How to get a job at Audatex.

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Do you work at Audatex? How did you find the job? How did you get that first interview?

Any advice for someone trying to get in?

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

112 months ago

Do not work for Audatex. This company is a total sweatshop environment. Training is minimal and the expectations are too unreasonable, such as being off the phone within 9 minutes and having everything documented within that time frame. To me it shows that they care more about processing calls off the queue than providing adequate support to their clients. Upper management is not completely aware nor do they bother calculating the cost of training and the cost of other TSR’s training new hires. I found it absolutely outrageous that one of my coworkers hadn't even met or had ever been introduced to his supervisor until his monthly review. To me that is complete lack of respect and demonstrates how unimportant employees are considered.

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

112 months ago

Do not work for Audatex. Your breaks are timed to the split-second and so are your lunches. If you miss your scheduled lunch or break, you need to ask for permission, which will be denied during heavy call periods. Management has no respect for you. One minute you can be praised for a job well done and the next second you are unceremoniously dismissed. There is no job security. I have witnessed and experienced Management's pettiness and unjustified firings on the premise that TSR's are always doing something wrong. They scrutinize you every minute of every day and are quick on the trigger and will make any excuse to fire anyone. They advertize that they promote work/life balance but in reality it's a total lie. Some co-workers were criticized for leaving at the end of their shift or not volunteering enough...There's always something negative. As far as career potential, don't kid yourself - it's a dead end job, without any possibility of advancement if you think differently from the other management zombies. Promotions are decided well in advance and prior to any offical announcement. If you are a man, there is a strong possibility that you will not be considered for management, unless you've been there for many years and endured the abuse. The office is a cube farm from Hell. There is no privacy and management always keeps an eye on you, whether making print screens of your pc, or listening on your calls or looking for something to dismiss you. The environment is toxic. Taking vacation days when you want is a fallacy. All vacation days are pooled in 16 hours/day, which means that if 2 people take that day off, you are out of luck, even if there are over 40 people in your dept. Do not work there!

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

112 months ago

Popcorn, ice cream, or pizza day will not be a quelcher for the incompetence and deviousness of CSG management at the Ann Arbor location. A one-day crash course in Six-Sigma Principles will not be a cure-all but a feeble band-aid attempt at masquerading management's incompetence, lack of leadership and disrespect towards their employees. The San Diego office needs to be aware that there is a serious malaise in the culture of this company and if they were really serious about Six-Sigma and their work/life balance (Think 80/20, Act 30/30, Live 90/10..yadda, yadda, yadda!), they would can most supevisors, especially the ones who have been there for quite a while because they do not know how to think outside the can they? The whole office is a bunch of cube-boxes!!

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Auda-Hell in Detroit, Michigan

111 months ago

I know how you feel.
It's refreshing to read such comments from someone who dared to spill the beans on Audatex.
I just heard from a former client who told me they were furious at Audatex/Solera regarding their support and that they ended up coisting the over $40K in support fees and some accounting mishap etc. and it took forever to be reimbursed.
They told me Audatex kept denying it was their fault the whole time and that they always made excuses for not paying them back. It took a couple of years before Audatex finally paid them back and ever since they call them back asking if they want their services, since they're on the mailing list. The client asked repeatedly to be scratched out of their mailing lists but they still keep calling back years later as if nothing happened. What a bunch of morons.

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iliketrees in Troy, Michigan

111 months ago


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Momoney in Detroit, Michigan

111 months ago

I was going to apply but after reading all these posts I think I'll pass. Who needs the aggravation??

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Voodoopapa in Detroit, Michigan

111 months ago

I work there right now and I must tell you that everything they say is a lie.
Audatex DOES NOT offer excellent career opportunities and DOES NOT PROVIDE the ability to work in a highly collaborative, dynamic environment. As a matter of fact it is dysfunctional. They DO NOT offer a competitive salary, because it's a sweatshop, their "outstanding benefits package" is outweighed by the stressful environment which would make a saint lose his/her patience, and THERE IS NO professional advantages of an environment that supports the development BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE, and THEY DO NOT RECOGNIZE your achievements. They are an Equal Opportunity Stress creator.

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

109 months ago

Insider sources have mentioned that Ann Arbor is so desperate to find french-speaking TSR's and have given no explanation to the San Diego HQ as to WHY they cannot keep and find french-speaking TSR's.

