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Paul Guerrero in Concord, California

105 months ago

Well, well, the AeroTrick acolytes are making their appearnce once again.

The overall problem is that AeroTrick hogs far too many job listings, and then plays games with them. You guys advertise openings that don't exist. You play games with people's life. You whip-snap us with burger-flipping mentalities, and then scramble to the comment section to try to make us believe what just isn't so.

Who cares who owns what? I'm talking about one's honor. That may be a remote concept for some, but if all AeroTrick wants to do is jerk us around, then they richly deserve the many, many numerous real-life examples given by its actual "hirees."

Why is is that there are so many people who don't like AeroTrick? After my experience with AeroTrick, where they gave me the wrong time to report to work, do you expect me to be impressed by your giving out the owners name. How does a name connect with giving me the incorrect time for reporting to work. The advantage of being hired directly is that there is no middleman to muddy up the works. Talking to the little people at AeroTrick is not exactly enlightening. They are quite young, inexperienced, shallow, fast-talking; a bit like a fast food employee.

Okay, Shinobi, your AeroTrick coffee break is over. Now get back to work and let's see you seed the jobsites with more job ads that aren't real. Oh, and by the way, don't forget to wear AeroTrick jammies tonight.

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shinobi in New York, New York

105 months ago

Quit complaining and get a job on your own then!

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congenforlife in elgin, Illinois

105 months ago

After wasting 1 hour reading these blogs, it appears some people are misinformed. I know how staffing, temp, recruiting firms work. I worked in the staffing industry in the 90's I worked for Robert Half and volt. Both completely different industries one IT the other manufacturing. My credibility comes then I helped partnered up with and started our own temp service, only staffing productions workers, and general labors. We are a small company only 6 employees. Of course we are not on a level of Aerotek, Manpower, Adecco, and so on. The big misinformation is that some of you think staffing firms, temp agencies can help EVERYONE. We are not the unemployment office. We are an extension of HR/Payroll specialist/recruiting firms. After conducting pre-screenings, my recruiter and I make the decision if we want to send them over to a client. I know enough about people to know if they are going to last or not. Unemployment is at its all time low, that means most of the people that aren't working, "there's a reason for it."

A little secret about Profits. That is the ultimate goal for most companies. When a worker gets fired/laid off that means that individual could file for unemployment and effect the companies bottom line. (profits) Now since staffing firms are on the rise, you can hire them as an extension payroll, and if the candidate or contractor cant make it through the 3 month to 6 month trial period, that company can fire them and that person is on to the staffing firms payroll. Then the candidates files for umeployment and effects the staffimg firm's profits. Let me tell you something, my business partner and I after 14 years experience, know if we want to risk on shaky contractors. Our company profited 1.4 million last year and insurance and unemployment cost effects .5 million of that. Follow Shinobi's lead...Get a job on your own then!!!

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Paul Guerrero in Concord, California

105 months ago

Do you always waste one hour doing things that you claim bear no fruit? I would not have spent more than 5 minutes doing something I thought was not worth my time. You need to manage your time better.

I know the drill when it comes to staffing companies. My main gripe is that they are not professional,and have a woefully inadequate understanding of the fields in which they claim expertise. Plus, they hog many of the jobs out there, and claim they are hiring right now. Of course that job keeps showing up for the next few months as listed with the same hiring folks. If you have any sense of insight, somehing does not add up.

Your financial claims are irrelavant. When you deal with a staffing company, you are essentially putting up with a remote group of young wannabes who are not that cerebral. They give you information that is inaccurate. They're the equivalent of trying to get good nutrition from a fast food place. It's not going to be a good experience, unless you're lucky. As I stated in an earlier post, the AeroTrick folks gave me the wrong reporting time to me. On my first day at work, the boss was highly put out that I showed up an hour and a half late. Put your self in my place. How would you feel about being shown the door because I was badly informed by the staffing company. Yet, you defend this practice as being "professional."

You can throw stats at me all day, but you cannot hide your lack of professionalism when you defend the giving of bad information to employees that render them fired. Do you even comprehend what I am talking about? If I had talked to the actual workplace people, I would have found out the truth of my reporting time. However, I believed the staffing gurus and did what they told me. I don't see why you defend that sort of practice.

