The Apollo Group

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Miles in Peoria, Arizona

95 months ago

The Apollo Group, representing the University of Phoenix, Axia College and the UoP Online is a miserable company to work for. I know people who work there and they hate it. The company wants nothing from you but to hit their quotas (no matter how you do it), and they neither pay nor support their employees well.

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Anonymous in Chicago, Illinois

92 months ago

The Apollo Group used to be a great company to work for--before they went public in the late 90's. Now it is all about the bottom line and pleasing the shareholders. If you don't make your quotas, you get pressured liked you would at a car dealer. Your support is very very minimal. Pay compared to other institutions is pretty awful. They used to welcome an entrepreneurial spirit, now they just want you to meet your quotas according to their system (which doesn't always work). They turn a blind eye to how you get the quotas met within their framework.

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Been There. . . in Wheeling, Illinois

86 months ago

Pay is miserable. Be prepared to allow plagiarism and pass students who plagiarize. In this for profit "university" (I use this term loosely!), the students are always "right". If you do try to teach well (require completion of assignments that require thinking and work, penalize plagiarism, assign grades that reflect student's performance), expect to find your actual name plastered on the likes of and others--and with NO recourse, even if you know who posted. Federal law prevents you from disclosing that the poster plagiarized, didn't complete assignments, or whatever the case may be. The majority of students attend via some form of tuition reimbursement based upon earned grades so the UoP teacher is pressured to inflate grades to maximize percentage of tuition reimbursed by employer, military, etc. Yes, you will have some students assigned to you that are absolutely wonderful to work with and want to take an active part in the learning process, but you will also be attempting to teach those who were handed the "bill of goods" with statements like, "you can study and attend class around your schedule". Ugh! On the flipside, if you are interviewing someone with a degree from UoP, be prepared to make an extra effort to validate learnings (ask relevant questions, etc.)

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Besette in Littleton, Colorado

85 months ago

Wow, thanks for the info.

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