michigan

Updated 48 months ago

Initial Assessment Test for DSL Customer Assistant - 2 Replies

I took the assessment test for Customer Assistant today and failed with a 79.53. The lady said I needed an 85 to pass. I got mixed up on what part of...

heycupcake in Owensboro, Kentucky

AT&T RSC training in Brentwood October 21

I just got hired on as a full time retail sales consultant and have training in Brentwood, TN starting October 21. Anyone else joining me?


Just a reminder about posting in these forums

You are most likely breaching your employment agreement by discussing hiring process matters and training information with others publicly. Keeping...

New Hire JAX Beach in Jacksonville, Florida

Ridgeland Mississippi AT&T RSC Training Oct 7 - 16, 2013

Hi Everyone. I'm hoping to meet some of the new hires that will be attending the AT&T RSC training starting this week in Ridgeland (Jackson)...


Updated 48 months ago

First Two Paychecks during Training - 2 Replies

Hello, So I heard ATT does not hold any pay from you and that they also pay for commission while in training. But I would like to know I start on...

ch5696 in Waldorf, Maryland

Updated 48 months ago

YAY! I completed the background check process!! Training in Silver Spring, MD - 9 Replies

After what seemed like forever, I am now a part of the AT&T family as a Retail sales consultant. Background cleared after forever and i start oct 14...


Updated 48 months ago

What if I cant prove my own company? - 8 Replies

It's been about 2 weeks with the background check now. I was self-employed for 5 years, while still working my other jobs. I put my company on the...

JP89 in Astoria, New York

AT&T Employee Discounts?

Anyone know what the employee discounts are at AT&T? I applied to the Premises Technician position and was wondering what exactly are the % of...

T in Hurricane, West Virginia

AT&T hiring

Hi I wanted to know more about AT&T hiring process I've applied to three places so far I've passed the test & it now says that " I've met the...

arobherweck in Visalia, California

What happens after the RJP and assessment (Interview)

I have already received the email saying I qualified and I am now placed in a pool of other people who qualified. What are the next steps? How long...


Updated 48 months ago

HireRight Questions - RSC position - 1 Reply

First off, this forum has been extremely helpful - thank you to all! I received an email from someone saying they will call me soon, that my "salary...

TY504 in chestertown, Maryland

Updated 48 months ago


Heyyyy...just wanted to know if there's anyone who will be in the Ocotber 2013 training in Alpharetta, GA? Just got my offer letter.

Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana

Updated 49 months ago

Why not just say when you reject AT&T applicants? - 4 Replies

Well I applied for AT&T Desktop Support. I've been using computers with the internet for 17 years. I've assembled a few PCs for myself and family....


Updated 49 months ago

Starting training in Bloomington MN August 10th...anyone else around here with same schedule? - 14 Replies

Starting training in Bloomington MN August 10th...anyone else around here with same schedule?

mrsjwood in Austin, Texas

Updated 49 months ago

Training in Irving, Texas September 16th - 2 Replies

Anyone else here training in Irving Texas starting September 16th? If anyone has previously trained at this location, any information would be...

srichard south east UFO

Updated 49 months ago

Driving to Training - 13 Replies

To those who drove to training, how far/long was your drive and were you reimbursed? If so, how much? Or how much per the mile do you get reimbursed?

littlemissanthrax in Bakersfield, California

Driving to Training - Reimbursement

When exactly does AT&T pay you back for mileage? And what type of documents are we supposed to bring with us? What do we pack?

Cowboys4life in Trenton, Ohio

At&t Training Columbus Ohio 9/23/13

Is anyone going to the RSC training in Columbus Ohio on 9/23? Just looking to make some connections before hand.

SMTHGM33 in hoffman estates, Illinois

Updated 49 months ago

AT&T Customer Engineer III Interview - 5 Replies

Hello. I recently applied to AT&T in NY and I got through the testing phase. Then I received a call from a service manager for the Customer...

Tyler Guest in Brewton, Alabama

Updated 49 months ago

Training in Birmingham, Alabama September 16th - 2 Replies

Is anyone else training during that time and place? And what can I expect?


Updated 49 months ago

Training in Louisville on the 19th - 1 Reply

Anyone else training then?


Updated 49 months ago

AT&T Sales Rep Training - 19 Replies

Hello, I am new to AT&T and they have me scheduled for training in Conyers GA in a couple of weeks. I am posting this discussion to find out what...

tryingintexas in Houston, Texas

CSR Training

I am in week 5 of training. It is different than the RSC training and when I was searching for information, more often than not, most were posting...

Tamera in Gaylord, Michigan

Updated 50 months ago

Training August 19th in Indy - 3 Replies

Anyone heading there for training?

mustangrose1@*****.*** in Victoria, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

Training in Irving, TX Jan 7th through 25th - 17 Replies

Ok so I start training tomorrow for a Full time sales support rep. They have us in these apartment type housing on the at&t grounds. kind of like a...

