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Updated 10 days ago

I used to work at aerotek in cleveland...i will answer all questions anyone has about them - 22 Replies

when do aerotek deposit money on the cashpay card

Jobless Diaspora

Updated 21 days ago

Don't work for Aerotek - 283 Replies

[QUOTE who="John Doe in Denver, Colorado"]Aerotek is one of the worst staffing agencies next to Manpower. They don't follow up with applicants and...

Trying to Help

Updated 1 month ago

Aerotek...Are these signs they are not going to pursue employment for me? - 1 Reply

They are passing on you.


Updated 2 months ago

Aerotek - 1 Reply

Hello, I don't have a college degree but I do know the English language. I'm surprised people who have degrees don't know how to spell happIness. ...

Trying to Help

Updated 2 months ago

Just another piece of crap recruiting company. - 13 Replies

An arrest for what?!


Updated 5 months ago

Why you think Aerotek sucks! - 88 Replies

All I can say is, those of you who cut down aerotek, check out your English and spelling, then ask yourself why they don't hire you or why you are at...

Trying to Help in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 7 months ago

Lied about why I didn't get a job - 2 Replies

I had an interview with a company that was set-up through aerotek. I was told by them that it was a six month, and I would need to give a full...

mrallbadd in Banning, California

Updated 8 months ago

Aerotek staffing in Ontario, CA - 2 Replies

can anyone tell me what kind of drug screen they make their applicants do? PLEASE & THANK YOU

gixerkiller in Gardena, California

How does Aerotek work, new and need some insight

I recently spoke with them and they found me an opening but I was wanting to know if I go to the interview and they offer me the position, then do I...

bubba659 in Riverside, California

Updated 14 months ago

If you get hired by Aerotek, do you have to go through the whole job process again if they will lay you off the first job? - 2 Replies

My situation is that I was hired by aerotek, signed bunch of forms and went through credit card screening, drug test screening and other things, so...

superman123 in Farmington, Connecticut

Anyone here work for Aerotek in their Farmington CT or nearby offices

I just applied there, however the overwhelming amount of reviews for this company are simply horrifying. The thing is, they are claiming their base...

Bad Mofo in Arlington, Massachusetts

Updated 19 months ago


What these staffing companies do is plainly advertise for staffing possibilities then meet with clients to stirr up some work. They hold back your...

Sassie in Deltona, Florida

Updated 20 months ago

Aerotek = scumbag incompetent liars - 3 Replies

I am glad that I found this forum, it gives me the perfect chance to vent about the lies and manipulation of Aerotek. In the summer of 2008 I was...

lewis in Anderson, Indiana

arotech comercial staffing

I have recently received a phone call from this company offering me employment. After careful review of this company's history I would strongly...

Kiley Love in Pittsburg, California

AEROTEK USES DISCRIMINATORY HIRING PRACTICES Aerotek Required by Federal Appeals Court to Comply with EEOC Subpoena Seventh Circuit...

Bluetea in Texas

Updated 34 months ago

Ending a Contract Early? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, If a job offering through Aerotek is contracted for 6 months or 12 months, and I end it early at about 3-4 months, would there be any...

Kelly Tripuka in San Diego, California

Updated 36 months ago

When your contract is terminated early - 1 Reply

Suppose Aerotek signs me up for a 12 month contract with Company Widget and suppose Company Widget decides to have a layoff and decides to let go...

Not the new kid on the block in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 37 months ago

Aerotek called me for a position - 7 Replies

So yesterday May 14 i got a call from Aerotek in the morning saying there is a position available that meets my qualifications and they want me to...

neil in Brentwood, California

Updated 43 months ago

they lie - 1 Reply

THEY LIE to get you to sign up the you can never get through when you call back

cindentyne in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Updated 43 months ago

Aerotek in Canada / Vancouver - 1 Reply

Anyone here who has experience with the Vancouver or a Canadian branch of Aerotek. I seem to only find postings from US.... Thanks

Christine in Bellevue, Washington

Updated 48 months ago

Aeroteck Is Great - 10 Replies

They Got not only me I great job but also help my friend get a great job with me. They also got a great job for my sister. We are all very pleased on...

Mike in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Updated 53 months ago

Aerotek - 26 Replies

As a job developer, I have never been able to get any of my people connecter with Aerotek. No matter what their qualifications, they just never seem...

byi957 in Oakley, California

Aerotek is a HUGE disappointment

This staffing company could care less for THEIR contract employees. I left a full-time job with benefits for a "temp" job whereby my recruiter said...

okcperson in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 58 months ago

Aerotek "blacklists" troublemakers..... - 3 Replies

Aerotek... The same company that wasted hours of my time. I'm a electronics/avionics technician with well over thirty years of experience in both...

Matt in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Aerotek really sucks - 3 Replies

I even sent the resume to them when there was an opening of shipping clerk, but NEVER received any reply. Very poor managment!!!

