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Sheryl Rodriguez in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

84 months ago

I fell for the American Income Life Insurance Scandal. I was contacted to be a recruiter, and was told in the interview I would be calling a list of qualified people to come in for an interview for an undisclosed position. LIES! I am given a call sheet from contacts they pull from every resume site you can imagine, ranging from all over NJ. I called all kinds of people, over and under qualified, doctors, CEOS, painters, IT, students…people that never did sales. IK had to convince them to schedule an interview, reading off a script like a robot, getting paid crap to deal with attitude because you can only give limited information. I had a quota I had to meet and never met it because the supervisor above me was treated like gold and stole our work. She got that position and held it because she lied and manipulated everyone. Not to mention she had a personal relationship with the director of that firm. Very unprofessional and misleading. They gave these trained seminars so people can fall for their lies. They just moved from Edison to Eatontown and move regularly to recruit in a different area once theirs is dry. Nobody they contact is qaulified, thought they make you feel they are. If you get contacted to become a recruiter, leave. Your compenstion is way too little to put up with the aggrivation and fakeness of the office. If you get contacted to come in for a position that they can not give you information on, hang up. Here is their most recent script:

This is Bob from American Income and Im calling in reference to the resume you have posted on Monster, do you have a minute for me? Great.

Well first off, are you currently working? How long were you working there? What made you leave you last job?

Well let me tell you a little about us. We have been in the business for over 50 years providing supplemental insurance to unions, credit unions.

Then they will go on about how you are qaulified and book you either on a Monday Wednesday or Friday: 10-10:30

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AgentInLa in Bossier City, Louisiana

81 months ago

I can't help but notice one phrase in your diatribe..."…people that never did sales." No such person exists. Everyone sells something every day. The suitor sells his sweetheart on his affection, the recruiter sells his recruit on his opportunity, the applicant sells his recruiter on his ability, the child sells his parents on extra allowance, the parent sells his children on chores....anyone can...and does...sell everyday. The key is believing in your product and sticking with the system. Clearly you didnt believe in the opportunity you were selling your recruits, no wonder you had trouble getting them to "buy". But, to be fair, I wouldnt work in any business where a manager at any level was having "personal relations" with a subordinate. I'm blessed to be in an agency where that isnt happening.

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