They are so desperate that they've outsourced the job searches to companies such as the one below on Careebuilder:

"Job Classification: Contract

Helpdesk Support Technican opportunity for an individual that has experience troubleshooting various range of software and PC hardware issues. Must be able to work end users and walk them through issues, reset passwords, install software, document and track trouble tickets. Candidates must have at least a year of helpdesk experience, Windows (98, NT, 200, XP) DOS background would be a plus, understanding of the network, work independently and able to prioritize. Individual must be bilingual in French and English.

Competencies Desired:

Helpdesk, Microsoft Windows, Remote Support, Fluent in French"

Give me a BREAK!!!

This job S*UCKS and I will make it my extra-curricular activity to warn everyone I can, not to work for Audtatex, AND THAT INCLUDES ALL THE FRENCH-SPEAKING COMMUNITY IN AND AROUND ANN ARBOR, MI. yOU WOULD RATHER SHOVEL MANURE THAN WORK AT THAT UNPROFESSIONAL PLACE!!

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

108 months ago

Another Supervisor bit the dust at Audatex Claims Services Group. The official line is that the manager became in charge of "special projects." The Manager was moved from her office. Soon others will follow; especially the ones who have been there for a very long time...Time to get some new blood and change the "stab-in-the-back" culture so pervasive at the Ann Arbor office. They also shut down web-mail access to all employees because they suspect we're blogging and writing on these boards, and they haven't been able to recruit. They also changed how to search for jobs so the comments aren't readily seen with the job description. People aren't stupid...they know how and where to go into the foruims to check out what people know what truly happens inside this company.

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Looking in San Diego, California

105 months ago

While these comments all sound very negative, they seem to be coming from primarily two or three people. I think everyone has to take what they say with a grain of salt.

Also, and this is true for my company as well, CS is notorious for exhagerating a situation. This makes me somewhat skeptical of some of the claims outlined earlier.

Given that, I'm sure that some workers at Audatex in Ann Arbor apparently don't like their employment. To those, I would think they would immediately leave and look for other work. Otherwise, why complain?

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audatoxic in Farmington Hills, Michigan

105 months ago

You almost sound like one of those supervisors (actually, you probably are). Take it with as much salt as you like. You're entitled to your own opinion. Only the people who lived and are living through it will truly know how negative it was and still is. Some people decide not to see the obvious signs and stick their heads in the sand. But that place can be best described as burn-and-churn. Why not leave immediately you say? Because reality dictates that as miserable as most of those people are, and as despicable and conniving as those supervisors are, people have families to take care of and have to feed themselves in this economy. Some are so desperate that they will take whatever abuse will come their way, and they know it. I applaud people for venting in this forum. This company wrecks careers. It is still happening. The nonsense from managers and supervisors trying to exhert senseless pressure on TSR's. Even those new hires are feeling the senseless pressure. Those who ask why no one is complaining have already made up their minds to see only what they want to see. CS supervisors can live in la-la land if the so wish. Some managers and supervisors are so incompetent that they sweep "little secrets" under the rug. The discontent is so obvious, it is laughable. But if you want to keep drinking the kool aid, go right ahead. I will do my part in telling everyone not to work there and not to waste their time, by taking themselves out of the job market only to be dumped disgracefully and unceremoniously a few months or years later. Shame on them and their unprofessional antics.

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Looking in San Diego, California

104 months ago

Actually, no, I'm not a manager nor an employee of Audatex.

Honestly, CS jobs are a dime a dozen. While I do sympathize with your statement that people have to provide for their families, I can't imagine myself berating the company I CURRENTLY work for on a website forum. I personally would look for a job elsewhere. There are plenty of CS jobs at my current company as people move in/out into other areas. I have to assume that the Michigan market is similar to some extent. A quick search on pulled up quite a few jobs.

Another way of looking at this: what have YOU done to improve upon the work atmosphere? Have you escalated your complaints to San Diego HQ? Have you looked at CS organizations outside Audatex to identify any potential changes that could improve your (and your co-worker's) situation? Have you taken it upon yourself to make your company a better work environment...or have you only listed your complaints on job forums?

To put us at eye-level, I worked HW/SW CS in my early days and moved out into another group. I definitely understand the frustrations with bad bosses, co-workers and the like. I had my fair share at my current company while in CS. However, my strategy was to work my best to improve the group and push for change. When the opportunity arose to move into another group, I took it. I have no regrets for leaving or being in CS. CS is a great opportunity for anyone as it provides great hands-on knowledge about your company's solutions.

I hope my comments come across as honest feedback regarding your current state with Audatex and nothing more. Good luck to you.

