Not sure what to do. Please help

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Audiocracy in Quincy, Massachusetts

26 months ago

So the first RSC job I applied for was in Jan 30th. I passed the tests and got a phone call from the HR the day after with a f2f interview with the Hiring manager which took place the Monday after that weekend. I felt extremely confident after the interview since he told me he would email me the interview date with the store manager the week after that.
I waited patiently said week...and the week after phone call nor email to be seen. Out of curiosity, I went back on the jobs webpage to check, only to find out that I was "not selected". Disappointed and slightly annoyed that they didn't even inform me that I didn't get the job, I applied for several more stores in my area hoping that could somehow get that second interview with a different store manager since I understood that the initial store that I applied for was one of their flagship store in the region.

Now, more than a month later, I have 8 applications with the "resume acknowledged" status, 5 with "Not considering you at this time," and one with "Resume Forwarded to Hiring Manager for Review," Which dated back from Feb 20th.

Although I don't have much experience in phone sales with the exception of a retail chain that I worked for 3 months before they filed for bankruptcy, I do have 5 years of customer service and telecommunication experience, 3 of which was from working for a college admission call center.

I don't know what to do since I would really love to work here and I know I can make the company a lot money if given the chance. Should I even have any hope left or just move on and find a different job altogether? Any input is much appreciated.

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