David Jay Miller in Fort Worth, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

Aerotek Commercial Staffing Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits. - 4 Replies

What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Aerotek Commercial Staffing? What do you like best about...

santa in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

jobs posted...FOREVER!!!!


laflores in Modesto, California

aerotek in bay area california

I wish I had did more research before signing on with Aerotek. I signed on with Aerotek and assigned to Fremont Bank Operations in Hayward. I...

Matt Ledbetter in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 72 months ago

Veredus Corporation And Triad Personnel - 1 Reply

Does anybody have experience with these two temp agencies?Well look out!! They are the bottom of the barrel when it comes two temp agencies.There is...

Nanlisa in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

Updated 74 months ago

Their games and deceit - 1 Reply

I went to Aerotek in Lombard a few years ago. This young, skinny blonde bimbo sent me to a morning interview. When I got there, the guy told me that...

Stupid in Baltimore, Maryland

Updated 77 months ago

Areotek Is A Waste Of Time - 6 Replies

These idiots had me go on two interviews and miss time at another job just to tell me I did not meet their hiring qualifications. Reason for...

RyanRex in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 79 months ago

Work Conditions, Possible Illegal Requests from Clients - 1 Reply

Hi all. For anyone who has done recruiting for these guys but later left the company, did you tend to work 10-12 hour days? Also, anyone ever get...

dragon1sun24 in huntsville, Alabama

Updated 79 months ago

Fellons need not opply - 2 Replies

I sent my info to them Schelde and went to an Interveiw. Then after all of this I get Informed that they DO NOT PLACE FELLONS . EXCEPT IF THE CHARGES...

Richard Sierra in Manhattan Beach, California

Updated 90 months ago


Okay, when I worked there this place was a comedy show that wasn't funny. The account managers were pathetic. they couldn't bring in any new...

Richard Sierra in Manhattan Beach, California

Updated 91 months ago

This company is not helping the average worker..... - 10 Replies

This placement agency along with the many others that have sprouted up in the last 10 years, are the worst thing that could have happened to the...

william turner2 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 95 months ago

aerotek staff - 1 Reply

I call on a job they had posted, and the woman i spoke to was rude,she said i was out of state and need to come to them first before she could do...

william turner2 in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 95 months ago

why wouldn't Aerotek help me out... - 3 Replies

Yall better watch out cuz Aerotek doesn't help anyone for work. I went to their services and was looking for a welding job and I haven't had one call...

brokolli in California

Engineers in Aerotek

Hi, I was wondering the experience for Engineers in Aerotek. I'm fairly proficient in Solidworks and I hear they have a good Solidworks program for...

Mark P. in Aurora, Colorado


It just goes to show you that a company as bad as Areotek, has an entire blog page dedicated to it! That just goes to show you that 90% of people...

gee718 in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 97 months ago

agencies - 13 Replies

all temp angecies suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lil' Miss having a good job in Lake Worth, Florida

Updated 100 months ago

Annotin Staffing Agencies - 1 Reply

What is up with all the staffing agencies? You can barely find a job anymnore, without dealing with them. It is probably so the companies can get...

brian oswald in North Branch, Minnesota

Updated 102 months ago

How to get a job at Aerotek Commercial Staffing. - 4 Replies

Do you work at Aerotek Commercial Staffing? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview? Any advice for someone trying to get...

Paul McLaughlin in Eugene, Oregon

Difficult seeking jobs because of handicapped

Spent about 20 years of working in Donora, Pennsylvania and Portland, Oregon and Eugene, Oregon. Have been on Social Security for over 20 years....

Roy Weaver Jr in Erwinna, Pennsylvania

Updated 104 months ago

Aerotec Monopoly - 1 Reply

Is it just me or does it seem that Aerotek has a corner on the skilled trades market in San Diego County? Looking at the postings available on the...

George in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 105 months ago

One nasty company - 1 Reply

If you want jerked around, deal with these people. If you're over 45, don't bother.

Mick Thomas in Anaheim, California

Updated 106 months ago

Don't understand - 15 Replies

I have a great work history when i got laid off from a chemical operators job were i was working with mustard agent,I was Making 23.76 an hour I went...

Mike in Jupiter, Florida

Updated 106 months ago

wannabe company - 2 Replies

Aerotek is the worst ever.Im 30 years old.Im a regular citizen.The story goes like this , i was interview by 4 individuals. lol, they first told me...

TomasoBamela in Mission Hills, California

Updated 107 months ago

Aerotek in North ridge - 1 Reply

Aerotek is juat a plain mess They are having such a hard time findig Manufacturing and Fabrication people in my area...they contacted me 4 times but...

kyle in Miamisburg, Ohio

Updated 107 months ago


Sunnyvale Ca. 50 machine shops I called them all, worked at two. Santa Clara Ca. 207 machine shops I called them all, worked at, I forgot how...

Still Looking in Vista, California

Updated 107 months ago

Aerotek Commercial Staffing Interview Questions. - 1 Reply

It's always hard to know what to expect when going in for that interview -- and preparation can make all the difference. What is the interview...

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