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Looking Forward to Talking with You

What's Next? Congratulations! You have successfully completed the required testing for this position. Our records show that we have scheduled time...


Updated 11 hours ago

Hiring Process At AT&T - 4048 Replies

What's Next after This message: At&t Congratulations! You have successfully completed the required testing for this position. Our records show...

Army vet

Updated 13 hours ago

Any Veterans easily got a job at AT&T? - 1 Reply

I'm in process now ill let u know. Ive passed test , phone interview , district mgr interview and just had store interview all withen last month. My...


Updated 1 day ago

Here to answer any Hiring process and/or training questions! - 49 Replies

[QUOTE who="LaLa in Cedar Park, Texas"]Some of these threads are a little older so i wanted to start a new thread for anyone who has any questions...

army vet

Updated 1 day ago

Understanding the AT&T Submission Status updates - 57 Replies

Hello , I have a few questions. I passed test , phone interview and district mgr interview. I just had my store interview a few weeks ago and my...


Updated 2 days ago

Fired from ATT and looking for a new job. Am I rehireable ? - 7 Replies

My wife was wondering the same thing once she got fired from verizon, one of her friends referred her to this company and they let her work from home...


Updated 3 days ago

An SSR's Hiring and Training Experience (With Updates!!) - 65 Replies

its urine drug test


Updated 11 days ago

rehire eligibility - 26 Replies

I was fired/quit over something that was an accident and I just didn't show up to my day at court because I Was in the process of moving state...


Updated 13 days ago

Human Resources Contact Info - 33 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jesus in Fort Mill, South Carolina"]Look at&t suck up you don't know me and you don't know how I speak my English I am very professional...


Updated 16 days ago

AT&T Training Process - 1189 Replies

[QUOTE who="Author in Blountsville, Alabama"]how long do you have to be with the company to be able to get discounts, such as cell phone discounts....

Finaly work

Updated 17 days ago

"You have met the minimum requirements" AT&T job application status - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Lena in Modesto, California"]Do you work there now! How long did it take?? And how long is training[/QUOTE] you can read my post in...

Finaly work

Updated 17 days ago

My hiring endeavors - 8 Replies

So I have completed the first two training classes, and whoa are they overwhelming. First day we focused on setting up our accounts and just getting...

Bria Suggs

Updated 20 days ago

ATT Call Center Hiring Process! - 52 Replies

Quick question I applied for at&t call center here in Memphis, tn. I never received a rejection letter or anything of sort. What are my chances of...


Updated 28 days ago

Will AT&T hire me w/ a misdemeandor on my record? - 88 Replies

I was given a verbal offer on June 22 and on the 24th I received the written electronic offer. I took my drug screen and waiting to hear from them...


what's next

Hi I recently applied for rsc on 6/20. I was called the same day and my info was forwarded to a store manager. Set up interview with store on 6/22...

No name

Updated 1 month ago

AT&T Background/Drug Test - 4 Replies

Do they send you to a lab or is the test on the spot?


Updated 1 month ago

Hiring Process in San Jose Prem Tech job - 68 Replies

[QUOTE who="John in Bakersfield, California"]Hey, I passed the tests online and what not, then was sent an email to schedule an interview for...


Updated 1 month ago

Premise Tech job status help - 18 Replies

Does anyone know if the freeze have been lifted for people who applied in Charlotte?


Updated 1 month ago

Still Waiting, Is This Normal? - 1 Reply

Check the thread about 3 below this one called "Premise Tech job status update help". Btw I just received a offer last Friday for ATT in Morrisville....


Updated 1 month ago

ATT authorized retailer position? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="ATTuser in Frederick, Maryland"]I have an interview with Mid Atlantic Protel. The position however is AT&T Retail Wireless Sales...


Still Waiting, Is This Normal?

I need some help. I applied for an Installation Tech job like May 1st. May 4th i went to the realistic job preview and had a little interview...


Updated 1 month ago

AT&T Hiring Process for RAN specialist - 3 Replies

My job status is inactive and submission status is awaiting hr review. Has been for almost 5 months. I'll let you all know if it changes. Have either...


Interview attire for RSC

Thinking of a going in a full suit. Too much?


Updated 2 months ago

Training June 6th SSR- Irving TX - 4 Replies

Same thing


Updated 2 months ago

Things you should know about a sales position with AT&T wireless - 92 Replies

I just want to say that I agree with everything that has been said about AT&T in this initial post. I came from another carrier to AT&T because I...


