What's the company culture at Ats Applied Tech Systems?

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Every business has its own style. What is the office environment and culture like at Ats Applied Tech Systems?

Are people dressed in business casual, jeans and t-shirts, or full-on suits? Do folks get together for Friday happy hours and friendly get-togethers?

What is a typical day in the life of an employee at Ats Applied Tech Systems?

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Consensus in Franklin, Indiana

52 months ago

Let me introduce myself. I'll be your boss. I'm a charlatan who connives, deceives and manipulates, but I preserve a respectable front. I know myself to be dishonest, but others think I'm honest and I derive my self-respect from that: second-hand. I take credit for an achievement which is not my own. I know myself to be mediocre, but I'm great in the eyes of others. I'm the frustrated wretch who professes love for the inferior and clings to those less endowed, in order to establish my own superiority by comparison.

I'm a second-hander and the moral appraisal of myself by others is a primary concern.

The disapproval of others is so shatteringly terrifying to me that nothing can withstand its impact within my consciousness. I first want to know what others think, so I can then react—either in compliance or in defiance. I'm really struggling for a stamp of approval from others for prestige—even if it is not my own.

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FormerEmployeeFlorida in Palm Beach, Florida

50 months ago

You're the new hire: sorry about your luck.

You'll never be provided the tools, training, or support needed.

Instead, your aptitude will be intentionally weakened, so your boss will appear stronger.

When you shine, he'll see you as a potential threat, competitor or rival and bury you.

You'll be the blame, regardless of the facts...you won't see it coming.

He'll smile in your face, strike a friendly conversation, and reach-out a firm handshake – while digging your grave behind your back.

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Poetic Justice in Greenwood, Indiana

49 months ago

I love knowing that NOTHING has improved since my departure over a year ago.

The self-proclaimed geniuses are back to square one!

So much for that smug arrogant, holier than thow, know-it-all attitude.

Karma: what you dish out, you'll always get back.

Word of advice to the mental midgets running the circus: you too can and will eventually be replaced!


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