claims employee still ticking and underpaid..

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mrsrobertson in Farmington Hills, Michigan

46 months ago

The claims department is a very demonic place to work at Allstate. I've been there for more than a year and I noticed that it is very political. For example, if you are over 35 years of age, good luck with getting a call back for an interview. It is a very family orientated place so its a lot of favoritism when it comes to days off and promotions. The management sucks and even the human resources dept is very unprofessional. Oh i almost forgot...its also a very high tension of racism. The average tenure of an employee at this office is 20 years so they are used to having things done the way its been for years, they discourage any bright,new, and efficient ideas to make the workflow smooth. The employees complain and backstab on the regular basis.

The management have very high expectations and little to no direction as far as solving everyday work problems. I'm doing eleven peoples jobs right now and I'm great at what i do. Instead of showing me appreciation, raise, or a promotion, they have me train the newer employees.

I've tried my best to look for another job but i cant find a job that would be worth quitting this position for. I'm beyond frustrated. I'm glad my mom told me about this forum, at least that would help me vent instead of drinking everyday after i get off work..thanks mom(GH)

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Fake Name in Anon, American Samoa

45 months ago

Sounds like you work in LDU.

I work in another claims office across the country from Mrs. Robertson and I can honestly say every word is 100% true.

To play devils advocate, Allstate knows it has all of these issues. My issue is it is all talk about how to fix them, No action. In the lower entry level positions it is basically a revolving door with pay vs workload being the main issue.


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Fake Name in Anon, American Samoa

45 months ago

I'll put things into perspective. I have been with Allstate (2 years) and I have achieved a lot, I consistently exceed all my performance and customer service goals. I was asked and am working on some regional projects and recently won the DPA award(Big prestigious award).

My main issues
- In order for me and the other performers in my office to achieve the expected goals we have to work many extra 'un-paid' hours. These goals force us to work well beyond 12 hour days at times.

- Starting Salary is average for the industry, Allstate the slowest to give senior/associate pay/title.

- When it comes to goals Allstate has an 'Act 1st, research and adjust after we have determined raises' attitude.

- Allstate says they are 'pay for performance'. An entry level employee that smokes almost everyone in the region in the numbers can expect what equates to a $1500 y/r raise. While 20+ year employees can expect a very good salary for minimal quality.

-The pay band structure is completely broken. I have a perfect example. I asked my manager this questions. "Lets say I was applying for a job at Allstate. Lets say we keep all of my experience, skills, and performance the same just replace the word Allstate with State Farm. If I applied for a job right now, would you offer me my current wage or more." Her response completely shocked me. Alot more.

This is what is wrong with the entry level of Allstate, no wonder why so many people are unhappy and leave in the beginning.

Allstate is a GREAT company for the 5+ year crowd. Great pay at that point, benefits are very good, PTO is amazing.

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