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Updated 11 months ago


Hope you have better luck than me. AT&T usually drags their feet. They strung me along for over six months - had me drive over an hour away twice...


Updated 12 months ago

If you want to be an're gonna have to take a seat... - 8 Replies

I realize that per union stipulations, all employees that will be displaced are to be considered first. I now know that this is countrywide. I still...


AT&T RLDP Program

I'm Currently interviewing for the RLDP for AT&T I had my phone, interview on the 4th, and my webcam interview on the 6th of June. My application...


Updated 12 months ago

AT&T Training Process uniform help - 2 Replies

Sounds about right depends on store our store is 3 and rep goals are 85 upgrades 50 new activations 12 wire connections 9 tablet adds 5 wireless home...


Updated 12 months ago

Starting training for Retail Sales Consultant December 12... - 29 Replies

[QUOTE who="rwatson0408 in Opa Locka, Florida"]Hey everyone, I start training in Ft. Lauderdale, FL on Monday Dec. 12. I just wanted to get some...


Updated 12 months ago

Employee discounts on service - 2 Replies

If you are converting to an employee line you get to keep it, however if you don't have it you won't be able to get it.


Updated 12 months ago

Keep seeing that there's no balance between home and work life - 13 Replies

it's a bad balance of work/home life because it's retail so you are expected to work retail hours. Always opening and off weekends is going to hurt...



I passed my background physical and drug test for premises tech a week ago how long before they call and make an offer?


Updated 12 months ago

part time training - 2 Replies

12 HoursA Week? Or 12 Hours In All? I Didnt Say Anything Yet Im Still Waiting On My Final Offer But I Just DidNt Know How Part Time Training works


Updated 12 months ago

Is anyone a customer assistant AT&T? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="AJ2Hott in Birmingham, Alabama"]I have looked through so many posts and it seems no one is a customer assistant and if there are posts...


Updated 12 months ago

AT&T Retail Sales Consultant F/T - 4 Replies

Did you get the job?



I ran in to a huge problem, I have a deferred adjudicated misdemeanor. I listed on my initial application and believe I did on my hireright too and...


Anyone going through the hiring process in North Carolina

I applied as an RSC and I've had my phone, hiring manager, and store manager interviews. Just waiting for the next step or update to submission...



Just wondering if anyone is in this session and if they have the details yet....I start Monday the 15 and don't have any info yet.


Updated 12 months ago

AT&T or USCellular RSC - 2 Replies

I used to work for USC for the past 4 years in stl..Maine is a good market for them but not sure about att in that area. I am now working for att but...


Updated 12 months ago

AT&T hiring question not answered yet - 23 Replies

Well I got a conditional offer the week before last and did the background check so I'm waiting for a call still. I'm pretty anxious these days. At&T...


Updated 12 months ago

Has anyone works or does anyone currently work as a part time RSC? - 4 Replies

PT=Pro-rated based on FT Hours. Vacation is pro-rated Commission is pro-rated Benefits cost a little bit more. Cannot bid on schedule but are...


Updated 12 months ago

How does the pay increase every 6 months and commision checks work? - 1 Reply

You will get paid. The raise is a general wage increase based on C.O.L in your area. As long as your position is covered in the Union Contract.

tryingintexas in Houston, Texas

Reviews online for RSC and CSR positions.

Has anyone else read some of the reviews on the glass door site for RSC and CSR positions? I found myself laughing out loud. I found it insightful...

ElleBean in New York

Updated 12 months ago

A few questions - 2 Replies

I was wondering if anyone knows the dress code specifics for AT&T, training and beyond. I am particularly curious about hair. I am African American,...

KA2 in Sydney, Australia

Updated 13 months ago

access denied when I try to follow the hiring process? Please help! - 3 Replies

I had my interviews last week, and have been receiving short calls about availability and questions since then. This morning I got an email to follow...


AT&T hiring RJP

Does anyone know what comes after the RJP for service tech jobs

VegasManny in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Jobs

Has anyone recently applied in Las Vegas for a RSC position?

hopeful in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

At&t hiring process (outside plant tech) - 7 Replies

I applied for a outside plant tech position, got the test invite for the basic electricity test, took it May 31,passed it. I haven't heard anything...

ReadyToWork12 in Texas

Updated 13 months ago

AT&T - 4 Replies

Hey, well i recently applied for a sales rep job with att. I toke the test and and passed, so I received my first interview. The first interview went...

Tim for ATT

Updated 13 months ago

Please give info about Atlanta training - full time SSR - hotels, travel, training, etc - 2 Replies

If you rec'd training in Atlanta, can you share with me (us) what your experience was: Which hotel? can you bring a small pet? How did you...

