AppleNothing. They won't call you for jack squat!

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Brian in Las Vegas, NV in Las Vegas, Nevada

112 months ago

All the jobs they post are not real--they just want to lure you into their office so they can reach their quotas. Don't waste your time, they won't call you back. I registered with them about a year ago when I moved to Los Angeles, hoping to get a job that was posted on They never mentioned anything about that job, and just had me come in and sit there and fill out tons of paperwork and wait about two hours staring at the wall. Then they make me watch these stupid training videos and finally I get an interview that's only 5 minutes long. After leaving, they didn't call me once, with anything. I tried calling them but they wouldn't return my calls OR my e-mails! Then I called another Appleone office is Palos Verdes, and she made me come in and fill out more stupid paperwork and wait forever, and she even wanted to change my resume! It turned out she was worse at writing a resume than I was, because she sent it back to me and it was all messed up looking. She had the nerve to act like she was some resume-writing expert. And then she promises me she'll give me a call and find me something. Well, she never found me a damn thing, and like the other recruiter, never returned my e-mails or my phone calls! I was dirt poor and totally broke, so me and my girlfriend moved to Vegas hoping to find work here. The minute I got here I called up many employment agencies in Vegas, including the AppleOne. I never got a call back or an e-mail from the Appleone in Vegas either!!! This company is a crock. They post bogus ads all over the internet, which only make it harder to find the REAL jobs underneath all their stupid garbage. They must have some quota they have to reach every month that is determined by some corporate office. Don't waste your time with Appleone like I did. They suckered me and made me feel totally stupid and taken advantage of!

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Alison in Las Vegas, Nevada

112 months ago

I know for a fact that the escrow secretary job they have listed is no longer available and hasn't been for about 1 day after it was listed. After hearing everyones comments I doubt that this job ever existed. I went to Appleone a couple of months ago. They told me it would be really easy to find a job. They never found me anything. I finally went to another company called Ajilon, which found me a job the same day. The only reason I ever tried appleone was because I knew this girl who used them a couple of times, and was always able to find something by the next day. But then again she knew a girl who worked there. I have a stable work history and I was more qualified for all of the jobs she was able to get. She even quit without telling them and the girl found her something else the next day. I think it just depends on who you know. They don't care about things like qualifications or anything like that. Las Vegas, NV.

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margaretfong in Novato, California

112 months ago

5 minutes isn't a lot of time to interview somebody. All fake jobs. Go find a job yourself by applying directly to the company's website.

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Jimi in Franklin, Tennessee

112 months ago

Agreed. They have been running the EXACT same ad for an "Executive Assistant at a Healthcare Company - 40k-50k" for over 8 months now. The exact same ad.

Don't waste your time and let these people get you to work for them for $12/hour while billing the company $30/hour.

YOU CAN FIND YOUR OWN JOB. You don't even need a newspaper - this site - indeed - is a great one - you can sort new listings by date and they are pulled from everywhere. has gotten me my last 2 jobs. No fees either!

AppleOne, I hope you rot in ****!!!!

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111 months ago

Wow, a lot of A**holeOne haters. Posting fake jobs seems like a waste of their time, but who knows. Mostly I'm starting to resent A**holeOne because of their false sense of security. 3 hours after registering they found me a $15/hr job. It only lasted a month, and since then, zippola.

My impression is that they like to live off only a few clients and send a revolving door of employees through one or two places.

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margaretfong in Novato, California

111 months ago

One of my girlfriends was registered there and they managed to find her something. However, she discovered that she nailed the interview at a permanent position. This office constantly was bugging her to take the assignment anyway and forget about her permanent position. Why? Being permanent is BETTER then temping. She told them that it offers benefits which is does, while being a temp don't. So, why nag and nag. Worse customer service ever.

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fred garvin in Dallas, Texas

108 months ago

Its interesting because those temp agencies also have listings for employment within their offices. My skills far exceeded to what their temp agency job was asking, I they never called me hahahaha.I think they must pick out the most stupid people to work there because they have such a high turn over rate. I must have put out 25 resumes in one day to all sorts of companies thru I got one call back the next day, and not only did the temp agency want to interview me first which i dont have a problem with, and fill out tons of paperwork, the lady on the phone told me i would also have to interview with the company as well? hahahah. I was supposed to go to the interview with the temp agency the next day,but i thought about how far it was, the gas prices and drive time, all to apply for a job, which i would have to apply for again? if hired by the temp agency? sounds like Orwellian double speak. The job description was making 300 calls a day for an oil and gas company, i have been in sales over 10 plus years and never made 300 calls a day! what a crock....i thought now why in the hell would i interview twice for a job so i can sit and make 300 calls a day? so some sleezy temp agency can pay me half of what im worth...I agree with the other person, try to go directly to the main company website to apply. I think there are so many people out of work, they are dumping most of the resumes on hand or email. I do recall a story where a college grad couldnt find work in his field for years. Finally he sent out over 200 resumes and was hired! I guess its a numbers game now....Good Luck Everyone!

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