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Updated 2 months ago

Things you should know about a sales position with AT&T wireless - 83 Replies

And on top of all of this, over the last few weeks because of the black mold issues and other hazardous working conditions I have been sick for over...

Retired Michael

Updated 2 months ago

What a mess! Forced to re-start training. - 19 Replies

This bdubs needs his own comedy show. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.


Updated 3 months ago

In class room training Cerritos, CA 03/17/2014 - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="$hotcaller in Compton, California"]Is anyone starting RSC training in Cerritos starting on Monday, March 17th?[/QUOTE] What store did...


Updated 3 months ago

My experience with AT&T - 118 Replies

[QUOTE who="GWayne in Lake Oswego, Oregon"]I posted this in another forum without success. Why does AT&T Wireless not hire experienced sales...


HireRight drug testing issue, please help!

So I received a contingent offer on thursday evening, completed the necessary paperwork that night, and received my drug testing info midday the next...

Customer assistant

Applicants for customer assistant position in orange park fl

What's your current status ?? I applied April 13, 2014 My current status is testing updated....

tech geek


I just completed my background check with hire right. Everything has cleared and the staffing manager called with the start date and training date....


Retail Leadership Development Program

Anyone here ever been through AT&T Retail Leadership Development Program? Seems like a very good program. 6 months paid housing. and good paycheck.


Updated 3 months ago

pending charges in another state - 6 Replies

Negative they rescinded the offer


Updated 3 months ago

Offered Project Manager Position but have a DUI from last year - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Supermade in Los Angeles, California"]I had a petty theft charge from almost 7 years ago and was still given the job at AT&T. I think...


Conditional ATT offer, it's been almost 48 hours and nothing from HireRight.

Hi guys, I got offered a position with AT&T for Telesales. The staffing manager e-mailed me this offer yesterday morning, and it said that I...


Updated 3 months ago

What is the standard waiting period to be eligible to interview again? - 6 Replies

Makes sense. Thing I thought was odd was when I applied back in October I had taken the personality questionnaire and when I applied after that I...


Updated 3 months ago

Could anybody tell me about the telecommunications specialist position at AT&T? - 1 Reply

I would be weary. The job title you have given is not in the employment portal.


Updated 3 months ago

An SSR's Hiring and Training Experience (With Updates!!) - 57 Replies

So I'm waiting on the job offer approval to go through management but I was asked by the manager to work as an SSR, full time & I'm getting...


Updated 3 months ago

Account Manager? - 5 Replies

Cassandra, I am interested. Have you received an interview for Account Manager 1?


Updated 3 months ago

Leveraged sales consultant. - 1 Reply

Hi, Jay, we are in the same boat. I interviewed downtown on Thursday for the May classes. Good luck!


Updated 4 months ago

Traveling - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jesus in Missouri City, Texas"]If I were to fly to another state, would I need a passport? Or just a valid ID?[/QUOTE] Are you serious?


Updated 4 months ago

Job Positions - 3 Replies

that's where i just applied, I want to know more about it however everyone seems to be going for the retail positions or the call center positions....


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Test Exemption - 1 Reply

Did you ever hear anything back. I got the same message on my application status. Did you still have to take the test


Updated 4 months ago

Hiring process? help. - 3 Replies

Yes the process moves pretty quickly if they want to hire you. If you haven't heard anything back by now, I would consider applying for other...


Updated 4 months ago

What to wear to RSC interview? - 1 Reply

Dress to impress. If you show up in Sperry's and a wrinkled shirt, don't even bother showing up!


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Contractor Hiring Practices - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="Laura in La Habra, California"]I left on an early retirement package beginning of 2010 after close to 29 years of service. A friend of...


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Interview Questions. - 264 Replies

Walk away from att

Also a Hopeful Hire

Updated 4 months ago

Training Location? - 1 Reply

Hi, I saw you posted this almost a month ago. My start date is at the end of the month and I am still waiting on details about training as well. It...


Hiring status now says completed ???

