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JPGR63 in Dallas, Texas

56 months ago

I ran in to a huge problem, I have a deferred adjudicated misdemeanor. I listed on my initial application and believe I did on my hireright too and underlined no conviction. I might didnt though cause hireright specifies only offenses were you've been convicted should be listed so I cant be sure if I listed but I'm 100% sure I put it on my initial application and mentioned it during the initial offer.

Everyone at AT&T I've dealt with is great, the staffing manager went on vacation and the background wasnt complete before so the staffing manager is very nice and I understand her concern but she advised shes not sure and will forward it to the adjudication team. I definitely appreciate her cause she saif she's going to recommend employment but because the charge was recent (2012) shes not sure what will happen.

Hire Right didnt report it as deferred adjudication complete but deferred probation complete and based on the definition they have thats pretty much the same thing. There's definitely an issue with HireRights business practices because I have nbo issues disclosing but they specify on charges were you were convicted be listed yet I had to answer why I didnt disclose it which makes me seem unethical I think. I'm nervous, I found out my fiance was pregnant in June and really need the position so if anyone has any insight on the adjudication process please let me know? The staffing manager wasnt sure why the charge would appear if it wasnt a conviction but said the adjudication team will know more about how to interpret the data hireright collected and I should know soon but again cause it was so recent she wasnt sure.

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