Same Old Training Q's

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EMDEE in Saint Charles, Missouri

65 months ago

Hey everyone. I'll start off by saying I'm sure these Q's could be answered by Onboarding when I receive the call or by my recruiter, however I'm too impatient to wait!! I've been digging through these forums and I've learned a lot and found tons of useful information. I'm sure my questions have already been asked and answered, but I haven't found enough info to be confident that I know the answers.

I was hired as a RSC and have cleared the HireRight background check (only took one week). I am waiting for training information, but I will definitely be traveling, and that's what I have questions about.

If I travel to St. Louis, 100 miles from my home, or Kansas City, some 210 miles away, I understand I will be paying for gas initially to travel up there and will be reimbursed something like 50 cents per mile later on. I am in between vehicles so to speak (electrical issues, not worth the fix, this is off topic...), so I will be relying on my generous family to take me to the hotel that AT&T arranges for me. Now, Question ONE, am I responsible for my transportation between the hotel and training facility?

Now, I may have to fly to Dallas. I understand again that I pay for the gas to the airport in St. Louis, that the flight and hotel is covered by AT&T... Obviously with me flying, there will be no car for me in Dallas. Question TWO: Will AT&T arrange for me to travel between the airport and the hotel? Question THREE: Will I be responsible for my own transportation between the hotel and training facility in Dallas, should that be where I go?

Thanks, guys. I'm excited to get started!

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