Advance Auto Parts Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Advance Auto Parts?

What do you like best about working at Advance Auto Parts? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

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spock9 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

110 months ago

Salaries and Bonuses for management are very negotiable @ advance if you can show your value in your resume and connect that with your interview. Also I found out after was hired that bonuses could be negotiated to be guaranteed for up to a year. And the bonuses could net you an extra $10k to $12k.
I was given a detailed salary “Matrix” Ill have to dig it up. I can give you information on what I remember when I was a store manager there back in 2006.
My salary was $42k Max salary was $52k for store manager. Bonuses were based on Shrink and sales goals and P&L management. Oh yes and if you had any injury claims like back injuries well quess what? No bonus! That’s why you want to get that first year as a guarantee. It’s almost impossible to go a whole year with out a claim people are always lifting heavy stuff and stuff happens....
Ill post more info on manager and asst ect later...

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lunamartinmi in Milford, Michigan

81 months ago

Can you please expand on securing the bonus in the first year? What would you suggest to be the appropriate way to broach the subject/secure that bonus during negotiations? Also, you indicated at the end of your post, you would provide more info on other positions. Please advise. I would like to get into the company and move up to management, if possible. I am a energetic, driven female in my 30's who thrives in non-traditional areas of work. I have limited management experience at the moment, so would you suggest getting in at the retail sales associate level or other position and move up from there? If so, I do not have a problem doing that. I would just like to get in on the higher end of the pay structure. I have a female friend with retail (but no auto) experience who got hired in p/t in FL at $8.70 an hour. Do you think it is possible to swing a little more than this getting my foot in the door? I happen to have moderate experience in retail and tons in customer service overall based on other positions I've had. I appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you!

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