Training in Irving, TX in South Haven, Michigan

Updated 50 months ago

Training in Irving, TX - 1 Reply

Hi! I was told that I start training August 19th in Irving, Tx. I was curious if anyone has had training at that location & was hoping to get some...

Drew in Moorpark, California

AT&T retail sales consultant interview questions?

So, I just got a call asking me to come in for an interview, and I was wondering what kind of questions I would be asked. I looked it up online, and...

Rebecca in Florence, South Carolina

Hiring process

I have gotten through all phases and got job offer, I went last week for physical,drug screen, background check. On initial application I put there...

Devon in Bayonne, New Jersey

Updated 50 months ago

Need help - 21 Replies

Hello all , I've been applying to AT&T customer rep. Jobs since a few months and I keep receiving the not considering you at this...

TwNYC in Harlem, New York

Updated 50 months ago

Training in Framingham Mass - 2 Replies

Is anyone training this month or HAS trained in Framingham, Mass?

Devon in Bayonne, New Jersey

Updated 50 months ago

Status Help....... - 3 Replies

Whenever I apply to a job at AT&T I keep seeing this message . " Not Considering you at this time " . How do I get pass this message ? What exactly...

Perfection86 in Mcdonough, Georgia

Updated 50 months ago

NEED ADVICE/INPUT!!!! - 8 Replies

I need some input/advice. Here's what's happened so far July 3rd - applied for one position as part time RSC July 8th - received call from...

TwNYC in Harlem, New York

Updated 50 months ago

August Trainings - 16 Replies

Anyone training next month and if so what location?

recentcollegegrad in Stafford, Virginia

Do I need to list all of my jobs on the application and with HireRight?

I have an extensive job history. Its not that I don't have the ability to stick with a job( I stayed at McDonalds for 2 years), its just bad luck in...

CuriousKate in Youngstown, Ohio

Updated 50 months ago

Acrylic nails - 2 Replies

Does anyone know if AT&T has a problem with RSCs having acrylic nails? They'll be short and a French manicure. I want to go ahead and get them...

Mimii in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

Traveling and Expenses - 2 Replies

I know the rule of thumb is if you live 50+ miles away they put you in a hotel but do they still fly you out? I live about 140 miles away in which I...

tired in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

AT&T Hiring - 15 Replies

AT&T Hiring is very very very long and you have to stay EXTREMELY patient throughout the process. At time you're going to want to give up thinking...

tired in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago


Hi everyone i applied for the premises technician job on Feb 10, 2013, i had my interview and passed, i got an email saying this: (You will be...

DAMNITALL in Unknown, New York

Updated 50 months ago

If you want to be an're gonna have to take a seat... - 8 Replies

So, if you are applying to be an RSC and you NEVER worked for AT&T or any of its subsidiaries, you will not be hired. AT&T just announced that they...

HillMI22 in LO, Kentucky

AT&T RLDP Program

I'm Currently interviewing for the RLDP for AT&T I had my phone, interview on the 4th, and my webcam interview on the 6th of June. My application...

rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Updated 50 months ago

AT&T Training Process uniform help - 2 Replies

I just got hired on AT&T, BTW thanks to all of you guys that post and share their experiences here because this forum helped me so much on the...


Updated 50 months ago

Starting training for Retail Sales Consultant December 12... - 25 Replies

Hey everyone, I start training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Monday Dec. 12. I just wanted to get some info regarding what to expect. How long do I...

y8x in Alabama

Updated 50 months ago

Employee discounts on service - 2 Replies

Does anyone know if AT&T allows employees to have unlimited data on personal lines that use the employee discount vs having to get the tiered data?

y8x in Yonkers, New York

Updated 50 months ago

Keep seeing that there's no balance between home and work life - 13 Replies

On Glass Door I keep seeing that people are listing that there's no home/work life balance. Can anyone tell me what they mean by this?

Mark in Hemet, California


I passed my background physical and drug test for premises tech a week ago how long before they call and make an offer?

britta426 in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Updated 50 months ago

part time training - 2 Replies

when You Do The Part Time Training Do You Also Have To Work In The Store During the week? Just Wonderinh Cause Suppose To Start Training On The...

niqu84 in Clinton, Mississippi

Updated 51 months ago

Is anyone a customer assistant AT&T? - 3 Replies

I have looked through so many posts and it seems no one is a customer assistant and if there are posts or questions about them, they don't get...

AT&T NC in Lincolnton, North Carolina

Updated 51 months ago

AT&T Retail Sales Consultant F/T - 4 Replies

Here's my process so far if anyone is interested: 1) Applied online - Mar. 14 2) Took Personality Test from link in E-Mail - Mar. 14 3)...

JPGR63 in Dallas, Texas


I ran in to a huge problem, I have a deferred adjudicated misdemeanor. I listed on my initial application and believe I did on my hireright too and...

AT&T NC in Wilmington, North Carolina

Anyone going through the hiring process in North Carolina

I applied as an RSC and I've had my phone, hiring manager, and store manager interviews. Just waiting for the next step or update to submission...

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