What's the company culture at Allstate Insurance?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Allstate Insurance?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Allstate Insurance?

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Kevin in Lillington, North Carolina

110 months ago

What insurance company is not like that? They are all in business to make money.

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Peggy in Hinsdale, Illinois

109 months ago

I worked for Allstate for five years, and as corporations go, it is one of the finest companies out there. I had lots of responsibility, and lots of freedom to do my job well, lots of opportunity to travel. If you are smart, it is a wonderful training ground. If you are average, you can still get ahead with patience. They are ethical dealing with employees, and you will make lifetime friends there...even after you leave.

The dress is business casual. There are about 4,000 employees in the Northbrook facility, two huge cafeterias, and the buildings and grounds are immaculate.

Like all large companies, put on your best public relations image all the time, like everyone, be respectful, and contribute business ideas but not opinions, and you will do well there. After all, you will be in fairly decent hands.

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benjaminfrankin in Winfield, Illinois

101 months ago

The benefits and salary are absolutely horrible. The benefits consist of expensive HMOs and they low ball you on the salaries relative to the salary ranges.

Moreover, their try their best to not give you a decent raise each year. The managers definitely see to that since they always find ways to ding you on your reviews.

Your career is based upon tenure and not talent. Outside professionals should take precaution on offering up your experience and knowledge. Your recommendations will not be accepted since it is not the Allstate way of doing things.

I highly recommend seeking other organizations to work for.

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benjaminfrankin in Winfield, Illinois

100 months ago

Allstate is ramping up for a major IT lay-off due to Allstate's new strategy of 80/20. 80% of the technology projects will be placed on-hold or cut while the 20% of project are slated for roll-out. Therefore a major lay-off or what Allstate calls a BTO (buyout) will take place in Oct08.

I just left Allstate due to their lack of decision-making capabilities; their greediness; treating their employees like their Katrina customers and beware of "Inclusion."

Inclusion is a program that engages employees to be a part of the Allstate environment and for their voices to be heard. This is crap, I just got fired for voicing my opinion via the inclusion process.

Inclusion = Exclusion

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davetheinsuranceguy in Tucson, Arizona

86 months ago

Yeah, you got to be careful... there are lots of Allstate people at www.insurance-forums.net who have been talking about this and what the future will hold for Allstate.

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benjaminfrankin in Winfield, Illinois

86 months ago

Hey, Dave,

I don't have to be careful at all, I'm just stating the facts.

Look at Liddy and the type of culture he created at Allstate, one of oppression, one of thinking within the box, one of taking every ounce of human and profession dignity just to keep a job at Allstate and for him to keep Allstate Stocks at $60 p/share so he could receive his $43M in bonus.

Now he left and went w/ AIG, still dancing and back peddlying while his buddy at Allstate took over and is plowing the organization into the ground. Allstate's insurance is too high and is horrible, my neighbors have their insurance policies w/ Allstate and are now switching.

So don't tell me to be careful. I'm just voicing the facts for the Allstaters with no guts.

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