AT&T or USCellular RSC

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Cata in Augusta, Maine

38 months ago

I am looking to get into retail sales at either AT&T wireless or USCellular. I am not sure which is best for just starting out. I do have retail sales expierence but which company would be better to start out at?

Here are a few things I have taken in from these forums (true or not I don't know):

AT&T cares about the bottom line where USCellular is more of a "team" type environment.
USCellular pays better commission but AT&T has better hourly pay and benefits.
People at AT&T seem to feel more secure about their jobs and people at USCellular feel they could be fired any day and be refused unemployment benefits (though USCellular has always seemed to lose that battle)

If you were to pick one where would you go?

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rackham12 in Central, Mississippi

38 months ago

Chances are you will not stick with the job that long for it to actually matter. Maine, I would suggest taking time to visit each store in your area and see which one feels more comfortable to you since you plan on doing this 6 months or so.. look for the employees see which are happiest.

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Maagz8615 in Saint Louis, Missouri

38 months ago

I used to work for USC for the past 4 years in stl..Maine is a good market for them but not sure about att in that area. I am now working for att but haven't started. I train starting this Monday. I can tell you this.. Had sprint not bought out USC in stl and Chicago I would still be working for them. Job security is going to be much better at USC bc is not as numbers focused. They are starting to but not as heavy as an att will. I can tell u the commission at att has potential to be better but the average person at USC will make about 1000 to 3000 a month as an average...maybe lower if u aren't very good.

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