Aerotek = scumbag incompetent liars

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MrTim in Chicago, Illinois

54 months ago

I am glad that I found this forum, it gives me the perfect chance to vent about the lies and manipulation of Aerotek. In the summer of 2008 I was called by, "Chris" at Aerotek concerning a sales position for a company that was very close to my home. I agreed to an interview and in all honesty, their Oak Brook Illinois location was very professional in appearance. Really the process there was virtually the same as previous recruiters I had seen in the previous months, so I thought nothing of it. After the interview, Chris decided that I would be a good fit for their client so he scheduled an interview and provided me the address to the client. Now, I make it a habit to do a test drive to the location I am interviewing at, so there are no major surprises on the day of the interview. I followed the directions to the address given and... the client is not there. My interview was at 9am the next day and the address was clearly wrong, so I went home and did some research. After checking the company's name over the internet, I found a completely different address. Early the next morning I called Aerotek and spoke to Chris's manager, "Melissa," and she was certain that the address they gave me was correct. Now at this point I should have realized that Aerotek employees were incompetent, but I really wanted to work so I just followed her instructions to the client (apparently she had been there before and she gave me turn-by-turn directions.) After following her directions I wound up at the client's location - which matched the address I found online. I confronted Melissa on this and she tried to brush it off, but she refused to admit that they gave me the wrong address, and now since I would be late she said she would call and let them know there was a slight problem and I would arrive an hour later.
I arrived at the new time, only to find out that Melissa did NOT call, putting me late for the interview in the eyes of the owner.

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MrTim in Chicago, Illinois

54 months ago

I let the client see the address which was typed on Aerotek letterhead and let them know that Melissa was supposed to call but she must have been busy. Yeah, I covered for her - bashing the recruiter was not a good way to start things off. After a multi hour interview with several people (and at one point, the owners dog) they wanted to hire me, and we shook hands on it. YAY, I got a job! I called Chris (who was back in and appologized for the address error) and told him the good news. I was advied that I would be starting in 2 weeks on a Monday. A week passes and Chris wanted me to come in for some paperwork. Lie - it was a renegotiation. I was congratulated on the job, but the bad news was that it would be for 5k less than previously agreed upon. Though I was not happy, it was still work which I desperately needed, So I agreed. Now its the Thursday before the Monday that I am supposed to start and I get a call from Chris. Bad news - the company changed their mind. I was given some excuse that they were moving and could no longer afford a new salesman. This directly conflicted with the info the client gave me - the move was an expansion, not a reduction. I did some investigating and found it was a total lie. Aerotek got another person in for 2.5k lower than my renegotiated salary! They outright lied to me, and when I confronted aerotek, they basically told me, "too bad." Chris empathized for me and said he would work his hardest to get me a job, but after a month I heard nothing. I sent him an email basically calling him an incompetent liar and he responded with something like, "Well I emailed you an opportunity 2 weeks ago and you didn't reply." Another lie - I went to my ISP for my email records and they stated there were no inbound emails from aerotek in that time period.
Save yourself the trouble - aerotek is run by liars and scum. I am now happily employed and I advise HR people I meet to stay clear of aerotek.

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healthcare girl in Wheeling, Illinois

53 months ago

That is so Dirty of them! I don't know which is worse, Aerotek or the schmuck who is willing to work for nothing!

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