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kathi k in Saint Paul, Minnesota

109 months ago

I was working with aerotek and they placed me in this company. I got 2 days of classroom which they talked about the company and then they put with a trainer who did not have a extra headset so i could listen in to what the other person was saying on the phone and after 2 days of just hearing what the trainer was saying and not being able to see the computer screen real well they threw in with the wolves (so to speak) and put me in a cubicle way across the rrom from the person who was supposed train me and then they were training me on 4 different things at once not even giving me time to learn the basics and i had said i felt like an idiot and i was told by the trainer and and a manger don't worry they threw you on the phones too soon and it takes awhile to get it. Then on Sunday night a aerotek manager called my cellphone and left a nasty message on my voicemail saying you don't have to go back. They said you weren't getting it and I complained to him that they didn't even have a headset for me to listen so I could here both sides and put it together and he lied to me and said it it illegal to have someone listening in which I checked and it is not. So I asked if they had anything else for me and he said no they are just working with this company and the had nothing else and he was rude. And I just called and asked about my personal items and was told when I give them the parking permit and the badge then that company will give me my stuff back. I would have to drive 30 mile four times to get my stuff that is being held hostage. Now I know that is illegal they can not hold my personal items. I was treated unfairly and they were very rude and nasty to me.

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adamdoe in Minnesota

109 months ago

Do not work for this piece of trash: Aerotek. They play gimmicks with you by calling you in, saying "yes, it's available", then when you're done with the interview, they'll excuse themselves for a few moment and come back saying "it's already filled". Thus, making you look like an idiot having to waste your time to make it to the interview in the first place. If you've experienced this, you know what I'm talking about. Their college recruiter has no control over the hiring process whatsoever, but instead the manager who sits in his room behind closed doorway makes the actual decision. If you give them all of your information: resume, phone, references, etc....they'll register them and when you call in they'll automatically know who you are prior to you even telling them your name. They can or won't even bother to answer your call since they already knew who is calling them. That's how their system works.

Aerotek is a hoax, a p.o.s, when their recruiter eventually finds out how shady this company is, they will leave without even saying goodbye. Only those who are incumbent to Aerotek's shady etiquette will only allow themselves to stay and work for a crappy company like this.

Don't waste your time with this Aerotek staffing firm, there are many others that are better and actually work out a deal with you by being up front with you.

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Nick in Knoxville, Tennessee

13 months ago

I was called in for a job that they were trying to fill for Stantec Engineering it was a TVA contract testing ground water. I had already been called in by Amec Foster Wheeler Engineering who was also working on this same contract but not through a recruiting agency .
Aerotek had gotten my info from their sister company Intertek who mostly staffs IT positions. Like all of these worthless staffing agencies they call you in act like they needed the job filled yesterday , how soon can you start ? We realize that you're really looking for something better and you are over qualified for this but is it something you could do for 6 months?
Then if you express interest they won't call back and if you call they will have an excuse as to why they didn't contact you like " We haven't heard back from our client "( although in the interview they will say our client has seen your resume and really wants to see if you are interested in this job) . You may get we don't have the contract now ( I was hired 3 times by one agency over the summer for the same position and each time before your first day they woild call and say we lost the contract but when we know something we will call you to start.
I can't believe any job worth having can be obtained from a recruiting agency.
Most of these so called recruiters are just out of college business majors who have never had a real job and don't know anything about what it takes to perform the job they are trying to sell you on.
I have seen at least 10 recruiters that I interviewed with in the past 3 years on Linkedin and they did not even stay one year with that agency most go into other lines of work banking , office assts. , etc.
Call them on their B. S. and watch their double talk. I told an Aerotek recruiter that I feel that recruiting is on par with selling used cars , meaning you will say anything hoping that the job seeker will believe it.

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