Allstate is pathetic

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Betty Lou Smith in southhaven, Mississippi

57 months ago

Allstate is a pathetic company in my book. I don't know anything about their insurance, but anyone that treats their employees like Allstate does is a sorry company! My husband is an Auto Adjuster and has been with them for almost 4 years. He kept thinking things would get better, but now he's given up hope. Something he used to enjoy while working for another company (S.F.), but had to resign to relocate due to family circumstances, has become a total nightmare and daily dread. He leaves for work at 7:20 to go to set up at a drive-in. After that he begins his field assignments. He may end up driving 1 1/2 hour to first field assignment, then have to drive all the way across several counties to his next. The company wants him to be able to complete 4 to 5 field assignments per day, which most days in his area is impossible. He may end up 80 miles from home at 5:00pm. So in all reality his day begins with Allstate at 7:20am and ends about 7:00pm, because if he does get home by 6, he still has computer work to complete and phone calls to make in order to set up assignments for the next day. So that's 9-10 hours on average a day he works and that is without stopping for lunch.

The internal claims secretaries are a big joke. They have no idea what's going on in the field. They should know better that to assign these assignments that are miles and miles apart on the same day. They actually don't know and don't care that the adjuster is busting his buns to get from place to place and that they end up miles from home at the end of the day.

Adjusters can only do what the company allows, then the company surveys the customer and if they don't get a repair payment they are happy with, the adjuster gets a bad survey. It's the company's fault because of the survey, but the adjuster get reprimanded. Sorry, sorry, sorry company....

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