What's the company culture at ARUP Laboratories?

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Every business has it's own style. What is the office environment and culture like at ARUP Laboratories?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at ARUP Laboratories?

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The voice of long experience in Sandy, Utah

130 months ago

Nepotism rules. No need to apply here if you are interested in long term employment or a promotion. Someone's sister, mother, daughter, or relative will get the promotion and credit for YOUR ideas and work. The employee turnover is tremendous. Very, very poor management. This is why there are ALWAYS jobs posted.

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Jane Doe in Draper, Utah

126 months ago

A huge administrative section exists mainly to jusify itself. Fewer than 25% of them have anything to do. So they meddle and interfere with others to fill in time. Politics are the worst I've ever seen.
Money has replaced God and is pursued with religious zeal. The corporate culture is a lie. Owned by the State of Utah it has no law. Only people on personal power trips.
Employees come from all over the country, see the culture, and leave after six months so they won't have to list this place as a reference. Think about this.
Don't work in the lab. Don't work in the lab. They make thier own tests. When the tests don't work, the report anyway. Think about this. If you insist on working in the lab anyway then get a signed agreement prior to employment stating you don't have to perform thier tests or put out bad test results. Or don't take the job.
Check the publications they produce. No one cites them.
Work someplace else and never have to regret coming here.
Signed: stuck and suffering.

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Lovin' it in Salt Lake City, Utah

125 months ago

I'm glad i'm not "stuck and suffering" as others put it.

Funny, I've never been chained to my ARUP workstation. No one at ARUP is making me stay at this insufferable place.

How dare ARUP allow me to exercise at least 30 minutes per day at their on-site Wellness Center which includes weights, cardio and classes all for free.
It annoys me that i have the opportunity to have my child attend their on-site childcare center for a cost far cheaper than other places. It's such a hassle to be able to take breaks and go check on my child whenever I need to and eliminate the time I so thoroughly enjoy sitting in traffic as I drive out of my way somewhere else to pick her/him up.
How dare they pay 75 percent of my school tuition, as well as my family's tuition... to any credible institution. And the bonus cash we get every 3 months is such a pain to pocket. I could go on.

The dress code depends on where you work. Lab or office. In the lab i have scrubs, tennis shoes and a lab coat. At the desk, a button-up shirt or polo, no tie, khakis/corduroys, and jeans on "relaxed Fridays." It is relevant to what you're doing.

Typical day: come in and do my job, hour lunch break when I want it. I talk to many people, work out alone or go to exercise classes with friends. Stay until my job's done or blitz if it's slow.

Yes, I get together with work friends! It's not ARUP that decides if you hang out with someone on the weekends. There are personality clashes everywhere and at any job, and yes, dare I say even at ARUP!!! At ARUP there are nearly 2500 employees. It depends on your personality.

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Happy at ARUP in Salt Lake City, Utah

125 months ago

I don’t know what department Jane Doe works in but my experience has been quite different. Yes, every company has politics. Like anywhere, it depends on the mix of personalities in your department. I definitely don’t see anybody stuck here. In fact, I work with several people who have left and then come back within a year because they realize how good we have it.

The atmosphere overall is very friendly and tolerant, and the dress code is business casual. Jeans or scrubs are fine for the lab. The benefits are awesome. Great on-site wellness center, tuition, day care, health clinic, great retirement. People are pretty happy around here.

I can’t respond to reporting “made up” test results, but labs are accountable to governmental quality standards and inspections that have to be met or licensure and accreditation would be taken away. So far, we pass with flying colors every time.

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Fantastic Place! in Salt Lake City, Utah

125 months ago

I've been there over a decade now, and can honestly say I've never worked anywhere better. And, yes, I've worked plenty of places. I work in one of the supporting departments and the environment is great. I can't speak directly to peoples' experience in the labs, but all the lab people I've worked with are top-notch. People care. They want to produce a quality product and make things better for everyone. In my department at least, changes do not come down from on high. People are encouraged to speak their mind and be heard.

I don't have any relatives working here, and I've been promoted three times. But it's not at all uncommon for one person to hire on, and before you know it their spouse and one or two adult children are here as well. It's a great place with great people and benefits.

If I had to come up with one complaint, it would be the pay. Management does check ARUP's wages against others periodically, but by the time any changes actually show up in a paycheck, up to two years have gone by since the data was first collected. And even then, the wages being paid don't necessarily bring people up to par with competing organizations. It kinda stinks, but when you consider the whole package, there's no question. ARUP is awesome!

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So long - good luck in Los Angeles, California

119 months ago

It's never enough to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.
I could never feel clean again accepting ARUP's dirty money.
The benefits are beneficial to management and their minions. You probably won't be there long enough to even recover your moving expenses.
They will turn over whole departments of employees rather than admit management is bad.
Except in the blood bank, inspections were a joke. They are not done by any government or law enforcement authority. Call that 1-800 number and kiss your job goodbye. Don't take my or anyone's word for it...check up on it for yourself.
I suspect that the syrupy posts exclaiming ARUP's greatness are sponsored by management ro their relatives. Workers are treated like serfs.
As for me and my family, I will never allow any medical specimen from us to ever be tested at ARUP.

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the ascp monitor in Salt Lake City, Utah

111 months ago

ARUP is the best company as they sponsor employee with a science degree to obtain ASCP categorical certification

Many positions are 7on/7off
which could be difficult for older employees if they get a long term illness

The lab is overstaffed,but management has few people in charge of making decisions
instead of a committee or group of people of the lab itself

There are many examples ,known to many current employees,
of management making "bon afide or mad den decisions"
1)Firing an older lady,who used medicare mobility scooter, for leaving the samples
too long at room temperature
2)firing an employee who took too many smoking breaks
3)singling out and blaming one individual for going to the company picnic
with the rest of his department instead of staying in the lab to wait for a incoming"STAT"

4)Firing an individual for criticizing a "bon afide or mad den " decision
of one person in human resources(instead of a committee)
of supporting the affair of a single female employee
with a married male employee(who told the single female employee to take
to human resources those that tried to make her quit the affair with him,i.e. help her)
The single female employee later realized that the married male employee gave
her false promises and took advantage of her.

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princessgene in duluth, Minnesota

106 months ago

I'm planning to move to Utah and would like to get a job at ARUP. I'd like to know from any current ARUP employee who started as a lowly tech or lab assistant if they were able to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement to get their bachelor's degree.

How hard is it to get a job at ARUP?

I'm just looking for any information I can on ARUP to help me decide if it is worth it to move back to Utah should I get a job at the lab.

Thanks for your time.

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Patricia in Stockton, California

27 months ago

I interviewed for a position at ARUP on the 6th of the month it is now the 28th of the month and I have not heard one way or another of I got the job or not. I'm frustrated and find this unprofessional. .Has this happened to anyone else.

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kristaknodel in Bay Area, California

13 months ago

I have 3 years of experience working around blood and I have been applying to work here for the last 5 years and I never get called for an interview, but why do they always have job openings??

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