Aerotek Job Offer as Recruiter

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TechMan341 in Peoria, Kansas

81 months ago

Hey --

Has anyone held the job title of Recruiter? I am thinking about leaving my job, which is a supervisory job but which I'd rate as a 5 or 6 on a scale of 10. I have an offer from Aerotek, and they tell me that as a Recruiter I will have similar decision making duties that I now have as a manager. For example, they tell me, as far as the temp employees I recruit, I will be thier Supervisor (this seems odd, since they will be working on-site ate client facilities). Does anyone know about what the Rcruiter job entails? Thanks for any information!!! I would hate to leave my job to take a step down!

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recruitergyrl in Reston, Virginia

79 months ago

I hope I'm not too late with this. Dont leave your job!!! I was a recruiter with them and even became an Account Manager. It's a hustle that doesnt really pay off well. You'll spend all of your time trying to chase candidates and sales leads for managers. What's worse is that the culture is SO YOUNG. Each recruiter is pretty much right out of college or from behind a bar. I love Recruiting but, this was more like chasing my tail in a circle. For the record...I was VERY successful but, I would never go back to Aerotek.

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TechMan341 in Peoria, Kansas

79 months ago

I've still been thinking about it and have not left yet, but I came accross some other disturbing news from a few other people -- I'm told that Aerotek looks the other way or encourages certain types of placements of temps, like trying to get a qualified guy into an admin spot but the client only wanted women and Aerotek went along with it (and other stories similar to that). If they're doing business that way, that's another consideration against. Any experiences like this? Were you ever encouraged to bend the rules EEO-wise? Also, why are so many recruiters scared to death of their managers? Your comments are helpful, since I am still considering the offer, but leaning against. Thanks!

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