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itwhiz in Detroit, Michigan

103 months ago

Has anyone worked for the Hollander Group, and Powerlink Field Insatallations

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tonysboy in San Ramon, California

103 months ago

I worked for Audatex a few years and every thing stated below is true. They do not care about any employee unless you are one of "Tony's Boys". I would run fast from this company and never look back. To bad they took a great company that ADP built and have almost ran it in the ground. They have lost many top clients and have not signed a new one of any size in years. My guess is they have cut about half of the head count from the ADP days.

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Tony LoserSoftware in California

102 months ago

Well I would have to agree with the previous entry, don't bother applying at Audatex. You can't anyway, they're not hiring in San Ramon, it's going down in the toilet. The place is really bad, and my co-workers are itching to get out. A whole lot of us were recently given our end dates, the idea being that we'll all be removed to make way for the San Deigo HQ. "They" promised San Ramon will be a small satellite office with a few remaining folks. Watch and see that idea get blown to pieces. As soon as the HQ in San Diego is fully up and running, they'll shut down San Ramon. Then again, the whole thing is a waste. There is no future in this company, even the folks that are offered positions in San Diego are reluctant to go because the company is flaky. The products are bad, the management is bad, the product managers especially are clueless amateurs. The entire management is full of hacks. The Mitchell-CCC merger is scaring the management but there is no solid direction. Reorgs here and there won't do wonders. Adhering to six sigma principles won't save them. Sure there are a couple of hopefuls looking at things with rosy glasses. But these employees are dinosaurs from old ADP and can't face reality. They'll eventually be laid off. The moral is so low. CEO and founder Tony the loser is doing a great job running this company to the ground.

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itwhiz in Michigan

101 months ago

Hollanders future seems good,Soleras stock is up too.
No layoffs from them lately I assume.

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Get Real in Danville, California

100 months ago

Insider Trading... layoffs... key personnel quitting weekly... fraud at all levels... do not work for this place

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sperolumina in Santee, California

99 months ago

Audatex, Solera Company has a lot to learn. One of the most unorganized, deceitful, number manipulating blamers out there. They fail to zero in on key issues due to their fear of taking responsibilty of mistakes in the past. They treat employees poorly, with very little room for growth. Do not expect management to address any of your issues...its one big marry go round including HR. They all sit up high, down at the peons doing the ground work and crack their whips and make their unrealistic demands on their overburdened employees. Managers come and go if they are not willing to manipulate numbers to make their employees look power. A totalitarion environment. The Solera Values are a joke in terms of their actual practice. They will shaft you on your pay and lie to your face dangling the carrot in front of your mouth. Morale is always low. The Audatex estimating system is good but the support is virtually non existent.

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ITWHIZ in Farmington, Michigan

93 months ago

Wow you guys are pretty brutal. I wish I could get me job back there with Hollander, I really enjoyed it. I could say it was the best job I ever had, and hope one day they will hire me back. My boss was te best too. My coworkers were great. Anyone from field services would agree.

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IT Dweeb in Novi, Michigan

83 months ago

Yea I heard that some of the areas have little squealers, that nark on people daily, and ruin it for them, and eventually they will be gone.

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Dude in Farmington, Michigan

75 months ago

Anyone ever work with the Hollander Field Service Group

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Straight up in Romulus, Michigan

73 months ago

Since ADP sold out the claims solution group to Audatex. It has been nothing but down hill all the way. They have developed a slave like mentality towards their employees. They talk to you
any kind of way. They pit the managers against the employees. We haven't seen a raise in 4 yrs., which they have substituted as a quarterly bonus. That you have to hustle for. Now there implementing rotating work schedules, which will change every 6mos. That sucks if you have kids or trying to go to school. Your tenure doesn't matter anymore. Its not even about the clients. Just push the files out the door, just to make dollar. Corporate America has run-a-muck! look out people I think we are headed towards a communist society. I don't care how hard it may seem out here. Don't settle for this company they are so not worth it. Just keep looking!!!!

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Sly in Farmington, Michigan

45 months ago

I wouldn't mind doing support for them remotely, or if they moved their support center to Livonia, or Novi Michigan.

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NBalance in Plymouth, Michigan

26 months ago

I worked for Audatex for a couple of years. It sucked. Very high stress environment and big brother tactics on breaks and lunches. The 2nd job I had there was the most horrible job I've ever had. I was telling people they were financially screwed and I couldn't do a damn thing to help them. I got so depressed working there. The whole company is a giant succubus. No amount of money would ever tempt me back to that place.

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