AT&T Drug test

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WannBeHired in Los Angeles, California

32 months ago

I was told that when you take the drug test they will be watching you pee. is this true? isn't that invading privacy?

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inlimbo in Redmond, Oregon

32 months ago

They won't watch you pee. But they will put stuff in the toilet to determine if you really "went" as a cup only holds so much. Most urine cups also detect the temperature of the urine. So you won't be able to sneak in someone else's urine. The urine cups now used are almost as sensitive to substances as a lab quality test. Good luck.

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fleet in Elgin, Illinois

32 months ago

what it is's a controlled environment- the water is turned off in the sink, the water in the toilet is dyed blue...this is to keep anyone, you, from diluting the pee. All that's needed is to put a small bottle...enough for the test, (container of some sort) some place warm/hidden. (if u r a woman put it under your breasts/or just lay it between ...u know, but do it before u go - make sure it is body temp) do not put it in a pocket as they will ask you to empty them and no taking a purse in. So conceal it someplace then when inside pour the pre body temp warmed pee into cup, hide bottle back where you had it and you are good to go.
I'd say good luck....but if you know how to follow directions/instructions luck will not matter brains will. You will pass/they will not look you can lock the door...the temperature is very important, this is why you put it against your body, so it will be at the correct temp. This is the most important thing.

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viciscool89 in Mount Carmel, Illinois

4 months ago

Do you know if they need one or two urine samples? I've read that it could be a situation of a "positive test being proved by a second test" I just worry about not peeing enough as I rarely pee very much

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