Aspen Dental

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Me in Cumberland, Maryland

90 months ago

I have been reading a lot of bad stuff on the net about this company. How bad is it to work for this company? Is there anything good about it? I am looking to work anywhere temporarily and this may be my only option. Good or bad idea? Any advice would be great!

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Trudee in Cranston, Rhode Island

74 months ago

No, there is nothing good about working for Aspen Dental. They are a bussiness not a dental practice. All managers (office, district, regional), and all secondary employees ( call center, receptionists), DO NOT have any dental background or experience. The reason being so Aspen can train them according to Aspen's model. In other words, without any dental knowledge, no one questions why things are done. Aspen patients are SOLD treatmaents they don't need and they're insurances are raped to cover the expense. The dentist decides what the patient needs for hygiene care not the hygienist. Most people only need a routine cleaning, but not if you go to Aspen. People are told they have gingavitis or other perio disease and are FORCED to sign a treatment plan they don't need or can afford.

I've been in the dental world 20 plus years and Aspen is the worst place I've worked. There "model" is a joke. According to Aspen every patient is treated as a whole not as an individual. SELL SELL SELL They present an attractive insentive bonus, but you need to meet a quota by selling patients products they don't need.

Aspen is a terrible company to work for unless you don't care about the patient's dental health and are only interested in making money.

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jane in Buffalo, New York

74 months ago

had apatient come in to our that just came from an aspen office in his hand he had a six page treatment plan- six pages i was like oh my god-- with a grnad total of 6500.00 of supoosed work that need ed to be done or they gave him the option scrap all this work and get dentures- hello-- first of all who would sign this and let alone agree to it- they hand these peolpe these treatment plans and tell them if you don not get this done your teeth will fall out by the time you hit the door- and they also told him he had perio- which he did not--i guess people do fall for this because there offices are open-- i like to make money too- but the honest way of treating patients---

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leenyak in Hillsboro, New Hampshire

67 months ago

Aren't these the same clowns that went bankrupt in the Nashua NH area?? Think they are- and left all there customers holding the bag.. Not going here for sure....

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YouWantTheTruth in Wisconsin

41 months ago

"Allcare" is the answer you were looking for as the "clowns" that went bankrupt. Aspen has never gone under. If you want the truth, I can tell you. - Former office manager for Aspen Dental.

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