Assessment Test

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Pete in Chicago, Illinois

88 months ago

Can anyone share with me what the assessment test is like? What types of questions are asked and the approximate time frame for the test?

joe in Monroe, Louisiana

87 months ago

The test consist of 3 parts. Personality types questions, english/grammar, and reading comprehension. If you could study anything it would be the english. It is timed.....I think around 15 minutes for 22 questions in the english part.

sunshine11 in Los Angeles, California

87 months ago

I would say if you are going to study for any of it study for the math. most of us don't do math in our daily lives unless you are right out of school. Examples of the math questions: Joe's annual bonus is derived 20% from his salary, 25% from his attendence and 2% from attitude. The remainder is from his sales records. If Joe earns $25,00 a year what will be his bonus. (I just made that up - but you get the flavor of the type of questions you will see). Other math questions require you calculate fractions and more percentages. I would suggest brushing up on your math - I did and it made the difference...I passed the test.

The English portion should be easy for most people. It includes punctuation, spelling and re-writing awkward sentences.

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