Updated 2 months ago

Getting Hired at AT&T - My Story - 63 Replies

[QUOTE who="HelpingOthers HelpThemselves in San Jose, California"]Oh, and if you can, help others by spreading the word, look up your local laws for...


Updated 2 months ago

HireRight work history check? - 256 Replies

How long did it take for you to receive your email for your background check? They told me 2 days it's going on the second day now


Updated 2 months ago

AT&T New Hire RSC Training - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jmgibson860"]Hello guys, I've been a Retail Sales Consultant with AT&T since November 23, 2015. I'm currently in a level one COR store in...

Hidi Henedrson

Updated 2 months ago

ANSWERING ANY & ALL QUESTIONS ( I've been a RSC for a year now ) - 96 Replies

I work for AT&T in Chicago Heights ,Il for the past 15+ years and really need to move for family reasons to another state which is another union. How...


Updated 2 months ago

Hiring process early stages - 16 Replies

I still find it odd, and prob a bad sign, that I have not been emailed to even take the assessment test yet.


Updated 2 months ago

My experience with AT&T - 123 Replies

[QUOTE who="Dreamrod in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma"]You've got this! The fact that your here researching the job means you care/smart enough for it....


Updated 2 months ago

Hiring Process for AT&T Network Technical Specialist - 6 Replies

[QUOTE who="Theodore in Spring, Texas"]I received my first e-mail approximately 2 months ago for my intial testing which I have complete about 3...


Training locations?

Okay, so I have a interview coming up with AT&T as a retail consultant and I've been looking into the whole training process (very optimistic, I know...


Updated 2 months ago

Hiring Process for Customer Support Specialist - 1 Reply

-Continue- May 4th - Received an email asking for my social security and tax break information. If you get this email, you pretty much got the...



I'm so stressed over here you guys. My recruiter told me I was picked for the job but they had to create the position for me and it had to be in the...


Training & Traveling Questions

I got hired at AT&T recently, background checks went through, process smooth, long one though. I'm a little concerned though because I applied to...


Nervous about the job [AT&T RSC]

Alright so I applied for the job and got a call back from the recruiter, set up an interview with a Hiring Manager and aced it. We vibed from the...


Updated 3 months ago

From Hiring, Getting Hired, Training and Insiders Diary.. - 47 Replies



Updated 3 months ago

Wire Techs About to Start Training (READ) - 24 Replies

[QUOTE who="dbrown in Norcross, Georgia"]@JDubb300 I know this forum is over a year old but if you can still help me that would be great. I am about...


Updated 3 months ago

Retail sales consultant hiring process - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="greg21 in New York"]i passed my phone interview now i have a face to face interview at a local corp building i know its hard to get in at...


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Drug test - 3 Replies

Do you know if they need one or two urine samples? I've read that it could be a situation of a "positive test being proved by a second test" I just...


Updated 4 months ago

Great place to work - 116 Replies

[QUOTE who="jr in Austin, Texas"]It's a great opportunity if you can stand CONSTANT scrutiny and monitoring and criticism. If not, then don't...

MaryAnn Ellis

Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Contractor Hiring Practices - 47 Replies

They are trying to determine your age. It's that simple. they don't need your year to determine how old you are.


Updated 4 months ago

Issues with BG check via Hireright?? - 67 Replies

I am in the exact same situation. What was the outcome regarding the county court records? There is some serious miscommunication, costing me two...


Updated 4 months ago

AT&T Hire Right Background Check - 111 Replies

I am having a similar situation. A very small county that I lived in in the past is causing a serious delay. How did things pan out for you?

Lisa in New City, New York

Updated 5 months ago


Here's a little bit of information for those of you wondering. I just completed my first week of training and here's what I can tell you. Expect...

Shadeya Huff in Westland, Michigan

Updated 5 months ago

AT&T Call Center Audition on 12/7 - 28 Replies

I have a Call Center Audition coming up this weekend. I was wondering if anyone has taken it and might could clue me in on what to expect. Any help...

Adam at arkansas in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

The Hiring Process for AT&T Customer Assistant - Natl Internet Svcs Position - 24 Replies

Step 1: August 26, 2011 - I applied online @ Step 2: August 26, 2011 - I received an email from AT&T Staffing requesting...

Adam at arkansas in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

How long does it take to be hired by AT&T for a retail position? - 1 Reply

I applied for a position with AT&T in January. They emailed me to fill out additional hiring forms the next day. I filled everything out then just...

Adam at arkansas in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 5 months ago

Pre-screen tests - 1 Reply

Hi, I have been looking through the discussion about these tests AT&T does and have not found an answer to this question so I appologize if this has...

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