Hi on February 20 I applied for the a wire techinican job. Then a little while later the same day I got a email asking for my social security number...


Updated 4 months ago

Being hired as an RSC - 6 Replies

Yes, about 1 year in restaurant management and 2 years general retail.


Updated 4 months ago

Close to, but under the 50 mile limit to the training facility - 12 Replies

What's the etiquette on note taking? Should I bring a laptop, or does a notebook suffice? Any one who has already trained - Is there anything you...



Would you say AT&T is a secure job/career?


background check

When hireight calls to verify employment do they talk directly to your managers just to verify wages and dates ?... or do they ask how you were as a...



I have now had two interviews, both went well. I applied for one location, but interviewed with a manager in another. Nothing too weird with that....


AT&T RSC hiring process

I applied for an RSC position with my local AT&T store, and have gone through the testing, 1 phone interviewer with the hiring manager, and a 1-on-1...


Updated 5 months ago

Upcoming first interview. - 5 Replies

With all of your help, I had my first interview and did well. Now, I have an interview with the store manager today! Is this a good sign you think??


Updated 5 months ago

Training in Ridgeland, MS on January 14th - 7 Replies

i will be in side one of the Tupelo,MS stores


att training lafayette

is there anybody here attending the training in Lafayette Louisiana in march 2014.


Updated 5 months ago

At&t hiring process - 1 Reply

AT&T hiring process is extremely long, you must have patience. But there is nothing wrong with calling the manager just to show him that you are...


Updated 5 months ago

Is there a copy of the TERM Splicing Technician job offer anywhere? - 1 Reply

Nope you signed an agreement "Employment status can change at anytime due to business needs" it is in the union agreement it is on your offer letter....


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T RSC commission - 13 Replies

During training focus your time on developing ways to offer rate plans and offering next at the same time this way you can have an edge when you have...


Updated 5 months ago

How much are the raises. - 2 Replies

This forum is to discuss career advice and tips please refrain from disclosing wage policy as this question should be directed to your immediate...


Updated 5 months ago

raises? - 3 Replies

Thanks Jerry.


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T Background HELP! - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="rykay in Chicago, Illinois"]Hey guys! So I just finished my application process with AT&T. Everything with HireRight has been...


Updated 5 months ago

Commission and Quotas - 2 Replies

Assistant manager here recently promoted RSC. Set your goals clear early and you will have no problem it all depends on a lot of things depending on...


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T Retail Sales Consultant Training in Las Vegas - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mir in Prairie Home, Missouri"]No I won't that's where I have to go my training. I should find out on the 11th if the 15th is my actual...


Updated 5 months ago

Training in Cerritos, CA - 10 Replies

[QUOTE who="lovepink0109 in Huntington Beach, California"]I had my first interview already on Friday. I have a second interview tomorrow. But...


Training Info - Framingham MA - March 2014

I received all my info for Training in Framingham, MA for March 2nd 2014 and looking for a little bit more info. They are going to be putting me...


Updated 5 months ago


[QUOTE who="MichaelJ in London, Kentucky"]I Started with the selection process for a services tech the week before thanksgiving 2013, its now going...


Updated 5 months ago

Great place to work - 115 Replies

I went in there asking for H.R.'S # and they gave me a # that keeps hanging up on me the security guard was told to give me the wrong # uuufff i...


Updated 5 months ago

AT&T training in Alabama - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dshears in Anniston, Alabama"]I'm going to be there the 14th![/QUOTE] They told me Feb 14th but I'm still waiting on the background to...


Updated 6 months ago

AT&T hiring process? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="tgw in Richmond, Kentucky"]I had a similar experience. I've applied for a few different stores. I finally had an interview two weeks ago....

rolex Yacht-Master II

Updated 6 months ago

Trainning In New York April 26th - 6 Replies

<strong><a href="">rolex datejust</a></strong> <br> <strong><a href="">rolex submariner...


Updated 6 months ago

Do you get to pick your phone? - 3 Replies

I got the HTC One.

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