Immediate Need?

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Immediate Need? Hardly! in San Diego, California

121 months ago

Don't believe it! There is no IMMEDIATE need. As a matter of fact I'm not sure this job even exists. When I inquired about the job I was told that they were looking to fill a position that would be vacated in two years after the current employee retires. When another ad appeared with similar wording but a different contact name, I inquired again and was told it was the same ad I had already applied for but worded differently by a different contact. What kind of game are you people playing?

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hgparalegal in Walnut Creek, California

118 months ago

I totally agree with you. All of the ACT1 jobs don't seem to exist. They are just trying to bring in new clients!

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James in Hayward, California

111 months ago

I went to the Act 1 office here in San Francisco to apply for a job that I saw on line. I had already read the blogs about both Apple One as well as Act 1. The guy that interviewed me was so slick. Durring my interview I had told him what I was looking for as well as what I liked about the job. Right away he started talking about "Another " job that he had. I tried to steer thw conversation back to the job that I answered. The recruiter also tried to get me to give him the names of the places that I had temped at(I read on here how they call & ask for business). I told him if he needed a refewrence that he would have to call the my previous agencys. He seemed a little pissed but let it pass. Ithas been about two weeks & I have left two messages for him to call me back about the job that I come in about in the first place. Don't waste your time with ACT 1 in San Francisco. They are even more worse then the Apple One Office here as well.

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Jay 143 in California

40 months ago

It is a big scam. I went in specifically for one of the "Claims/Data Entry" positions that I am more than qualified for. They looked at my resume and said it was filled but they had "other" jobs I could do. Funny, that job has been posted a million times with different reps attached to it. Each time I call and speak to the rep, the job is filled. Really? Well stop posting it then and pushing some $9/hr job on me!

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