apple one in HOUSTON

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joe lopez in Houston, Texas

109 months ago

yeah so i applied with apple one over a call center position which they had about a dozen posted here in the Houston area, was told to come in for an interview and test. passed everything with high scores, and was more than qualified for the position i was applying for. even though i was told on Monday they were still available, by Tuesday they were all filled according to them. they instead offered me a job as a recruiter/enrollment counselor for an online university. (university of phoenix) they are apparently a very big client for them here in Houston and have the biggest account with them. so what they do is that they post fake ads to lure applicants in and then give them the bad news about that position being filled, then they tell you that by some luck they have something from a university as an enrollment counselor. it sounds good being that its a university and all but the truth is that all you do is make outbound phone calls (cold calls) to get students to enroll. thats it. they say that you show them around and do presentations and so forth but its nothing like that. i know because i have two friends who got a position through other temp agencies also, doing the same thing for the same university.
Its the bait and switch trick. reel them in and then switch the bait. they round you up like a cattle call, and then they tell you "ohh darn its no longer available but we do have something else." and why would they do this? well i got to find out that the recruiters are on commission. they even have a huge white board displayed that is only meant to be understood by the employees to see who is ahead with which company. so for example they will have time warner as one major account and online university as the other. they fill all these positions by those that come in to apply for something else regardless of what they are applying for. its just more profitable and more convenient for them to focus on just one position for one comp. rather than many.

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Call me Charlie in Louisville, Kentucky

109 months ago

joe lopez in Houston, Texas said: i applied with apple one over a call center position which they had .......all you do is make outbound phone calls ...

Do I understand that the one job is answering incoming calls and the other is making outgoing calls? If the pay is the same, what's the difference? Sounds to me to be the same type of "call center" job anyway.

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