I have my resume out everywhere, do the walk and talk job shopping, answer the appropriate job ads, etc., but as anyone knows it's not always easy to land a job. I don't need any lectures.

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Paul Guerrero in Concord, California

105 months ago

Shinobi in New York, New York said: Quit complaining and get a job on your own then!


My complaints are solely with the shabby quality of staffing companies who hog the job openings and then can't do their job right. If they can't do the job, then don't take on business clients. It's that simple. Leave the serious work of getting a job to the actual employers and jobseekers, and keep the staffing bimbos out of the equation.

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Michigan Neanderthal in Tower Hill, Illinois

100 months ago

P. in L.A. in Los Angeles, California said: Well, it seems many folks are upset with these Aerotek franchises. Personally, I have found the oppoiste to be true. They have procured for me two decent paying positions within 6 months of each other. If I were the person at the top of this string, I'd be working on my English composition before I opened my mouth or typed a word again, geeez. No wonder they can't get you anything. Also, anyone who relies totally on one person, firm, or recruiter is fooling themselves. One also needs to remember that the fallout from the .com demise continues to impact the blue collar: There are people out there with Masters Degrees making $17.00 per hour; it's an employer's market, has been, and will continue to be as long as the Unions maintain their stranglehold on certain blue collar positions; they're priced many of our U.S. companies out of their respective markets and anyone who doesn't believe that, just go drive and slam the door on an Impala then do the same with a comparably priced Japanese car; no comparison, period! Good luck to you all.....

With all due respect a "comparably priced Japanese car" is not really that at all. The Japanese government openly manipulates their currency valuations in the global market & our government accepts it, so this "great" Japanese car for $30K in the U.S. is really a $40-$45K car & at that price, it should be of the highest quality. (Please excuse my poor English composition with my run-on sentence but I'm just a stupid lazy non-Californian American worker) People like yourself are completely ignorant of this obvious fact. By the way, I've worked at Toyota & Honda over the last 8 years & I know how they operate. They work their poeple until they fall over dead. Maybe you should try living like that, instead of your SoCal late mornings, long lunches & leaving early.

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Paul Guerrero in Concord, California

70 months ago

Shinobi in New York, New York said: Quit complaining and get a job on your own then!

I did Shinobi, and I owe it all to my resume, experience, and not having to deal with staffing companies' zit-popping dolts who put phony ads on the Internet job boards. I love working directly for a company. That way, at least I know there will be some honesty and competency.

When you think about, how many real companies (not staffing outfits) make up fake ads to see who is out there?

Better yet, why don't staffing company "employees" find jobs for themselves, too. When you get older than, say, 45, and if you have good sense, you won't be working for these staffing companies. Based on the age of who I have actually met at staffing companies, you wouldn't want to be working there when you become more mature.

Nothing is less rewarding than talking to a gum-chewing, slightly- past teenage girl who is processing information from you and who is clueless about the big picture.

Thank heaven I bypassed the staffing agencies. I now also get full benefits as a result of being directly hired, as opposed to the stripped down benefits the staffing companies spoon out to people they hire to work elsewhere.

So why am I still haunting this discussion? Because picking on dolts is fun, and hopefully instrutive to others who may be looking for work through a staffing company.

You may find work through them, and of course, they represent the company where you would report for work. No question about that, and there ought to be no one who questions that. Just like a professional HR department for a real company does not look out for you. I just don't like the bimbo effects of staffing agencies, with all that that entails, including salting the Internet job boards with jobs that don't really exist. I've been there and done that, and I'm glad to be far away from that sort of thing.

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Laramie2 in Washington, District of Columbia

56 months ago

Aerotek tried to lie about me to clients. Recruiters pad resumes all the time. But that kind of thing can be easily traceable. The problem is that the agency doesn't get into trouble over this. YOU do. The client rightfully assumes that the resume they get is truthful. And if it's not, they assume YOU lied. It never occurs to them that the agency did. "An agency, lying? No! They're so honest!" Sure they are...about as honest as a $3 bill.

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Bradley in Malvern, Pennsylvania

54 months ago

Their job listing are fake. Jobs are Copy/pasted for all the towns around me. Then they say the position was filled but we have this 10 per hour job one and a half hours away. Ha. Joke. They should be shut down. Taking advantage of people struggling. These companies truly prey on the weak and hurt our country.

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