Annotin Staffing Agencies

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will19 in Charleston, West Virginia

99 months ago

What is up with all the staffing agencies?

You can barely find a job anymnore, without dealing with them.
It is probably so the companies can get out of paying health insurance.

I am definitely NOT interested in a contract-to-hire position or in a temporary position. What a waste of my time! I wish the government would get rid of staffing agencies!

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Lil' Miss having a good job in Lake Worth, Florida

99 months ago

You are so right. I'm a mech engineer w/ 5 years exp and finding it near impossible to find a decent job. I sought help from my university, sat down at their computer database of available positions with job placement assistant, and scrolled through hundreds of ridiculous requirement positions.
The requirements fell just short of: "looking for a one-legged pirate who speaks English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portugese with 5 years experience with GIS location of buried treasures, programming mapping software, gold or precious metals knowledge, marine industry applications, ornithology and weapons manufacture to fill a position with a local company. If you have these minimum req please inquire within."
Who the hell would have these requirements? Well, possibly they already have someone for that specific job but they cannot hire them yet because they do not have a H1B visa for him yet. The government requires these companies to place an ad for the position to offer it to American citizens first. If the company is unable to find a suitable American with appropriate experience for the position, the company may then apply for a H1B visa for their chosen applicant. It is a is how it works...
Employer is looking for good, cheap pay, no benefits, no taxes...Employer choices are 1. hire American citizens at normal salary, benefits, etc. 2. take company overseas and employ in country where $2/day is good pay with no benefits or 3. import good labor with the help of Uncle Sam with benefits (H1B visa)...Employer chooses option 3 and lines up a good candidate overseas with help of staffing agency...staffing agency must then advertise in the US as required by uncle sam and start interviewing...of course they can't have an American citizen qualify for the position so they post exactly what their foreign candidate's skills are whether they are required for the position or not...foreigner gets job...everyone is happy, right

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