Time to be realistic about these Staffing Agencies

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R.B. in Houston, Texas

127 months ago

It's sad companies choose Staffing Agencies to do their recruiting process thus leaving our resumes/credentials in the hands of unprofessional recruiters that doesn't have an eye for talent and thinks recruiting boils down to a simple analyse as this: Picking a candidate with a college degree.

That way of thinking is breeding chaos in the job market. Take for instance, a person that's qualified to do a non-degree type work will not be submitted for the job against a candidate with a college degree, but not verse in the specific task of a certain type of work but have general skills/ability to perform the work. So, what's happening is these Staffing recruiters are submitting college-credential candidates for jobs that doesn't require a college degree.

I would submit a candidate that actually did a certain type of work than a candidate with a B.A. but has minimum exposure in a specific line of work.

So, it's like those with a B.A. in Criminal Justice would get the job as a, let's say, Data Entry clerk over a candidate with no college experience but a steady work history of that line of work.

The job market is going crazy because of stupid decisions these "amatuer" recruiters make. Those coming out of college can't find work in their line of work so they take up all the jobs that doesn't require any college degree thus leaving those that have extensive background in a certain line of work, out of a job and faced with fierce competitions from college grads.

That's horrible. With practices like that, a lot of good workers with no college degree would find themselves working low wage jobs that's reserves for teens in highschools like MacDonald, WalMart, Target, and bullsh*t like that.

These Staffing Agencies must be regulated with guidelines how to place the talented pool of workers with a college degree and the talented pool of workers that build a steady work history of his/her line of work.

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