Aimco Is not good

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Jacksonville fl in Jacksonville, Florida

93 months ago

Aimco does not respect there mainenance team and they dont know what work is and what hard jobs are if the were so easy some people should get off their carpets and get dirty and others should stop trying to write people up for nothing because they dont like them so they get fired

farazon in Jacksonville, Florida

86 months ago

Go team I got your back. I cant agree with you more wish I could sit on the phone and look at myspace all day.

Nana Rich in Lexington, North Carolina

85 months ago

You are right. In AIMCO, if a supervisor doesn't like you and writes you up, they say you can report it to HR. HR does nothing and you can't defend yourself and you end up looking like the bad guy when it is those sorry CMs that they need to look into. They need to test the site personnel to make sure that they know the job before giving team members a supervisor who knows nothing about the work

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