Aerotek in North ridge

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Ineed Someto in Mission Hills, California

80 months ago

Aerotek is juat a plain mess They are having such a hard time findig Manufacturing and Fabrication people in my area...they contacted me 4 times but with their crappy health insurance and lousy offers I told them no and to leave me alone! finally on the 4th time I was contacted by their recruting manager for an estimating position in the commercial operations department for a large company. Again I told them no because of the health insurance. Finally they came back at me with an offer of fully paid Healthe insurance, paid holidays and ect. so I agreed...biggest mistake in my life...after I started the recruting manager left Aerotek and the assigned me to this little snot nosed welp who had no idea of the "special" deal that was laid down...its been a 3 month fight so far forcing them to keep up their end of the deal. Thank god I only have a little more time with these idiots as I'm going back to the company I left..DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH AEROTEK...they are slime and incompetent.If I would stay with then for 2 more months the company I'm working for now will make me a full employee but I'm so sick of them I'm going back to of next week I'm on strike with these idiots!!!!

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TomasoBamela in Mission Hills, California

80 months ago

Mira. Los tipos de la oficina de North Ridge son una manga de maricones . Hijos de puta , y mama verga con la leche!

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