unions can make a difference

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bobswanson in St. Louis, Missouri

122 months ago

hi - i dont work for your company but i saw this post earlier and wanted to put in my two cents worth about unions. I work in a manufacturing plant. i have worked here most of my life. i am the union steward at my shop. I had the option of going management many years ago but decided to keep my skilled labor position. The reason that I choose to do this lies soley with job security. When you have a union you have some protection. i have seen plant managers come and go over the years and all the other positions as well. Its completely at the discretion of management- up or down. when you have a union you cant be fired for all the "bs" reasons i see here. if you do your job - you keep your job. Politics and all the other stuff doesnt enter into it. Some people will say that if you have a union that your wages will kept lower than the going rate. That is not true. I make $42 an hour. I started here back in the early 70s making $12 an hour. I have benefits a good vacation plan and i have protection. Thats what a union can do for you. times are going backwards in this country. companies are all about the big profit for the ceos and management. get yourself a good union and you get to keep a peice of the pie. good luck, bob.

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