SCPI-Command for PowerSupply Agilent N6700 to disable outputs if overcurrent occurs

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OnlyOne in Sindelfingen, Germany

121 months ago

i´m working with a PowerSupply model Agilent N6700. This is only a mainframe which can have up to 4 modules integrated.

With SCPI-commands i can enable an OverCurrentProtection for each module (1..4) what is done with this command:
CURR:PROT:STAT ON,(@4) (where 4 is the module-number)

What i am now looking for is a command which disables ALL 4 modules immediatly when there was anOverCurrent on one of the modules.

For example first i set all 4 modules to 10V,1A, State=ON with OCP = 1A
Then there happens during testing an overcurrent on module 2 which disables currently only the output on this module.
But i want to disable ALL outputs immediatly if there was an overcurrent on any of the modules.

I know how to do it from external by checking all states with CURR:PROT:STAT? (@1) and if one of them would be true to disable manually the outputs, but i want that the mainframe is configured to execute this by itself and to disable all outputs.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help.

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