How to get a job at Assurant.

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Do you work at Assurant? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

Rico1 in St Petersburg, Florida

91 months ago

This company treats its employees like third graders!They are in the business of finding ways not to pay claims on after market auto warranties. The training Stinks! It is a very high pressure call center environment staffed by subserviant losers.The managers are impatient tyrants who watch and listen to everything an employee says and does.It is a corperate culture of tattletales and spying on fellow employees. They can't keep help because of it.It's like working in a bad movie about big corperations.They are going down the tubes...FAST! DON'T DO IT!!!

CanDoLou in Tampa, Florida

91 months ago

I was a claims adjuster at this outfit.I am bilingulal and was hired to deal mostly with spanish speakers.I quit because my boss was verbally abusive one too many times.You would not believe the lies and policies at this office.They lie so much that they forget what lies they tell people and then they get caught and have to lie their way out of awkward situations!If your honest and have a conscience dont even bother to apply here.If your a brown nose and will do anything for a buck its your place to go.

PetMate in Atlanta, Georgia

70 months ago

QUESION: What is the normal vacation structure at Assurant Companies? e.g. 2 weeks for entry level, 5 weeks for Senior Level / 5 years on the job, etc.

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