If you get hired by Aerotek, do you have to go through the whole job process again if they will lay you off the first job?

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Bob45 in Schaumburg, Illinois

66 months ago

My situation is that I was hired by aerotek, signed bunch of forms and went through credit card screening, drug test screening and other things, so they can be sure I'm straight and not a fellon, drug addict or have a huge debt on my name. I passed everything, got the job and now the employer doesn't need me anymore. If my recruiter will find me another position, will I have to do all the screens and tests all over again or I just need to pass the initial interview with the employer and I will be in?

mark in Tampa, Florida

34 months ago

what kind of drug test did aerotek have you take?? curious because I might have a position with them

bubba659 in Riverside, California

1 month ago

Yeah what kind of drug test?

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