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Philip in Hemet, California

Updated 27 months ago

AT&T Application Status? - 1 Reply

The other posts reguarding this question are very old. With the new website, where can I access my "Application Status" once logged in? I have looked...


Is aanybody training in Atlanta or Charlotte April 12?

Just wanted to know whether anybody was scheduled to have training in Atlanta or Charlotte upcoming April 12?

Watty in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 27 months ago

AT&T Interview and Hiring Process - 2 Replies

So I recently applied for AT&T and got a phone interview within 2-3 weeks of applying. After that I was scheduled for an interview with the Regional...

Audiocracy in Quincy, Massachusetts

Not sure what to do. Please help

So the first RSC job I applied for was in Jan 30th. I passed the tests and got a phone call from the HR the day after with a f2f interview with the...

Former System Tech - AT&T in Modesto, California

Pole Climbing - District 9 Prem Tech

Was just offered a position as a prem tech. Will start in a week. I read in the pending contract that. "Premises Technicians-From date of...

John in Berkeley, California

Updated 28 months ago

Prem Tech weigh in? - 1 Reply

Hi guys, I applied for a prem tech position and got an email to schedule to take the test for it. I noticed in the job description that there's a...

Phil Anselmo in Hemet, California

Updated 28 months ago

Employment history, HireRight Question - 1 Reply

Hey, I'm going through the hiring process right now, passed the test, got call for the one on one interview. After reading the posts here I wanted to...

Rosy in Dallas, Texas

Updated 28 months ago

ATT wireless hiring timeline - 38 Replies

Hey! I submitted my application back in August for a Retail Sales Consultant position and on Aug 26th it was moved to being reviewed by HR. I was...

comebackkidd lewis in detroit, Michigan

Updated 28 months ago

Letter of Rejection - 1 Reply

Although I am a former employee of AT&T after going through the hiring process up to meeting with the interviewing manager, I received a letter of...

rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Updated 28 months ago

AT&T Training in March - 4 Replies

Hello! I am a new hire and was wondering about training and accommodations for training in King of Prussia March 4th. I live 6 hours away, and was...

scorchedhero in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Website Job Search

I was notified of a open position for at&t, but yet when I go to the search page through there website, the search doesn't work. Also I notice that...

WVU in West Virginia

Updated 28 months ago

Training on 04/04 - 17 Replies

Hi guys, I've read a lot about training and I'm pretty excited, but would also like to know more about it. I'm going to be training in Knoxville,...

WVU in West Virginia

Updated 28 months ago

Anyone going to training March 3 in St. Louis? - 1 Reply

I'm beyond excited to have finally gotten an offer. Going through the HireRight process right now. Who else is going to the training on March the...

WVU in West Virginia

Updated 28 months ago

Training in Buffalo on Feb. 4th - 5 Replies

I start training February 4th in Buffalo Ny. Anyone else going? I was told ATT pays for travel but do I have to pay to get there initially and they...

WVU in West Virginia

Updated 28 months ago

When are you eligible for a hotel while training? - 4 Replies

I start training 5/14 in manhattan, I live in Elizabeth nj. Could I be eligible for a hotel? Anyone else training with me?? :)

WVU in West Virginia

Updated 28 months ago

Training in Orlando - 4 Replies

FT RSC training on March 3 anyone?

Line Tech in Manteca, California

Prem Tech - Stockton (or Bay Area)

Hi, Was anyone offered the Prem Tech positions in Stockton,CA or the SF Bay Area? Did you get an official hire notice or still waiting?

Loading..... in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Anyone training in Lafayette on Feb. 18th

Wondering if there was anyone who will be training in Lafayette or has trained there?

Jason in Amarillo, Texas

Att retail sales Training/Pay

I just finished all the Hireright stuff and my drug test for a full time sales consultant position. I am just wondering how realistic quotas are as a...

Vee in El Cerrito, California

Updated 29 months ago

AT&T and hiring process for applicants who've recieved speeding ticket --living in California - 2 Replies

AT&T and Speeding tickets - do we need to disclose on application if living and applying for job in California. Was unclear on application if...

misstarabeau in lincoln, Nebraska

anyone gona be training in Chicago feb 11th?

I start there then. Just wanted to hopefully meet new folks before hand

Bella in Downey, California

at&t training in WA

anyone going to bothell WA? feb 7

enestosanchez in Dallas, Texas

Updated 29 months ago


who has training in dallas tx starting january 21?

arthyrossy in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Updated 29 months ago

6 months to reapply? - 15 Replies

Hello! =) I applied for a Customer Care position in an AT&T Call Center. I was called in for an appointment to take the Simulation. I passed, and...

Jade in Irving, Texas

Updated 29 months ago

AT&T learning center - 2 Replies

can someone give me some. info on the apartments and how the experincee was??