Kris in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Updated 13 months ago

Prem Tech - 65 Replies

So I saw that the position was open did the online app. A few days later I get an invite to take the test. I past the test and did some paper work,...

rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

Updated 13 months ago

So confused - 14 Replies

I'm in the middle of the hiring process for a business account manager position. After several interviews over phone and in person I talked to the...

Jarred_Sherman in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

how soon do you start working after training for rsc - 1 Reply

does anyone know?

Jarred_Sherman in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Benefits... - 1 Reply

I recently got hired and recieved both snail mail and an email about benefits. When I went to the website all they had for medical costed around...

bysid in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 14 months ago

SSR + Future Jobs - 3 Replies

I just got a called from my hiring manger that SSR jobs are being evaluated at the national level and that my job may not be there in the future. I...

Jrbury in Magalia, California

Updated 14 months ago

term position at ATT - 2 Replies

I am considering a splicing technician position at ATT. The position is a term position that will last from year to three years. It concerns me that...

Ddaragjati in Orlando, Florida

Updated 14 months ago

How I got hired and a few questions about training - 5 Replies

To give you a summary. I graduated from HS in June of this year and I'd been filling out applications upon the hundreds. I didn't have any prior work...

futureatt in Ann Arbor, Michigan

AT&T Call Center in Detroit, MI

Good Morning, All! I was recently invited to take 3 tests at AT&T as a prerequisite for employment consideration in their downtown Detroit call...


Updated 14 months ago

SSR Training In ATL May12 - 9 Replies

Hey Is there anyone training for three weeks for Sales Support Rep in Atlanta May 12-31?

bysid in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 14 months ago

What should I do next? - 2 Replies

I applied for a rsc position on March.26 I did my first phone interview on April 1 and was scheduled for a face to face interview for April 9 with a...

ReadyToWork12 in Texas

Updated 14 months ago

SSR Training in San Antonio, TX - 2 Replies

So, after 2 weeks of going through the process from interviews to hireright to getting my day, I'll be doing my training in San Antonio, TX to be an...

ReadyToWork12 in Texas

Updated 14 months ago

Scheduled for AT&T Pre-Employment Testing, But have not received email. - 4 Replies

I recently applied to an opening online for AT&T Full Time Sales Consultant and completed all of the additional requirements. As I do every day, I...

Hbk in Schenectady, New York

Updated 14 months ago

Training in Buffalo on Feb. 4th - 10 Replies

I start training February 4th in Buffalo Ny. Anyone else going? I was told ATT pays for travel but do I have to pay to get there initially and they...


SSR Training (San Diego)

Aloha! I reside in Hawaii and recently got hired as a SSR (Sales Support Representative). Training is going to be held in San Diego for three...

Positronic in Biloxi, Mississippi

Updated 15 months ago

Hiring process issues ADVICE NEEDED!!! - 5 Replies

My husband has passed the test, had the "realistic job interview", and just today got called for his physical and BG check. When he went to get his...

strwbsprkl in Bronx, New York

training on 4/29 bethpage ny

hello is anyone attending this training, is for ssr. Or has anyone stayed at this hotel before and knows how far is the training site from the hotel?...


Domestic violence misdemeanor probation

Hi, Just got an invitation to take the basic electricity test for an outside tech position...was wondering if AT&T still hires anyone that is...

Chi in Jacksonville, Florida

AT&T anyone training for SSR in FL-Pembroke Pines on 4/8/2013?

Hey is anyone ssr training in Pembroke Pines/Fl on 4/8/2013?

Chi in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Training for ATT Policy. - 1 Reply

I have a tattoo that is noticeable, I was curious to if anyone who has been through this training process knows for sure if i have to keep it covered...

Philip in Hemet, California

Updated 16 months ago

AT&T Application Status? - 1 Reply

The other posts reguarding this question are very old. With the new website, where can I access my "Application Status" once logged in? I have looked...


Is aanybody training in Atlanta or Charlotte April 12?

Just wanted to know whether anybody was scheduled to have training in Atlanta or Charlotte upcoming April 12?

Watty in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 16 months ago

AT&T Interview and Hiring Process - 2 Replies

So I recently applied for AT&T and got a phone interview within 2-3 weeks of applying. After that I was scheduled for an interview with the Regional...

Audiocracy in Quincy, Massachusetts

Not sure what to do. Please help

So the first RSC job I applied for was in Jan 30th. I passed the tests and got a phone call from the HR the day after with a f2f interview with the...

Former System Tech - AT&T in Modesto, California

Pole Climbing - District 9 Prem Tech

Was just offered a position as a prem tech. Will start in a week. I read in the pending contract that. "Premises Technicians-From date of...

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