Huh? (Copy of an Emailing Between Las Vegas AppleOne Rep and Myself)

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Still Unemployed in Las Vegas, Nevada

54 months ago

If they had any jobs available, I might be worried by this, but since they don't . . .

"Dear [Rep],

You asked me to interview with you for an estate planning secretary position. I complied, and since then have heard nothing from you re that position; however, you inundate me with junk like this. Read my resume - there is nothing on it vaguely resembling graphic arts, sales, convention work, etc. If you have nothing available which relates to my
experience and/or qualifications, please stop emailing me this crap."

(From AppleOne Rep): "This is a MASS Email!!! When I meet with candidates I tell them that I mass email positions. Sorry I did not clarify this with you. I will take you off ALL our mass email list including positions that you have experience in."

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