Hbk in Schenectady, New York

Training in Buffalo on Feb. 4th

I start training February 4th in Buffalo Ny. Anyone else going? I was told ATT pays for travel but do I have to pay to get there initially and they...

volleyballgirl6 in Phoenix, Arizona

training in irving texas on january 21st?

yes yes. I do (: just seeing who starts training on the 21st my flight goes out of PHX on the 20th(: this is for a part time position!

charchar6 in Sedona, Arizona

Updated 29 months ago

boca raton - 51 Replies

anyone have or had training in boca raton? Mi ne starts may 9

Adam in Sanford, North Carolina

Updated 30 months ago

Starting Salary for Sales Consultant position? - 5 Replies

Just wondering what the starting salary could be for the sales consultant position. A little background on me that might help.. I have a degree in...

Jade in Irving, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

AT&T Training January 7th in Dallas, TX - 6 Replies


Jade in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 30 months ago

Anyone going to the Dallas,Texas on the 26th - 12 Replies

Hi everyone! I start training November 26th in Dallas,Texas. Was wondering if anyone else is going to be training there to?

T Dogz in Lawrenceville, Georgia

AT&T Hiring for Engineering

I applied to a bunch of the Entry-Level RF Engineer positions at AT&T. Two had employee referrals included. That being said, all of them have "Resume...

awwwsnap in Indianapolis, Indiana

Dsl traning in Indianapolis starting jan 14

has anyone heard back yet? last I heard, she was on vacation and i should have heard back from her on 12/17. I got that email almost 2 weeks ago and...

SGB29 in Conyers, Georgia

Part time RSC Training in Georgia

Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if anyone will be attending the part time RSC training in Georgia starting Jan. 11th?

LadyK in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

How long after Interview

I had an interview today for the Customer Support position. I think my interview went pretty good. How long did it take for you to hear something...

JadeDemona in STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan

Updated 31 months ago

Atlanta Training March 12-30 - 26 Replies

I have gotten a lot of good info after reading others posts. A bit disappointed to learn we have to wait til the week before and even up to 48 hours...

LadyK in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 31 months ago

How long is it until you're told if you passed the testing for a Customer Service Call Center position? - 1 Reply

Today I went and did the customer service testing at my local AT&T call office (Ocala). I've heard if you flunk you get an email and if you passed...

LadyK in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

AT&T Call Center Hiring Process OKC, OK

I had the teleconfrence on Nov. 27th Scheduled to take the assesment test Dec 4th. Passed the test and got a phone call on Dec 6th. I missed the call...

Brose in Pembroke Pines, Florida

Updated 31 months ago

Part-time training - 5 Replies

Anyone scheduled for the part-time training in October in San Antonio? I got switched from the full-time training to part-time because of school.

bre rem in New York, New York

Updated 31 months ago

My story and Background Check - 2 Replies

So I have been stressed out because I really really want to work for AT&T. I had been applying on/off for the last two years and finally got a...

Jade in Sterling Heights, Michigan

Updated 31 months ago

Training in Indianapolis? - 4 Replies

Anyone starting training on December 10th in Indianapolis? I'm curious as to what they will do for the holiday. Will we get Christmas eve and...

SherrieP1973 in Louisville, Kentucky

Full-Time Training in Louisville Ky Dec 2 anyone else going?

I am set for this training as an SSR and was just wondering if anyone else is also!?!

Deanna in Rochester, Indiana

Updated 31 months ago

I Just Graduated New Hire Training!!!! Got Questions? - 3 Replies

I just graduated new hire questions, if you have any questions about what the process is like, from applying, to the interview, to HireRight, to...

Att wifey in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Updated 31 months ago

Prem-Tech - 1 Reply

Hello, it seems that most of this forum is about CSR and Sales so I wanted to reach out to anyone out there who has applied, is in the process of...

eelam in Schaumburg, Illinois

Updated 31 months ago

Hanover, MD. Training on 11/26/12 - 1 Reply

Anyone else attending this class? I was supposed to start today, but I got a call last week saying they moved me. Which is great because the class is...

BP in Huntington, West Virginia

Updated 32 months ago

AT&T Sales Support Representative - 4 Replies

Hello all. I applied for this position on the 21st and the same day I got a call for a phone interview later today. I've done my research and got...

marcmoral16 in New York, New York

Updated 32 months ago

AT&T Poor Ethics - 5 Replies

AT&T "ethics" will not make an acception around their training practices. Even in the case of a funeral when a parent dies. If you miss a day of...

Junior in Naugatuck, Connecticut

Updated 32 months ago

Anyone going to King of Prussia, PA on November 11/12th? - 1 Reply

Just got confirmation that's the day I'll start training. Looking for some other people to possibly hang out with after training. I figure it would...

Loveion in Orange Park, Florida

Does anybody know the documents that we have to bring for the first day of training ??

So, I was offered a position as an Customer Assistant at a call center in Orange Park. I received an email telling me to finish the " New hire and On...

MilamShane in Houston, Texas

Updated 32 months ago

SSR Training in San Antonio November 9th - 1 Reply

I recently went through the entire hiring process and a few days ago I got the call that I have been officially hired with AT&T. I had to confirm I...

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