wanna get fired? apply at afni.

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MR Overtime in Tucson, Arizona

105 months ago

When you break a sweat working as hard as you can, making all your goals with a successful smile, they still crack their whip leaving scars all over your life. you leave afni going home to depression simply because your so stressed out from everything you go through daily. Theres no difference from breaking your back in the hot sun, then breaking your spirit in cold building called afni. at least your more in shape out in the sun. Yeah, Afni has the highest turnover ive ever seen in my life. close to 50%. There was a training class a few months back... started with 20+ and ended with 3. jeez. i think those 3 quit within 2 months. Not only do you get yelled at on a consistent basis (the only thing thats actually consistent) but they sit there writing you up for reasons they make up. claiming their clients are requiring them to take action. What really sucks the most is when you do make ALL your goals, working extra hard, and extremely determined to hit that bonus check, and at the end of the month, actually the next month before they pay you, they inform you, that youll be getting $0. yeah.. ive watched person after person up and walk out for that. Also you make one tiny little mistake and they fire you! watch out! Ive seen it.

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MrSkeptical in Tucson, Arizona

76 months ago

Don't work at AFNI. Somebody in my training class kept calling the HR person on me. Finally they ended up terminating me after only 2 weeks! I guess all of these negative comments I herd about AFNI are true!@

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Lessynz in Houston, Texas

57 months ago

I got terminated from the virtual agent position right before the last week of training. I was told I did not pass the assessment 2 required to complete training and move to the floor. I complained about the workbooks being completely out of date with the information they train employees for on the VZW website, I was told I was giving "push-back," and on the day before the completion of my fourth week of training, I was placed in a virtual "break-out session" and fired. The benefits and starting pay attract people to the applications and training process...but I have never worked in a single organization with such low ethical and cultural values. The way they treat people makes no sense.

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