AIG Benefits

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interestedinaig in New York, New York

115 months ago

AIG Benefits - can someone please provide some more detailed info on the following:

1. What are average monthly benefit costs at AIG (i.e., for life, medical, vision and dental)? Are these benefits fully funded by AIG, or is there some employee contribution required?

2. What are the details of AIG's 401(k) matching program?

3. What are the details of AIG's stock purchase plan?

4. What are the details of AIG's pension/retirement plan (i.e., not the 401(k), the plan funded by the Company).

Thanks a lot for any assistance.

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Kittys mom in Monroeville, Pennsylvania

114 months ago

1. Benefits are not fully funded. I pay about $135 (medical, dental, vision, life insurance, disability) a pay to cover myself and my spouse.

2. 401k is pretty standard. Matches up to 6%, but I can't remember the match. It is NOT dollar for dollar though.

3. Can't help you on stock purchase plan as I haven't quite been there a year yet.

4. Can't help you on pension/retirement either, but can tell you that you must be there for 5 years.

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113 months ago

1. Benefits (if you can call them that) a ridiculously high. I pay 167.00 a week for my family (2 kids) and that doesn’t include dental (nearly 40.00 a week if you choose it).

2. 401K matches 100% for the first 3% of your pay then 50% for another 3% I believe.

3. After you have been there a year you can enroll in the stock purchase plan which lets you purchase stock at 80% of the selling price per share.

4. don’t know anything about it either.

Just as an additional warning for you if you are looking into going to work at AIG, don’t. They are going to make it sound so great, you can make a small fortune by just selling a little a week. You will be told of free trips to great locations, Mexico and Bermuda were mine. They will make it sound unbelievable. This would all be great if the economy wasn’t in the toilet right now. It is really hard, at least in my area, to sell right now because people just don’t have the extra money. I have yet to see a trip or a small fortune. There were some weeks when I made over 2,000.00 and some where instead of getting a paycheck, I got a bill for my insurance. Make sure you think it through good before jumping into this business, it is tough right now.

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s3monkey3717 in Los Angeles, California

111 months ago

I am possibly going to be working for AIG Sunamerica and I was wondering about when do they begin giving you these benefits? Most places make you work for a few months before you can even pay into your benefits you know? Also, what kind of health insurance is it, BlueCross, etc?? Thanks!

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