Getting Hired at AT&T - My Story

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33 months ago

Also, HR I think, emailed me asking if I would be able to provide a copy of my college transcript proving my degree, and I emailed back saying yes. Thing is, I graduated 3 years ago but never finished paying off my last semester. I need this job so I can pay it! It's just $800 which the commission check will cover. So. I'm not sure if that will hinder me from getting the transcript. Does HireRight gather that or do I submit it myself? So to check, I call the university and check to verify I have a degree. She looks it up and says yes. Bachelor's degree. So I asked how to get a transcript and she says it's free just come up here. Thennn I said you sure? I haven't paid off my last semester and she said well then no, no transcript unless you owe less than $200. So....Is this going to work? Maybe so will go up there and not mention it. Maybe it won't count as me owing them since it was sent off to a collection agency. Does that mean the agency paid the school? And bought my debt? Thank you SO much for your help. I'm a good person, this is all I've done....

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candy hernandez in West Covina, California

33 months ago

So i had a quick question, at&t actually scheduled me in to do an interview and on my resume i had three employers that had gone out of business. Would HireRight need to have me look into those already shut down companies (maybe contact the corporate office) to prove my previous employment with them, or do they only ask to prove only one of the employers (which i already have some listed that are still up and running to this day)?

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31 months ago

I want to work for AT&T so bad as a sales agent or retail sales consultant, I've applied 6 times but ever time, I get not considering you at this time, there our more qualified people. Which I don't understand I know I'm very qualified, I use to work for a private Att store as a private indpent contractor, I have over 10 years customers service experience and money handling, and am great with computers. Can someone please tell me what else I need. My dream job is to work for AT&T. Plus I know that I can do a lot better job then some of the agents at stores I applied at. Please Help

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GMC9451AA in Danbury, Connecticut

30 months ago

I'm so frustrated with this hiring process...
I applied for Assistant Manager at AT&T, went to few interviews in different stores but that's it. I have a lot of management skills and experience however no AT&T experience, but I don't know what's happening... why they're not calling me for at least a 2nd interview.
When I ask them what they want from the person they are looking for is EXACTLY what I now how to do and really enjoy it.
I follow suit and tie on the interviews I went and positioned myself well (I think).
I've been applying since October 2013, but no good responses. Last month I went to an interview that I really thought the guy was going to hire me at the spot, but I don't know what happened.
I also don't have any college education.
Anyone has any idea what am I missing?

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J209 in Weirton, West Virginia

29 months ago

So far I went to an interview at corporate. After my interview he said he was going to set up an in store interview and will get a hold of me in a few days. He called about an hour after I left and scheduled an interview the next day with the store manager and area manager. I interviewed with them today for about an hour and fifteen minutes and I asked what the next step was. It was stated that they will send my paperwork back to corporate and I will be contacted from the first individual that scheduled my interview and they don't know how long it will take. I hope that is a good sign. I have been trying to get with AT&T for some time now. This is the furthest I have made it. If they are sending the paperwork back and I should here something is that a good sign of progress or is that for everyone regardless of being hired or not?

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J209 in Weirton, West Virginia

29 months ago

also to put some dates in there for those that are looking for a time frame to get this far, I applied for the position on Dec. 19 of 2013 and had my second interview today and my first interview yesterday. I was contacted to schedule my first interview about a week before it took place.

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Mriam in Roseville, California

28 months ago

Alex in Sanford, Florida said: 2 weeks after my in-store interview, after almost giving up on hearing back from AT&T, I got a call from the HR recruiter. She extended me a formal offer, contingent on background & drug test. I was offered $11.42/hr ( Full Time ), with an "Annual targeted at-risk variable compensation " between $14,400 and $15,600 (that's estimated commission). Being a full time job, it also included full benefits. This included med/ dental /etc. Since it was a union represented job, it also included guaranteed raises every 6 months, and a few other things like that. I received an email detailing the offer aswell, and there was an online portal I went to where I actually signed the offer letter.


AT&T uses a company called HireRight to process background checks & drug tests. I have heard a lot of bad things about them, but I knew my record had nothing to hide. After a few days, they said they needed tax records to prove employment dates at one of my previous employers. These records had to be W2's, 1099's, or pay stubs, NOTHING else. I had records of everything except for the end date, since 2011 W2's hadnt been issued yet, and I no longer had access to pay stubs. But after running around like crazy, I was able to find a pay stub from 2011, all good.
I took the drug test at a local facility, which was really convenient. After 4 days, my HireRight online account showed the report was complete.

