Aerotek Salaries, Bonuses and Benefits.

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What are the average starting salaries, bonuses, benefits and travel requirements like at Aerotek?

What do you like best about working at Aerotek? Are there any great perks or special treats for employees?

Michael Pedraza in Round Rock, Texas

97 months ago

How much is the starting pay at Aerotek as far as doing manufacturing,or assembly work

Steve in Atlanta, Georgia

94 months ago

Aerotek is a performance driven company. You start with a base at $33K + plus commission. Commission tiers are not the best, but like most commission jobs, if you fall into the right place at the right time then you could be making 6 figures by the end of your second or third year. Once promoted into sales, your base increases to $36K. There are incentives/contests, and your base can go as high as $56K once you've hit a certain number of "contests". They have a decent stock plan (you have to earn it), but horrible 401(k). The top producers in the company eclipse $500K+ per year. One guy made a cool mill a few years ago. It's a demanding company, though. And the culture is extremely young. Good place to learn the basic principals of running a business, but unless you have lifelong clients, there is little long term financial stability (salaries fluctuate greatly year-to-year) and their benefit plan is something left to be desired. Once the men/women establish themselves and get their experience (and look to start a family), they usually bounce for greener pastures.

Tuck12 in Holland, Ohio

88 months ago

Dont you start at 30k until your training is done? (Like for 13 months). Is there an average of what the average 1st year recruiter will make. I see its 33k with commision but I was wondering if it goes to 40k 0r 45k with commission. Do they offer raises while recruiting. How do they pay out vacations? Any help would be appreciated.

Tuck12 in Holland, Ohio

88 months ago

Can someone please help me with my post above. Thanks

Nick Parsons in Kent, Washington

76 months ago

Typically Aerotek recruiters start out the first three months making a base wage of $15.86/hr. After 3 months you become a fulltime employee and are paid a salary. The initial three months you qualify for OT which typically runs about five-fifteen hours a week. Salaried workers are not paid OT, even though OT is expected. Aerotek has recently laid off about 10% of their workforce, so it may not be the most ideal time to land a recruiting job with them.

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