religion and ohio lies

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MargeSimpson in Tampa, Florida

108 months ago

i can tell you this- if a person claims they are relegious how can they accidentaly send an email out saying that they want to replace a regional manager in columbus and then show up in that managers town and home on a weekend morning to tell them that they are really looking to replace another manager in the other region? this really happened to me and another manager. He told me he was going to replace her and he told her that he was going to replace me! Is this not lying? Is that not breaking the ten commandments? Forget the fact that it is unethical. If this RVP claims to be religious and holds meetings at his church (boy am i glad i wasnot there then) how can he possibly play those games? When I found this information and saw Homer Simpson and ham and cheese talking about religion, i thought i had better take a look. Glad i did. I am now happily back where i belong, but workiing for that little man was the biggest trauma of my career. good luck ohio - miss many of you! hang in there! They replace RVPs every couple of years anyway!

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hahahahaha in Columbus, Ohio

107 months ago

AND............ he chews with his mouth open!!!!! really gross.

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unknown123 unknown in somewhere, Ohio

107 months ago

Very funny hahahahahaha in Columbus. NOT! GROW UP!

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kitty in Detroit, Michigan

107 months ago

It seems to me that the best way to judge a leader is by turnover - what i mean by that is turnover on the roc level In this case, the story is not so good. I am counting 16 names of people who worked in this roc that are no longer with the company. Now i will give you this - at least three of those jobs were created. So lets say we have 13 people that have left the company since August of 2005. The total number of positions that i am counting for the roc is 14 if you don't include the docs or the rvp. The data speaks for itself. That is almost 100% turnover in two years. That is real high. Seems to me that it would be easier and better for the company to try to achieve some stability. As for the lying as mentioned above. I have seen some. In my case it was more about numbers than people. Several of the people that i work with believe that this rvp is rigid. That once he makes up his mind about something, then there is no changing his mind. Problem is, sometimes, as being human, he doesn't get all his facts straight. I have seen some improvement in his demeanor over time, but he i still all about the data. I wonder if he has looked at his own turnover data.....I guess I would like to feel some job security at some point in the future.

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namewitheld in Detroit, Michigan

107 months ago

I was asked by the RVP to lie about occupancy to the Divisional Vice President during a visit a while back in 2006. I could not in good conscience do that so i crunched the numbers over and over again and was still projecting the same occupancy. When the RVP and DVP came to visit this property, i was asked what occupancy would be and i told him. Boy did I regret that. He blew up, and yelled " well we're all going to lose our jobs then". The RVP was pretty angry with me, but i feel like i did the right thing. Its always best to tell the truth. I certainly didn't want to look like an idiot when the numbers that the RVP wanted me to lie about didn't materialize.

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