TIP: Contact HireRight via live chat, or phone support once your background report says complete, and ask for a copy of the report. They will email it to you, and you'll be able to see the full report that AT&T see's, so you can dispute things if anything is incorrect.

Do you list the contact of your previous employers numbers or do they search up the company and call them?

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DevonteT in Houston, Texas

27 months ago

I applied back in February and didn't hear anything until March about a blitz.... I went to the blits and interviewed with a nice lady who absolutely loved me... she worked for another store far from where i had applied.. i left the blitz and on my way home she gave me a call wanting to interview at her store... i go to the store do the interview the sane day and bam they offer me the position,, Ill be making 11.60 an hour plus commission.. The only downside is that i won't start until April 16th and the good thing is my training is in Austin, TX so it should be fun.

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Geze in South El Monte, California

24 months ago

If I live in los angles county where would they send me to train? Would it be just another store in the area or would it be another city?

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ChloeArabella in Angleton, Texas

23 months ago

Mriam in Roseville, California said: Do you list the contact of your previous employers numbers or do they search up the company and call them?

My hiring process was very similar to this. It took them a few weeks to contact me via email(which I almost didn't notice) that I had an interview with a hiring manager. He told me then and there that he wanted me to interview with the store manager so I was elated. It took them two wreks to call me back, the gentlemen I interviewed with the first time asked me to come in the next day to interview with the store manager. After meeting with the store manager I was so nervous but I truly felt like I did well. I hadn't heard anything for two weeks so naturally I was getting pretty bummed out. I finally got a call from HR offering me the position. I did the exact same thing a lot of you did, I read all kinds of HORRID reviews and I was SO worried. I can assure you so long as you truly worked where you stated you did, you're fine. It takes about five business days.

My training began three weeks after my offer which is VERY typical.
Training isn't the same for everyone.
A week before your training begins you'll recieve an email and two days before hand you'll receive a phone call.
Good luck to everyone!

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Nesha in Fresh Meadows, New York

22 months ago

Hi alex
How did you pass the assessment test? it stated i passed the first and second but failed the third what is the trick?

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gwilc in Skokie, Illinois

22 months ago

I have question about the first 31 question "sales assessment". As a retail veteran of over twenty-five years, I have see more salespeople come and go than can fit on an Excel spreadsheet.

Two of the three applications for AT&T positions I have been cut off at this first assessment. What is the assessment about ? Are they looking for people with no background in sales so that they can mold them in the "AT&T" way of sales? If so they should talk to the fine folks of Fretter, Silo, Circuit City, J&R, Comp USA, Sears and others like them. It is a "disease" called RWI (Reinventing the Wheel and other Infrastructure.

Or is it something legitimate that I am missing ?

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greg21 in New York

2 months ago

Question I passed my phone interview so now I have a f2f interview what should i except?

ballislife in Painesville, Ohio said: 7/25 I submitted my app
7/25 took the questionnaire
7/25 took the career mapping assessment
8/5 follow up intrest email
8/5 Phone interview
8/8 interview with store manager
8/9 interview with area manager
8/13 tax survey
8/19 offer letter and call
8/19 hire right submitted
8/20 drug test done
8/20 hire right request w-2
8/23 hire right request w-2 for another job
8/26 welcome call
9/16 training in Brecksville Ohio!

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Nahii in San Diego, California

1 month ago

HelpingOthers HelpThemselves in San Jose, California said: Oh, and if you can, help others by spreading the word, look up your local laws for your state on the reporting timeframe for certain convictions.

Also most agencies like HireRight, get their information from state agency, and usually the locally State Police is the one who keeps the criminal record on file that is accessible by companies like HireRight. Most criminal convictions are held by the State police and all local police agencies feed into the system. Most State Police will allow you to order your criminal history if you have one directly from them. Most State Police also update there database with the FBI, so if you get something Vacated/Sealed it is forwarded onto the FBI also, but as with trying to go to the Post Office, the process can take a long time.

So I just got a call yesterday for a second interview and though nothing is confirmed, I'm hoping that I do get the job. My concern is more about jobs that I didn't include in my resume even though they are in the 5-7 year range. One job I forgot to mention though I was only there for a month. There are also two others where I was on payroll but worked one day or didn't work at all due to other factors not allowing me to take the jobs. Do I have to mention these or not? I know they only check what you mention, right? Or maybe I'm not completely understanding what they check :/. Anyway, one of my biggest concerns is that about 5 years ago I had internet service with AT&T and I never paid the final bill. It went on to a collections agency and the last it was reported was on 2014. Does HireRight perform credit checks? Is this included in the background or is it only criminal, driving, and employment? If someone can help me out with these concerns I would really appreciate it!

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