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between rock and hard place in Choctaw, Oklahoma

87 months ago

I have worked for Amedisys for a short period of time. First as a LPN in the field then I took a postion as a BOS in the office. I thought being in the office environment would be much easier than the field. WHAT A SHOCK!!! The mounds and mounds of paperwork I go through on a daily basis. Has anyone taught the clinicians what does and does not require a written order? Logging is a joke. It is like our clinicians are not help accountable for any of their own activities. They tell us to call or text the clinician to bring in their activity logs. I just want to scream at them, "bring it in on time or you don't get paid for those visits, period!!" Clinicians aren't asked to be accountable, but all of us in the office better be or heads will fly.
Our DOO skipped out on us after her vacation. Just this week our BOM and both CMs have quit or changed positions in the office. That left only myself and one other BOS. Another Amed office in a nearby town was shut down, or, er, I mean, they have C O N S O L I D A T E D with us. New people coming in the door, some disgruntled. Talk about workplace stress!!!
I truly want to remain in my current position but all the changes and the lies from higher ups is taking a toll on my sanity. Constantly being told thing will "get better" and so far they haven't. Whatever happened to the Core Values? Remember why we are here. OH, Communicate with fear of retaliation, that's a joke!!

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truthteller in Christiansburg, Virginia

80 months ago

Responding as if you are still there....
You may have held on while all the changes have taken place but once they are filled watch out!
If at any time you question WHY amedisys does things a certain way then you are gone when its conveinant for them to do without you. Don't be fooled by the good reviews you have received. They are told to tell you what you want to hear, even down to the day they tell you you're being "laid off". This company deals in medicare fraud and one day will be found out. I questioned one day as a newbee why a certain client was labeled in the plan of care as someone who couldn't dress themselves or feed themselves knowing from my observation this wasn't true. I was told that "we have to make it look worse than it really is so the client can get approved for services by medicare". It wasn't long until that person in management was nicely told they had to leave.
A few short months later while continuing to question their ethics, i was gone also.

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Finished with them in Amelia Court House, Virginia

79 months ago

This company has nothing to do with patient care and everything to do with profit. They provide sub-standard supplies so they can make a profit. The supply managers at the warehouses refuse to supply MD ordered items and instead give "cheaper" items until you write an order stating a good reason for the less cost effective item, since when did they get their PhD. You have to work all day and then do paperwork all night, so that means your family takes a back seat to this company. I would like to see them provide ONE nurse that can walk into a home for a start of care, do a wound VAC, IV infusion, PICC care, assessment, teaching and have the paperwork finished in 2 hours. They can't. You will work an average of 100+ hours per pay period. No, overtime with company unless you ask and even then you are told you need to manage your time better. No mileage from your first patient and your last patient so if you are on-call and your first patient is 50 miles away and your second patient is 2 miles from the first, you only get the 2 miles. It is also about numbers, how many patients can they get. If a patient has one medication change, you recert for another 90 days. It doesn't matter if the patient needs a nurse when the referral source ask for PT, there is always medication management teaching. Then PT does an eval and says patient does not need PT. So that means the patient pays for something that was not ordered by MD. Then we are told to assess ADLs for "safety" which means everybody is F2 or F3 status. As far as the Medicare Fraud is concerned, they did it and if the people that are conducting the investigation don't seriously do something about it, they will do it again. This company was built on the backs of hard working field employees which are treated horribly. Yes, we are paid good but you will work your butt off for every cent and your family life will suffer. You will be treated no better than a dog of a Hebrew slave.

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