What career / education can handle these requirements?

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Polaris431 in Burghausen, Germany

52 months ago

What kind of education / degree, experience or job title would be necessary for someone to do the following job:

1. Determine a strategy that optimizes selling. For example, if 60% of the businesses signing up are food related (such as restaurants), then how should this influence how sales are carried out in other cities where a sales team will be deployed? Are there certain patterns that can be viewed that indicate higher customer acquisition and can these patterns be duplicated? Are younger store managers more likely to sign up than older ones? And many other questions. Needs to address these questions and come up with one or more strategies to maximize sales.

2. Businesses want repeat customers. A lot of businesses have different ways on how they accomplish this. Some might employ a customer loyalty program that gives rewards for repeat purchases. What kinds of customer loyalty programs are there? Can these be translated into something in the mobile world that users find useful? Needs to be knowledgeable of various customer loyalty programs and which ones are applicable to which kinds of businesses.

3. Businesses want to analyze data when they use the service. For example, which ads/deals are working the most? How do theirs compare with their competitors? Needs to figure out the kinds of online analytical tools that need to be part of the service that businesses can use to identify what is working for them and what isn't and offer suggestions on how to improve. For example: Is their product price too high? Should they be selling on a different day of the week? Are more women buying it than men?

4. Needs to think of features that should get developed and integrated into the mobile and web app that will help businesses get a good ROI which essentially means that the service being offered to them brings them higher revenue.

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ATart84 in Anonymous Proxy

52 months ago

Well, that is a very extensive job description but, I think you would be looking at someone with a marketing degree and sales experience. As far as customer loyalty goes, that would be a public relations type position but, someone in marketing should have enough knowledge of that. I would suggest someone with a business degree (specifically marketing) and REAL WORLD experience. A recent graduate is not going to be able to tackle all that you have described unless they have had several internships in marketing and sales. Otherwise, I would choose an individual who has 3-5 years experience working in marketing or sales.

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