I used to work at aerotek in cleveland...i will answer all questions anyone has about them

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MRClueuin in Brooklyn, New York

71 months ago

Ctown Former Atek in Cleveland, Ohio said: ask away to anything pertaining to aerotek...i will help everyone

Different question, same boyfriend. He says his recruiter keeps on callng him about the job he is about to start. (8/24/09) 1st it was about whether he's sure he'll be doing the job. 2nd was whether or not he'll stay at the job and not search for another one while working there.(6months poss. temp to perm). Now he's calling asking for references. (His recruiter didn't ask him for references when hired. He told him the first day he met with him (recruiter) that this was to get a job, not an interview.)
My or my boyfriend's questions is this: Is this normal procedure for Aerotek? Because it's making my boyfriend very nervous. He thinks he has the job and the recruiter had him fill out a W-2, gave him the Aerotek folder, gave him the address where he is to go for training, everything. So what gives?
So nervous for my boy. He's to nervous to type this he says. (I think he's just too shy to go on forums. Go figure!)

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TechMan341 in Peoria, Kansas

68 months ago

My question: If I move up north and take a job as a Recruiter with Aerotek, what supervisory duties will I have? Will I be a decision-maker of any kind? Will I be supervising anybody, including temps? DO any recruiters at any level supervise people? I would not theoretically want to give up a position supervisong others I might now have to move to Aerotek if I won't really have supervisory duties. Please let me know. Thanx a million!

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TechMan341 in Peoria, Kansas

67 months ago

Unkown in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania said: Were you a internal employee I used to be an internal employee come to find out all the dbo's are not eeoc friendly

How so? Do they engage in accommodating discriminatory requests?

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talon in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

56 months ago

will aerotek ever do random drug test?

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cleochard in Lakeland, Florida

54 months ago

Aerotek got me a manufacturing job in August 2010. I got laid off after a couple of months. If Aerotek gets me another job, will I have to go thru the background check, drug screen, paperwork, interview etc., or will I allready be in the system? Thanks

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Kevin in Sunnyvale, California

53 months ago


Is it 'taboo' to ask your Aerotek representative how much they're making off your contract on an hourly basis? I might be converted to permanent in the near future, and I'd like to get an understanding of the company's current total payment (AT portion + my rate) for negotiation purposes. Does AT usually take a percentage of the contractor's rate, or is it a flat number of dollars above what the contractor is making?

Thanks in advance for your consideration and attention.


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AK in Glenelg, Maryland

50 months ago

Ok so I have an interview with Aerotek (Allegis)but its for a Proposal Writing position (NO RECRUITING INVOLVED) can someone with experience doing something other than recruiting for this company tell me what the environment is like for those not being pushed to make X amount of phone calls and work overtime?

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AT from Michigan in Rochester, Michigan

41 months ago

Hello, I just had a phone interview for a recuiting position with Aerotek this morning and was told that they will start calling next week for 2nd round of interview if selected. I know i did a very good job on the phone interview but a bit nervious because i really want to work for Aerotek and gain much needed experiences. are you able to tell me how soon people are usually contacted for the second interview and also what to expect in person? Also when they call someone for teh phone interview does it automatically mean you have the job because i would assume they went through the resume and called best fit candidates. please advice...also how much is typical commission when starting the job in $'s (weekley or biweekley)? Thank You

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Mike in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

41 months ago

My questions might sound weird, but here it goes. I had an interview at the Aerotek office yesterday. After that, I waited in a room for all other interviews that needed to be done that day. The people that made the cut, had to fill out a bunch of paperwork, like personal info, W-4, direct deposit info, etc. Then, right from there I had to take a drug test. I was told I would be called today to be given a time to meet at the company I will be "working" for an orientation tomorrow. I still have not been told that I have the job. I ASSume, that they are waiting for drug test and background results.

Do they normally have you go through all of this process before knowing that they are going to hire you?

Once hired, do I work for Aerotek or the company I will actually be doing work for? Who will my employer be? I received papers on benefits, but it was from Aerotek. When I tried to ask questions, he just said, we will talk about all of that later...and never did.

Is there a probation period, then I will work for the company I am actually doing work for? I really need this job, but I want to know what to expect. The ad said that the starting salary was $10.00 an hour, but yesterday, she said it just changed to $11.00. Everything is sounding too good to be true and going really fast. I will say, I am the one that made follow up calls to get the interview, they did not return phone calls. I am not complaining, just throwing it out there, that if YOU want it, YOU have to go get it.

What are some good questions that I should ask tomorrow at the orientation?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions..

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Drew in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

40 months ago

I have worked for Aerotek for a few years and my old contract has run out. With a new offer for a new position but still with Aerotek will they make you re-apply, credit checks, or drug screening?

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31 months ago

Does Aerotek help felons get a job . and do you know any places that use felons for jobs for the tax credit

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alex nelo

28 months ago

I got employed with aerotek. And didn't get drug tested. It is a temp-perm job. Will I get tested after the 3 months going permanent?

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27 months ago

I work for Aerotek at Toyota as a contractor. i am concerned that i am not getting my expenses for traveling that are due me. they put the amounts in with my regular pay checks and sometimes they put it in and take it back out on the same check. they have also said that money they paid (thru credit card) for my rental car has been given to me and then they say that i have an expense account that they need to balance out... it is ALL sooooo confussing!! do you know anything about this area of Aerotek?

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Kat in Austin, Texas

24 months ago

I have a question, if you are still answering them, I am working for Aerotek and have asked that they pay out my vacation time I've accrued. They still have not after me asking three times over the last three weeks.
The thing is, I'm about to be hired by the company, so does my rep stand to gain anything if they don't pay out my vacation? Is there any way to get them to pay it out?

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Sebestian Gringle in Gurnee, Illinois

18 months ago

I had a preliminary meeting with Aerotek today about some temp-to-hire positions and it turned out that they liked me enough to consider me as a candidate for an internal recruiter position. I have a phone screening coming up in the next few days, but the recruiter I met with told me how to answer all the questions I'll be asked. So I should be able to land an interview. Can someone tell me what the interview process is like for an internal recruiter position? Also, I have a couple of additional questions. What is the commission pay system like? Does Aerotek drug test, if so which type of test?

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Former Aerotek Temp in Minneapolis, Minnesota

17 months ago

Hey so I curious, i'm up here in MPLS and i had a temp-hire position with wellsfargo about 4 years back. I made some mistakes in my youth, ignorant mistakes, and ended up getting terminated from the position. It wasnt drug related or anything, i just overstepped my boundaries when it came to confronting other people on not getting their work to me in time and screwing up my work flow.

I am now moving down to Chattanooga TN. Do you think that Aerotek would consider me again down there? I honestly really liked Aerotek. I think its a great staffing agency and very quick at finding jobs. I'm just kicking myself now from my past mistakes.

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Brenda in Midlothian, Illinois

16 months ago

I live in IL and my question is what type of background check do they do

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acethegoon in York, Pennsylvania

15 months ago

I work for aerotek currently and I was
Wondering after being employed by them do I
Need to buy out my contract or something to
Stop working for them or can I just quit?

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JR in Lafayette, Indiana

14 months ago

Does Aerotek drug test for the internal recruiter position?

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